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Fun Leadership Team Building Activities

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What is virtual teambuilding and why would you require it? The thing is, parallel to all the benefits that working from home provides remote workers, there's also many issues in personal and social character.

Virtual team-building activities are crucial for maintaining the well-being of each employee in addition to ensuring that they do not lose social connections, always are able to connect with and support colleague team members on their work concerns and to reduce the amount of loneliness and anxiety.

What can you do to remain efficient while at the same engaging while working from a remote location? There are numerous specialized features available on the Teams platform! If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of virtual team-building games as well as about the best virtual team-building games or events, learn about important Weljo ways to do it!

Fun Leadership Team Building Activitieswith Weljo

Remote Team Building Activities and Their Benefit

In the routine work, team members who are remote are faced with a number of challenges, namely the decline in productivity and the decline in well-being and social skills.

According to the data gathered from the leaders of remote work teams, some of the major problems are:

1. Combination of home and work life

In this case an individual is unable to remain focused on work or relax. This can affect living quality and the efficiency of work.

2. Assistance is not readily available.

If there is a need for assistance or a discussion on a workplace matter, remote workers may never be able to connect with colleagues at a quick pace; it isn't always obvious who is accessible and who's not or a member of the team who must be contacted urgently could not be responsive on time.

3. The absence of real social interaction while continuously requiring an online presence

This is the case when there are two sides to the coin and both have a negative side. To begin with, the team member who is virtual has no chance to interact with their team members face-toвАУface. This results in more confusion in the sense that messages through messaging can't consistently convey the intonations or subtexts that people could interpret from someone's actions in real life. However members of remote teams could feel pressured to be available in the online space even after the conclusion of working hours or the working week. The result is the lack of adequate rest, a desire to get away from everyone else and burnout at work.

4. Problems with health that can lead to more sick days

If employees take breaks for coffee, lunch and other refreshments., in the office or at home the majority of them bring coffee or lunch straight to the computer to avoid time and end early. It's just that constant sitting, inability to spend time moving around, stretching while dining in the room, and then back, and spending prolonged time in front of the screen without a break and without a break, can cause issues with the spinal column and vision.

Healthful breaks can be beneficial to help team-building

These issues significantly slow down the workflow and lower the efficiency of process completion generally.

In this respect virtual team-building is vital to begin the process forward towards:

  1. Work and rest are separated Reduction of workload
  2. The fight against burnout and the physical and mental well-being of remote workers;
  3. Strengthening the work effectiveness and the diffusion of knowledge and assistance between teams located at different places;
  4. Enhancing the indicators of interest and engagement in the workplace;
  5. Improved employee satisfaction, maintaining team morale, and reducing turn-over as a result.
  6. The possibilities for virtual team bonding.

Fun Leadership Team Building Activities - Weljo

How important is virtual team building? Then, there is confidence that it's. It's up to you to know precisely how to take the initiative to build a team throughout your life to get the most out of coworkers.

How Weljo Helps Teams to Reach Team Building Objectives

Weljo bot gives you a range of games for team building which can be seamlessly added to Microsoft Teams. With features such as Video calls online chats and whiteboards Weljo bot gives you a broad range of exciting break games that work for remote workers.

What is Weljo do to help facilitate virtual team activities, and to boost company culture?

  • It helps remote employees take the necessary breaks: both planned as well as impulsive ones. So that employees do not forget to take their regular rest, Weljo will take control of this. If one of the team members is in need of a pause all they must be able to do is inform us via the Weljo bot.
  • Weljo connects teammates through and offers them to have time together in a fun and interactive manner. create a Teams video call or connect via the MS Teams Chat. A lot of people feel uncomfortable to contact a coworker on their own and ask to chat with them while there's plenty of work in the background. Weljo helps to solve this issue through letting the group members know about a colleague who is willing an opportunity to unwind together. It allows only available members to accept this offer. Thus, an employee will not feel as if they're bothering someone.
  • Weljo is able to match people from different departments. In this way, playing Weljo bots and games with enjoyable events that teammates choose together they get to know each further.
  • Weljo offers fun activities for teams to work on which are excellent virtual team-building exercises that make people forget about physical distance.
  • Weljo offers breaks for two persons (one-on-one) breaks for a team of members, or breaks for the whole team.
  • Workers can select the length of their breaks, ranging from a short one (10 minutes) with one-on-1, to an extended time (60 mins) for the whole group.
  • Weljo is capable of working on teams of any size and is willing to facilitate the team's involvement and connect remote teams from all over the world.
  • If your company is using Teams the platform, you don't need be switching to other platforms because you are able to easily incorporate Weljo bots into your work process.

Overall, Weljo disposes of various opportunities to get remote teams involved to have fun and healthy breaks. If you're amazed to learn that playing online games such as meditation, doing some light exercise, as well as making short and relaxing online meetings through video conference call, can become a regular part of your life You should take a peek at the following suggestions for virtual team-building.

Fun Virtual Team Building Activities: Online Office Games

To examine each in more specific detail, we could divide all online team-building activities as well as virtual team events into a few categories. With the help of Weljo you can employ various tools for building teamwork, including inviting other team members to participate in virtual coffee breaks allowing them to speak about non-work-related subjectswhich aren't work related. They can play engaging virtual games to discover more about each other and improve their communication skills. Even, they can overcome problems in virtual teams, which will build a stronger bond.

For small breaks or for large pauses between rest periods, Weljo is the best. Let's explore the virtual games your company can take advantage of along with what fun activities it can host with the help of Weljo to keep its staff members motivated to remain here in the longest time possible.

Fun Leadership Team Building Activities

Online Team Games

Virtual team games are played for different objectives, which is why we'll divide them into three groups and give different examples for each.

To be entertained and cool off the brain

These are simple, short, and fun games that can allow employees to relax after working hard. The first step is to organize a team bingo game. When the pandemic hit, lots of office workers have had the pleasure of entertaining themselves and causing their colleagues to laugh with a quiver of coincidences. Here you can share funny situations like "can never switch on the camera in time," "animal sounds in the background," "family members in the background," etc.

Another way to play a great game is making Stories with GIFs. One colleague starts the story, and others should add their GIFs for something as witty and complete.

"Spot the Difference" is a second game on this spectrum. For instance online teams compete for the honor of identifying all the differences first. It also grants the possibility of gaining work-related privileges. Virtual Scavenger Huntis basically the same, but the goal is to identify all the necessary items around you, consequently, this game in virtual form is quite popular with remote workers.

The Weljo bot will handle all these services, so you don't have to consider how to arrange them.

To meet each our fellow

These team-building games are aimed in allowing employees to showcase aspects that aren't work-related to their personalities, and to build strong friendships. This is why we start our team-building game on the top chart by playing "Virtual" Trivia. The premise behind Virtual Team Trivia is that two teams compete in answering silly or common questions related to general knowledge. The team with the most accurate answers will win. Therefore, employees will not only determine who is the most erudite but also have lots of fun while in the process.

The most efficient remote teams possess the most strong bonds. Also, trying another bonding activity is absolutely worth it. If you play the Together Mode in Guess Who and a member of employees during a meeting, will choose the identity of a person who will make the others inquire about them. Members who are named as not suitable for the team can cut off the cameras as long as there's one remaining or the individual can't be identified.

Fun Leadership Team Building Activities


It's no secret that challenges are the best means of uniting a group. Therefore, we've selected some of the most thrilling challenges available to ensure that the team is immersed in the experience. An escape room-like experience as well as puzzle solving, riddles and lots of other activities are incorporated into thrilling games for big teams.

For instance, Espionage offers coworkers the chance to experience the feeling of being a counterintelligence within the organization, which was plagued by spies trying to steal crucial secrets. The plot twists are enthralling and the unexpected endings will delight even the most skeptical viewers.

War of the Wizards is a different large-scale virtual team-building activity. However, this time the team is invited to the world of spells, potions along with epic combat. Each game lasts around 90 minutes, and will require more than one person. If you're planning to host an engaging event with fun riddles and virtual escape room for virtual happy hour, it's a unique experience for all your colleagues.

Weljo and Virtual Team Building Activities to Recharge Pauses

In order to have a productive break following successful project management is vital when you're looking for ways to create it enjoyable as well as engaging, you've stumbled to the right spot. The length of breaks Weljo provides can range between 10 minutes and one hour. It's based on the kind of break your company would like to use.

When an individual from a remote team begins a break it is possible to choose:

  1. A quick, spontaneous break. It is generally just a short break of 10 minutes that is available when an employee feels worn-off and needs some re-invigoration in the way of a revitalizing activity that will help them regain their energy.
  2. A planned break. It's a pre-planned, 10-15 minutes break during which Weljo offers the same kinds of activities that are spontaneous and coworkers are informed of the time ahead. Thus, they connect to the time they have agreed upon via MS Teams or another video conference platform.
  3. A 10-minute break before a virtual conference call. Such a break before an important virtual conference call that requires focus and concentration can not only boost productivity, but also assist to make virtual meetings enjoyable.
  4. Virtual gathering for team building: group calls. This type of online team-building activity may last for up to one hour. The Weljo bot is helpful in organizing taking a meeting online and provides engaging activities to make the virtual meeting enjoyable. It makes this kind break ideal for long virtual group-building events as well as virtual parties. So, if you are planning to have a dance party in virtual reality or a fun game with your friends It is also possible to diversify your activities using the options Weljo bot has to offer.

What's all the range of possibilities that Weljo bot plans to take part in? These include:

  • Bonding games, which were previously discussed
  • Questions for water-cooler discussions that imitate real-life conversations that remote employees lack.
  • Gentle exercises to alleviate the discomfort caused by prolonged sitting in a posture, training for the eye the eye, yoga and even light exercises;
  • Mindfulness-based exercises and tranquil activities like meditation in a quiet space, listening music to relax, and spending a few minutes processing emotions and feelings.

In the end it is that having fun is a crucial element in successful virtual team development. This is why, through Weljo you can make a fun and positive environment in your business that everyone is fighting for places!

Frequently Asked Questions -- FAQs

How can you determine if you need to increase team-building activities?

There's nothing to be surprised about the fact that one feels that they are in a hostile environment and aren't getting enough rest, and are unable to seek assistance. The motivation may decrease too. If you are noticing that work effectiveness is declining and employees aren't really interested in any product of their job, then things are probably not going well. But nothing that team-building practices can't resolve.

How does Weljo employ MS Teams features for team building?

Weljo bot uses MS Teams to connect two or more employees on a single video chat. In addition gaming features of the Weljo bot let employees test different icebreakers and learn about their mutual interests as well as relax and enjoy a game of fun.

How much will a Weljo subscription cost? what exactly is included?

Weljo provides its new customers with a trial period so that users can observe the positive effects of its services, such as increases in teamwork or participation in the final. The trial period is free which lasts for two consecutive weeks. After that, to renew your subscription, you'll have to select a monthly plan. Our pricing will be tailored to the amount of employees that are participating, starting at just 3 dollars per user. We are able to incorporate any special requests you might have, and we're open to discussions on the best pricing strategy that is suited to your needs.

Are there any guarantees that Weljo prevents leaks?

The company's information is secure through Weljo as it gives particular attention to the safeguarding of personal data. Weljo protects against any third party being exposed to personal data of its users. It also employs procedures to protect data in its routine work. Personal conversations between employees will remain entirely private.

What is a normal Weljo performance evaluation?

This is a particular assessment made for corporate leaders each month to monitor the progress of employee satisfaction Weljo bot and their wellbeing level. Before beginning a collaboration with Weljo you'll be given an invitation to take part in an assessment of the corporate climate to observe potential team's weak points. Each Month, Weljo collects data and study the moods and wellbeing levels in order to be aware of any changes and then adjust the company's policies through the Weljo bot.

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