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Many of us now have many more chances to work online and even though we have no intention of becoming freelancers and instead employed employees. Although this trend has brought a lot of benefits to us, it has could also have brought disadvantages.

It is true that we now can work from the comfort of our own homes but it's often the case that such an environment can reduce the productivity of workers and cause feelings of isolation from all the jobs performed by the worker and reduce the sense of community that is essential for a lot of workers across the globe.

It is beneficial for companies to integrate online adult team-building activities to be incorporated into their workplace culture so that both the employees and their managers are able to maintain powerful relationships with one and with each.

Weljo bot is a fantastic device that companies can make use of to create one-on-one fun breaks and team-building activities. Our trial version is available to download now, so you can see for yourself how useful the Weljo bot could be for your employees!

Company Team Building games: Why Should Use These Games?

We'd all rather see only the good side of online working for example, the opportunity of working from anywhere within the world or without being forced to spend huge amounts in commuting to work place, but we shouldn't forget about the downsides too, particularly because it is easily enhanced by the use of game-based team building games available on platforms such as Weljo.

Free Virtual Escape Room Team Buildingwith Weljo

Lots of companies have noticed that online workplaces have created some problems to their employees such as:

  • It is not possible to distinguish between both work and residence. When you are working from home, it's often not really easy to establish boundaries break as you did prior to the outbreak and keep families from your business time.
  • The absence of a social connection.
    If you work from home, you usually carry out all the chores on your own, leaving no space for informal conversations among the employees. There isn't any opportunity for us to establish small-talk like we did earlier in the hallways of our offices and create work friends, thus leaving employees in a secluded environment and feeling isolated for the bulk period of their workday.
  • Concerns about trust between managers and employees.
    If we don't see the person in person, and do not hear their voice and tone, we often interpret the meaning of their message in the wrong way. It's also difficult to determine if your employees have any issues with their job This is especially applicable to new employees of the business. Furthermore not having a good communication channel between employees, there's too much room for brainstorming creativity, brainstorming, and learning to collaborate;
  • An increased stress in the health sector.
    If you do not leave your office now, you're sitting at your desk for longer. Thus, you move around much less, creating tension on your neck. It also reduces your eyesight. Therefore, not just psychological concerns arise during the online period, but physically issues as well.

Luckily, most instances of these concerns can be resolved with the support of games that build teamwork. They can be played as a way to begin and end your day or in between, in the form of quick breaks. This is a great way for employees to be reminded that they are not alone and that there are others who they can rely on! In addition, it can also encourage them to take care of themselves more, since the company itself organizes activities that remind them of how important it is to take breaks during work.

Free Virtual Escape Room Team Building - Weljo

If you're equipped with a platform that is convenient, such as Weljo, the process of infusing fun breaks or team building games into your corporate culture becomes significantly easier! On our platform, you can offer a variety of energizing breaks, with one-on-one and team options custom-designed to match employees with their interests and preferences. With a broad selection of games to choose from it is easy to find the right activity to match your mood and build stronger relationships with your coworkers.

Easy Team Building Games, are They free?

Some are, however, some aren't. Depending on the budget you have and the goals you're seeking to achieve different types of team-building games can be chosen.

A no-cost team building game is a great way to engage employees who are still adjusting to an online work format, and it allows you to view the preferences of your team members, figure out any issues you may face, and pick a platform you're most comfortable on. For instance some might be more comfortable using Zoom rather than MS Teams, and it could be more enjoyable for certain team members to take part in these games to build teamwork. They are built in a one-toone team members' format, not an entire group of workers.

The issue with virtually every team-building game is that it generally has a brief trial duration, after which it is necessary to pay in order to continue playing it. When you have an entire team in which you'd like to take part in any kind of team building exercise that isn't enough to grab their attention. However, it is usually the case that free games can be found across various platforms. This isn't ideal for those who want to integrate games that build teams into their work routine.

Thus, you could switch to paid versions of team-building games they can easily access on a single platform that is user-friendly like Weljo after every problem is rectified and the preferences are set by your team members. A survey of business experts shows that more than half of the team's leaders saw an improvement in communication and working relationships among their employees after they participated in group building games.

How can you make the most from Funny Team Building Games?

One of the most important things you must accomplish in order to make sure that everyone enjoys participating on a fun team-building event which you've stumbled across is organizing.

Here is some useful information you can apply to plan the next team-building gathering:

  1. The games were designed for different purposes. Some might aid in enhancing communications between teammates, other games are more appropriate as a way to take a breather during a work day or to stimulate the imagination of your co-workers. This is why you must establish the objective of your team-building game first.
  2. Don't be a fool to take into consideration the schedules of each team member whom you intend to invite. It's a very unfortunate thing to let all your efforts to go unnoticed just because you were unable to synchronize everyone's schedules;
  3. The duration of your meeting is also to be considered. When it's created solely to facilitate group-building, it is possible to select any game for team building you like. If the game is only a small part of the gathering you're likely to hold, it's important to take into consideration its length as well as the level of complexity in order to ensure it wouldn't cause a lot of stress or time for team members;
  4. The virtual platforms you are using are an additional important aspect to consider. There are some games that your entire group will need to take part to on a 3rd party platform or games that could be incorporated into Zoom, Google Meet, and etc. Of course, the former option is the most preferred however, you must remember that a good time on another platform is still more enjoyable than a boring one included in Zoom.

Begin by trying some free common team-building games you can give your colleagues to test and if you think the team bonding is excellent, move on to more engaging paid options such as virtual escape rooms. They're great for boosting creativity, communication and problem-solving ability!

If done right, your efforts to improve communication and collaboration are cherished by everyone. Additionally, with the help of Weljo you will be able to streamline organizing your schedule: enjoyable break games can be determined based on the preferences of the team players can be assigned automatically based on their schedule, and the length of the break can be personalized.

Free Virtual Escape Room Team Building

Great Group Building Games of Today

We can now talk about fun games for teambuilding that you can play right now, along with teammates. The options are numerous, which is why you will find this article very satisfying, since we'll assist you to make sense of the variety and help you choose the best game for team-building to try out with your team members.

We'll segment our collection into two different subgroups. i.e. the games that are playable using different platforms, and games that are possible to add to Zoom. Let us start with the first team of games.

Third-Platform Based Games
1. Skribbl

This is a fantastic team-building sport that divides your team members into two teams of players. In each group each player makes a sketch of a scene through which the rest of the team members have to guess the word they think is encrypted. The team that has the highest points takes the lead in the game!

One drawback to this type of game is that it requires participants to draw using their cursor it is something that not all team members will enjoy. But, the game is very user-friendly, even providing you with the duration of time during which every team member draws the picture as well as the amount of rounds that you will play. This makes it possible for you create a game that is tailored to the needs of your meeting.

2. Words With Friends

This game is like Skribbl in the way that it is also based on words, but it does not require anyone to draw. In essence, each player is given seven letter tiles which they utilize to form words on the board. Every newly created word must be paired with a letter already laid onto the table by others in the group.

In this way, you are able to improve teamwork and individual contribution of every employee as well as ensuring that the group members can increase the way they solve problems in the group and separately. In addition, you can present gifts to the player or group to fill all the board.

3. Playing Cards

This isn't an individual game rather, it's an entire platform which hosts over 60 games put in place to find a plethora of possibilities to choose from based on the needs of your group. You can pick a classic game such as either rummy or the chess board or opt to a lesser-known option.

Playing Cards can be made to be customized so that both large and small-sized groups could be set up for different kinds of games. All you need to do is select one game, make a video conference room that allows everyone to come together, and use a room ID that can be used to grant access to the game.

4. Sudoku

The final thing to mention is Sudoku the game that is very popular game nowadays. Although it's not really equipped for team playing However, you can utilize a little bit of your creativity to utilize it to create a bonding game. For instance, you can create breakout rooms within Zoom or provide your teams with Sudokus lists they have to solve.

What's great about this sport is that it provides different levels of difficulty making it possible to select the same game and level for all teams, ensuring that each team member's ability to participate is similar. Also, transferring team members be beneficial so that everyone can get to meet each other.

The beauty of third-platform games is they help you save time needed for planning the game because all of the equipment is already available to you.

Free Virtual Escape Room Team Building

Games Incorporated into Video Platforms

Games incorporated within Zoom or other video platform has their own benefits. As an example, you'd not need to access your browser or other applications to be able to participate. Furthermore, games that are integrated will help in introducing young team members the features of the platform that you commonly use at work.

Here's a listing of some games that you can play without any other platforms.

1. Trivia

This is an excellent option for when you don't know what to pick for your team. Rules of Office Trivia are well-known by all however, you can select whatever topic that you want that is based on the interests and preferences of your group. You will increase the creativity of your team, and maybe even your group's knowledge due to the fact that they'll discover diverse facts regarding the topic you picked. Small and large teams are able to play this game.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Even though there's not an opportunity to physically pick some items off the list, you could play this game to look for interesting information over the web. This is a fantastic exercise for young team members in that you are able to make them research facts associated with the company's mission statement. At the end of the day the winner will be presented with a corporate gift.

3. Sponge Game

It is among our favorite games, and numerous businesses are keen to play it, too. The rules are very simple the players have 30 seconds to discover something within their reach, and thirty seconds to write an intriguing story about the item. Afterward, each team member reads their tale for 60 minutes. What matters is whether you pick Post-it notes, a basketball, or plastic bag, everybody will be required to share their own story!

4. Two Truths and A Lie

It is a great game for any kind of team is in yours! It doesn't matter if you are new to the company, or there are just the occasional new additions on the roster, it's very interesting to try and guess what fun facts about your co-workers are actually true! This kind of team-building exercise is sure to help to unite the team.

5. Zoom Games

Like Slack, Zoom has recently launched its own app platform that makes the whole team-building process much easier as it does not need team members to access any third-party platforms! You can, for instance, test games like Heads Up! or #AskAway while you are with your remote team.

Most Frequently Asked Questions -- FAQs

Why is it necessary for businesses to play exercises or games for team building?

Nowadays, as we work online and online, it's much more difficult to communicate with coworkers effectively, as well for making friends with colleagues as well as establish boundaries during your everyday life between work and play. Furthermore, now that office team building and in-person teams are no longer feasible teams building games can be used to to bond your new workers to the rest of your team, in addition to improving their communication. Through monitoring the health and well-being of their team members, companies can determine and rectify any issues that are affecting the morale of employees, their job satisfaction or productivity, which can lead to a more motivated and healthier employees.

How do you conduct team building?

Gamification is definitely a trend that will assist you in this. Most popular team-building exercises are ones involving entertaining games we all are familiar with. This could be a re-creation of a game in the workplace that employees previously participated in previously. This is why you should plan an appointment together with the IT department or another team and let the games rules do the work!

How to plan team-building meetings?

You must first decide on the objectives of your team activity, such as improve communication within the group and uplifting the mood of colleagues following a tiring week, or stimulate brainstorming on the idea. Next, look up everyone's schedule and invite them all to a meeting that has team-building initiatives.

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