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What is virtual teambuilding, and why would you require it? It's important to note that alongside the numerous benefits that working from home offers remote workers, there are several aspects that can be challenging in terms of personal and interpersonal character.

Virtual team-building activities are crucial for maintaining the well-being of each employee and to ensure that they don't lose social connections, always have the opportunity to receive and offer support to team members in their work and decrease levels of loneliness as well as anxiety.

What is the best way to stay productive and at the same simultaneously, be engaged working from a remote location? There are a myriad of highly-specialized features available on the Teams platform! If you're keen to learn more about the advantages of team-building through virtual games in addition to the best games and events, check out helpful Weljo ways to do it!

Corporate Team Building Activities Ideaswith Weljo

Remote Team Building and Development Activities as well as Their Advantage

In the conditions of routine work, team members who are remote experience a range of difficulties, which include their work performance deteriorating and the loss of their health and social skills.

Based on the information gathered from the leaders of remote work teams, the main problems are:

1. Merging of professional and home life

In this scenario, a person can neither focus on their work or fully relax. This can affect how well people live and the quality of work.

2. There isn't any assistance available

If there an urgent need for help or discussion on an issue, remote employees may find it difficult be in contact with their colleagues quickly. It isn't always obvious who is accessible and who's not or not. Likewise, a team member who needs to be contacted urgently may not get a response on time.

3. There is a lack of social interaction when constantly requiring an online presence

That's the situation when there are two aspects to the coin and both are unlucky. For one, the virtual team member has no chance to interact with teammates face-to-face. This creates more mistrust since through-message messaging cannot consistently convey the intonations or subtexts that one could learn from the actions of someone when they are in reality. On the other hand remote members might feel pressured to stay in the online space throughout the duration of working hours and working week. The result is not getting enough rest and a need to get off from the world and burnout in the workplace.

4. A health issue can lead to more sick days

If workers take breaks for coffee, lunch and coffee. when they are at work as well as at home there are those who bring coffee and lunch directly to the desk to save time and finish early. It's just that constant sitting, refusal to take time for doing stretches, getting up, going to the dining room, and back, and spending long time before the screen without a break causes more strain on the spinal column and vision.

Benefits of healthy breaks for team-building

All of these problems can significantly slow down workflows and lower the efficiency of tasks in general.

In this context it is simple and essential to get moving towards advancing towards:

  1. Diversification of work and rest Reduced workload
  2. Maintaining the physical and mental well-being of remote colleagues;
  3. Enhancing the effectiveness of work and the dissemination of knowledge as well as assistance between teams that are located in different locations;
  4. Improve the indicators of engagement and interest in work;
  5. Improving employee satisfaction, upholding the morale of the team, and reducing loss of productivity as a result.
  6. Increased opportunities for virtual group bonding.

Corporate Team Building Activities Ideas - Weljo

Are virtual team building essential? It is now absolutely no doubt about it. It's still unclear precisely how to implement the team building initiative throughout your life to maximise the enjoyment of co-workers.

How Weljo Aids in achieving Team Building Goals

Weljo bot can provide a variety in fun virtual team-building tasks which can be seamlessly connected to Microsoft Teams. With features like videos, online chats and whiteboards Weljo bot lets you play a diverse selection of break games which are perfect for remote employees.

What exactly is Weljo perform to facilitate virtual teamwork and increase company culture?

  • It gives remote workers mandatory breaks, both planned as well as impulsive ones. So that employees don't forget about regular rest time, Weljo will take control of this. If one of the team members are in need of a pause then all they need to do is notify their Weljo bot.
  • Weljo connects people through the internet and offers them to have time together in an interactive manner: organize a Teams video call or connect using the MS Teams chat. There are many people who find it awkward to contact a coworker by themselves and request for time to talk with them when they have a lot of work to be done. Weljo assists in solving this issue by letting other members in the group know that one of them is willing the possibility of chilling together. The app allows only those members to accept this offer. So, employees will not feel like they're making a nuisance of someone.
  • Weljo is able to match people from different departments. This is why, by playing Weljo bot games, which include fun games that the team members choose, they get to know them better.
  • Weljo provides entertaining activities in teams. They are fantastic virtual team-building exercises that help people forget about physical distance.
  • Weljo offers breaks for two persons (one-on-one) breaks that are shared by several team members as well as breaks for the entire team.
  • Employees are able to select the length for a rest, from a short one (10 minutes) for one-on-1 work, or a long one (60 mins) for an entire group.
  • Weljo is eager to collaborate in any size team and is willing to facilitate collaboration among teams and to connect remote teams from all over the world.
  • If your company is using Teams but you do not need to switch to other platforms because you can effortlessly integrate Weljo bot into your business process.

Overall, Weljo disposes of various opportunities to engage remote teams in fun, healthy breaks. If you're excited to learn how playing online games practice meditation, engaging in light physical exercises, and also arranging short and relaxing online sessions via videoconference call can be a element of your routine Have a look through the following suggestions for virtual team-building.

Fun Virtual Team Building Activities: Online Office Games

To go over each one in more in detail, let us divide all online team-building events and virtual team events into various categories. With the aid of Weljo the user can take advantage of various tools for building teamwork, including involving other team members in online coffee breaks allowing them to discuss non-work-related topicsfor discussion. You can play fun online games and learn more about eachother and build their communication abilities. They can also overcome obstacles in virtual team games and improve the bond between them.

For small breaks or for large rest pauses, Weljo can't be replaced. Let's find out which games your company can take advantage of along with what fun activities it can put together using Weljo to keep their staff members motivated to remain here in the longest time possible.

Corporate Team Building Activities Ideas

Online Team Games

Virtual team games have distinct goals, which is why they will be divided in three categories and provide different examples for each.

For fun and to cool off the brain

They're simple, quick and entertaining activities that allow workers to relax after an exhausting day. In the beginning, you can organize an entire Game of Bingo. While the pandemic was in full swing, many office workers had already experienced the pleasure of entertaining themselves and making colleagues laugh with a variety of occurrences. You can add funny scenarios such as "can never turn off the camera without warning," "animal sounds in the background," "family members in the background," etc.

Another idea for a fun game is making Stories with GIFs. One team member starts the story and the rest of the team should add their GIFs to create something comprehensive and entertaining.

"Spott The Difference is another game in this spectrum. For example, virtual teams can compete in determining who discovers all the differences first. They can also win the possibility of gaining work-related privileges. Virtual Scavenger Huntis similar to the game, however you're required to discover all the essential objects in your environment, so this kind of game is immensely popular among remote workers.

The Weljo bot can handle all of these functions, meaning you don't have to consider how to arrange them.

To learn more about each our fellow

These team-building games are aimed towards allowing team members to share the less work-related side of their personalities and develop solid friendships. For this, we start our team-building game high on the chart with the well-known game called Virtual Trivia. The basic idea behind Virtual Team Trivia is that two teams compete in answering ordinary or funny questions related to general erudition. Teams that have the most correct answers will prevail. Therefore, employees will not only be able to determine who is most knowledgeable but also will have a lot of fun in the process.

The most successful remote teams also have strong bonding. Also, trying another bonding activity will be worth it. With the Together Mode in Guess Who is a way for a person from among employees, during the course of a team meeting, could choose a person they are not familiar with and have people ask questions about them. Persons who are not considered to be appropriate for the team may remove the cameras from view until there's one remaining or until the person cannot be identified.

Corporate Team Building Activities Ideas


It's not a secret that games are the best method of uniting the group. Thus, we selected the best challenges that will make the colleagues immerse themselves into the game. Escape rooms in virtual reality, puzzle solving, riddles as well as many more are incorporated into thrilling games for big teams.

For example, Espionage offers employees the opportunity at feeling like counterintelligence the organization, which was plagued by spies trying at stealing crucial information. Steep plot twists and unexpected finales melt the hearts of even the most cautious of people.

War of the Wizards is another massive-scale virtual team-building game. But this time, the team will be taken to the world of spells, potions plus epic battles. Each game lasts around 90 minutes, and will require many players. If you're planning an event filled with excitement, riddles and virtual escape rooms during virtual happy hours you will create a memorable moment for your colleagues.

Weljo and virtual team building Activities to Recharge Breaks

A good break following the successful management of a project is essential If you're wondering what you can do to ensure it's fun and exciting, you've come to the right place. The duration of the breaks Weljo provides can range between 10 minutes and one hour. It's determined by the type of break your company selects.

When one of the members of a remote team needs to break for a period they are able to select:

  1. A short spontaneous break. It is generally an hour-long break, available whenever an employee is tired and requires some distraction in the form of a refresher in order to regain their work efficiency.
  2. A scheduled break. It's a pre-planned, 10-15 minutes break, during which Weljo offers the same kinds of events as the spontaneous ones however, coworkers are aware of the exact time. Therefore, they can connect at the agreed time through MS Teams or another video conferencing platform.
  3. Ten minutes of break before taking a conference call via virtual. The break you take prior to an intense virtual call that requires concentration and focus can not only increase productivity but also aid to make the perspective of virtual conference calls enjoyable.
  4. Virtual team-building event: group chat. A similar online team-building activity can last up to an hour. The Weljo bot can assist in creating a virtual meeting, and also provides fun activities to make your virtual meeting fun. It makes this kind of break ideal for extended virtual group-building events as well as virtual parties. So, if you are planning your virtual dance party or playing fun games with your friends It is also possible to diversify your activities using the options Weljo bot provides.

So, what is the full spectrum of activities that Weljo bot plans to take part in? They include:

  • Bonding games, which were already mentioned
  • Questions to be asked at water-cooler conversations to simulate real-life conversations that remote employees don't have;
  • Mild exercises that relieve discomfort from sitting for hours in a posture, training for the eye Yoga, even light workouts;
  • Mindfulness-based exercises, as well as calm activities such as meditation relaxing music, listening to calm music, and just taking a few minutes to process emotions and thoughts.

In conclusion, having fun is a vital element to successful virtual team development. Therefore, with Weljo you can create such a favorable corporate environment within your business where individuals compete for positions!

Frequently Asked questions -- FAQs

How do you determine if your company could benefit from more team-building activities?

It's not shocking to consider the reality that one feels that they are being surrounded by a hostile work environment as well as not getting regular breaks, and have no ability to seek help. Motivation might decrease, too. If you are noticing that work efficiency has begun to drop and employees aren't particularly interested in the end result of their efforts, then the things may not be getting very well. There is nothing team-building strategies couldn't solve.

What is the process by which Weljo utilize MS Teams features for team development?

Weljo bot makes use of MS Teams to connect two or more employees on a single video chat. Additionally gaming features of the Weljo bot lets employees try different icebreakers. They also can learn about their common interests or just enjoy the pleasure of playing.

What does a Weljo subscription cost? what's included?

Weljo offers its new customers a trial period so that they can test how beneficial changes can be made, for example the improvement of teamwork and more involvement in the outcome. The trial period is free and lasts for 2 weeks. To keep your membership, you'll be required to select your monthly plan. Our prices will be based on number of employees participating that start at just 3 dollars per user. We are able to include any custom requests you might have, as well as negotiating the best pricing that will meet your needs.

Can I be sure that Weljo keeps out leaks?

The company's personal data is protected with Weljo because it is paying particular attention to the safeguarding of personal data. Weljo assures you that there are no the disclosure of third-party details about users, and also implements methods to secure data in its routine work. Personal conversations between employees will be completely private.

What's a regular Weljo evaluation of effectiveness?

This assessment is designed especially to be used by company managers, developed each month in order to track the changes in employee satisfaction Weljo bot as well as their overall wellbeing level. Before you begin working with Weljo you will receive an offer to get a survey on the company's climate, to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Every Month, Weljo conducts surveys and evaluate the moods of employees and general wellbeing levels so that they are aware of any changes and then adjust the company's policies through the Weljo bot.

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