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Nowadays, many of us have greater opportunities to work online and even though we aren't working as freelancers but rather employed employees. And although this change has brought plenty of advantages to us, it could also have brought disadvantages.

Yes, we are able to work from the comforts of our own homes but it is often the case that this environment can reduce the productivity for employees, cause feelings of isolation in all tasks performed by the worker and can also weaken the sense of community which is crucial for many employees all over the world.

Hence, it might be beneficial for companies to integrate online games for team building to their workplace culture so that both the employees and their managers can maintain productive relationships with each to strengthen their relationships with one another.

Weljo bot can be a very useful tool that businesses can utilize for one-on-1 group-building and fun breaks. The free trial version of the Weljo bot is available to you right now, so you can test how beneficial the Weljo bot can be to your employees!

The Corporate Games for Team Building: Why One Should Use Them?

Everyone would rather see only the positive aspects of an online work like the possibility to work from any place in the world, or not needing to spend a lot of time getting to and from the workplace but let us not ignore the negative side also, particularly when it can be made better with the help of team-building games located on platforms like Weljo.

Diversity Team Building Activitieswith Weljo

Lots of companies have realized that online work styles have caused difficulties to their employees, for instance:

  • It is not possible to distinguish between your work and the home. When you are working from home, it is generally difficult to establish boundaries and take breaks like that you used to do prior to the epidemic as well as separate the time you spend with your family from your business time.
  • The absence of a social connection.
    When working at home from home you are expected to take on all the responsibilities on your own, leaving little opportunity for informal communications between the employees. There's no room for us to make conversation like we used to do prior to entering our workplaces, or to form working relationships, which can leave employees isolated from each other and finding themselves lonely for the vast part of their day;
  • Trust issues between employees and their managers.
    When we do not see someone face-to-face and we can't hear their tone it is often difficult to understand the meaning of their message not in the right way. It's also difficult to recognize if your subordinates are struggling with their work-related processes in particular. This is particular for the newest members of the business. To top it off, without proper communication between employees, there's too less room for brainstorming to think creatively and the improving collaboration skills.
  • A greater strain upon health.
    As you do not leave your office it is likely that you sit at your desk for longer. In turn, you move less often, putting additional strain on your neck and diminishing your eyesight. Therefore, not just psychological troubles arise during a online job, but the physical problems as well.

Luckily, most problems can be addressed with the support of games that build teamwork. They can be used both to get you started and finished with your workday, as well as during the interval in the form of quick breaks. This is a fantastic way to remind your employees that they're not in the dark and that there are other employees who they can count on! It will additionally encourage them taking responsibility for themselves more often, because the company itself puts on events that show them how important breaks are during the work day.

Diversity Team Building Activities - Weljo

When you're able to do so with platforms that are convenient like Weljo that make adding fun breaks or team-building games into your corporate culture gets much easier! On our platform, we offer a variety of energizing breaks, which include one-on-one and group options that are specifically designed to be a match for employees by their interests or preferences. With a variety of games available You can find the perfect activity to suit your mood, and create stronger bonds with your coworkers.

Simple Team Building Games Are They For Free?

Certain of them are while some of them are not. Depending on your budget and requirements you set for yourself several types of exciting activities for teams are available.

The free game of team building can be a fantastic opportunity for those who are only beginning to adapt to the online working format. Also, they allow you to see the preferences of the team members, work out any issues that you may face, and select a platform that you are most comfortable on. A few, for instance have a preference for Zoom in place of MS Teams, and it could be more enjoyable for certain team members to participate in game-based team building activities that are designed in a one-to-one group members format, not for all of your employees.

The issue with most team-building game is that it typically comes with a trial period, after which you need to pay money in order to use it. If you've got an entire team who wish to be involved in any type of team-building activity but one game is not enough to get their attention. However, it is generally the case that free games are available on different platforms, which makes it difficult in the case of those wanting to integrate games that build teams within their routine.

Therefore, you can move to paid versions of team-building games they can easily access in a user-friendly platform such as Weljo after each issue is fixed and the preferences are identified by the team members. Research conducted by business professionals shows that more than half managers noticed improvements in communication abilities and relations between their employees following their participation in team building games.

How do you get the most out of Funny Team Building Games?

The most crucial thing you must do in order to ensure that everyone enjoys participating in a fun game of team building which you've stumbled across is organizing.

This is helpful information that you can consider when planning your next team building event.

  1. Many games were created for different purposes. Some games will aid in enhancing relationships between team members and others are better used to provide a break during the workday or increase the creativeness of your co-workers. Therefore, it's essential to figure out the purpose of the exercise to build team spirit first.
  2. After that, do not forget to think about the schedules of every team member that you plan to invite. It's very disappointing that all of your efforts to fail just as you failed to sync everyone's schedules.
  3. The length of the meeting is another thing to take into account. If the meeting is originally planned just for the purpose of group-building exercises, then you are free to choose the best team-building game you'd like to play. However, if it is simply a part of the meeting that you are planning to host, you would need to consider its length and intensity to ensure that it won't be a gruelling waste of time for team members;
  4. The platforms you're using can be another determining factor. There are games that you and your group will need to take part to on a 3rd party platform or games that could be integrated into Zoom, Google Meet, and many more. Of course, the latter option is more preferred however you must be aware that a good game on another platform is still much better than a dull game integrated into Zoom.

Get started with some no-cost fun games that build team spirit for your colleagues to test. If group participation is high, then you can progress towards more exciting and expensive options like virtual escape rooms. These are fantastic to increase creativity, teamwork and problem-solving ability!

If done right, your efforts in improving team communication and collaboration will be well-received by everyone. And, with the aid of Weljo you can streamline organizing your schedule: enjoyable break games can be determined based on the preferences of the workers, team members can be matched automatically according to their work schedules, and the duration of the break can be personalized.

Diversity Team Building Activities

Great Training for Teams Games of Today

It's time to talk about awesome team-building games you can play today with co-workers. The selection is vast which is the reason you'll find this review very satisfying as we will help you to sort through the plethora of choices and help you choose the best team-building games to try playing with your colleagues.

The collection we have will be divided in two sub-groups: i.e. the games that you can play on different platforms, and the games that you can integrate into Zoom. Let us start with the initial team of games.

Third-Platform Based Games
1. Skribbl

This is a great team-building game that separates your team players into two teams of players. In each group each player draw a picture that the other team players try to guess what word is encrypted. The team that has the highest points is the winner!

One drawback to this type of game is the requirement for players to draw using their mouse it is an aspect that not all team members would appreciate. However, the game itself can be very relaxing, even allowing you to choose the amount of time every team member will draw the picture and the number of rounds you play, thus making it possible for you create a game that is tailored to the needs of your team.

2. Words With Friends

This game is similar to Skribbl in the way that it also relies on words, however it doesn't require players to draw. Basically, each player has seven letter tiles that they make words with on the board. Every new word that they come up with is supposed to be associated with a letter already laid in the game by members of the group.

This game can boost teamwork as well as individual input of every employee while ensuring that the group members can increase their problem-solving skills both collectively and as separate workers. And you can give some gifts to the first participant or team that has filled the entire board.

3. Playing Cards

It's not an exclusive game rather, it's an entire platform in which more than 60 games are found to receive a wide array of options to choose from according to the requirements of your next meeting. You can choose classic games like rummy or chess or for some less-known options.

Playing Cards can be customized so that both big or small groups of employees could be made for different types of games. All you have to do is pick the game, and then set up video conference rooms where everyone can gather and provide a room number that can be used to grant access to the game.

4. Sudoku

Another one that is not to be missed is Sudoku which is a increasingly popular sport. Even though it's very well-suited for playing with teams it is possible to use just a bit of inventiveness to make it as a team bonding game. For instance, you can create breakout rooms in Zoom or even provide your teams with lists of sudokus that they'll need to solve.

What's good about this game is that you can choose different levels of difficulty, giving you the option of choosing the exact level and type of game across all teams to ensure that the team's ability to contribute to the game is about the same. Sharing team members may also be a good idea to ensure players can get know each other.

The attractiveness of third-party games lies in the fact that you will not have to spend the period of time needed for planning the game, as all the components are already supplied to the player.

Diversity Team Building Activities

Games Incorporated into Video Platforms

Games incorporated into Zoom or other video platforms have their particular advantages. For instance, you would not have to use your browser or other applications in order to participate. In addition, the games are a great way of introducing young team members how to use the software you use at work.

Here is a list of games you can play without the need for any extra platforms.

1. Trivia

This is definitely one to consider when you do not know the best game for your team. These rules and guidelines for Office Trivia are well-known to everyone and you are able to pick any topic you'd like based on the interests of your team. This way, you can increase the team's imagination, and even the knowledge of your team, since they will be able to learn various facts about the subject that you pick. Small and big teams are able to play this game.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Even though there's not an option to physically pick various items from the list, you still can make use of this game to search for some interesting facts through the web. This is an especially great game for new team members by having them research facts connected to the business's mission statement. At the end of the day, the winning team can receive a corporate award.

3. Sponge Game

This is one of our favorite games and numerous companies like to play it as well. It's very easy to understand: everyone has 30 seconds to look for an item around them, and then thirty seconds to write an engaging story about the item. Each team member will tell their story for 60 minutes. No matter whether you chose Post-it notepads, basketball or a plastic bag everyone has to tell their own story!

4. Two Truths and One Lie

A game that is perfect for any type of team that has you! Whatever the situation, whether you are new to the business or there are one or two new faces to the team, it is quite interesting to guess what funny things about your fellow employees are factual! Exercises for team building can be very beneficial to unite the team.

5. Zoom Games

Like Slack, Zoom has recently released its own application platform which certainly makes the whole team-building process much simpler, as it doesn't oblige team members to log on to any third-party platforms! For instance, you can play games such as Heads Up! or #AskAway along with your remote team.

Most Frequently Asked Questions -- FAQs

Why does business require group-building games or exercises?

Today, with the majority of our work done online this makes it much difficult to connect with colleagues effectively, as for making friends with colleagues and define boundaries throughout your daily schedule between work and your life. Additionally, because office team-building and in-person team meetings are no longer an option as a result, team-building games can be used to you connect your new workers and other teams as well as improve their communication. When you monitor the well-being of employees, teams can pinpoint and fix any issues that could be affecting employee morale, satisfaction with work or productivity, which can lead to a happier and healthier workforce.

What is the best way to build teams?

Gamification is definitely a trend that will aid in that. The most popular team-building activities are ones that have a connection to the games we can play. In other words, it could be a version of an office game that employees previously been playing in the past. Thus, plan an event and your IT department or any other team and let the games rules do the job for you!

How can you organize team-building sessions?

Make a decision on the purposes of your team task, such as improve team communication and uplifting the mood of colleagues after a long week, or to encourage brainstorming on the idea. Also, make sure to check the schedule of everyone and invite them to an event which will have team-building initiatives.

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