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Nowadays, many of us have more opportunities to earn money online, even if we aren't working as freelancers but rather employed employees. Although this shift is bringing a number of advantages for us, it also has created some disadvantages.

Yes, we are able to work in the comfort at home, but it's usually the case that such an setting can hinder the productivity for employees, cause an atmosphere of loneliness all the work performed by the individual and reduce the feeling of community, which is important for many employees all over the world.

It is helpful for companies to incorporate online team-building games for adults to be incorporated into their workplace culture so that both the employees and the managers can build powerful relationships with one their colleagues.

Weljo bot is a powerful device that firms can utilize for one-on-1 enjoyable breaks and team building activities. The free trial version of the Weljo bot is available right now so that you could witness for yourself the value the Weljo bot could be for your employees!

The Corporate Games for Team Building: What are the reasons one Should Consider Using Them?

We all would like to see only the positive aspects of an online working practices, such as the possibility of working from anywhere in the world or not having to waste a lot of time getting to and from the workplace but let us not ignore the bad side too, particularly as it can be improved through the games of team building on platforms such as Weljo.

Fun Questions for Team Buildingwith Weljo

Many businesses have discovered that online work formats have brought some challenges to their employees like:

  • The HTML0 code is a non-separate way to work from home and work. When you are working from home, it is generally difficult to establish boundaries for yourself break as you did prior the pandemic and also separate families from your working hours.
  • A lack of social connection.
    Working at home, the majority of time you do all the tasks on your own, leaving an insufficient space for informal interaction among employees. There's not a chance to have a small talk in the same way we did in the corridors of our workplaces and make workplace friends, which leaves the employees tucked away and feeling lonely for the major portion of the day.
  • There are trust issues between managers and employees.
    If we don't interact with people face-toвАУface and cannot hear their voice it is often difficult to understand the the message in a different way. It's now more difficult to understand whether your subordinates are having any issues with their work routine in particular. This is particular for the newest members of the organization. Furthermore when there is no communication between employees, there is too much room for brainstorming innovative thinking, creativity and growth of collaboration abilities.
  • A greater strain for health.
    Since you aren't required to go to work, you are sitting at your desk a lot more. This means that you move less frequently, which puts additional stress over your neck. You also lose your vision. So, not only are psychological problems can arise during an online daily routine, but physical issues too.

Fortunately, most instances of these concerns can be resolved with the help of team-building exercises. They can be played for the beginning and ending of your day along with in between during short breaks. This is an excellent way to remind your employees that they're not alone and the fact that they are not alone and there are other workers that they can rely on! Additionally, it will help them take time for themselves, because the company itself puts on occasions that demonstrate how important breaks are during the work day.

Fun Questions for Team Building - Weljo

And when you're provided with an easy platform like Weljo, the process for infusing fun breaks or team building games to your workplace culture becomes much simpler! Weljo's platform lets you provide a variety of entertaining breaks, including both one-on-one and team options designed to meet the needs of employees according to their interests and preferences. With a myriad of games to choose from, you can easily find the perfect activity to suit your mood, and build stronger relationships with your colleagues.

Easy Team Building Games Are They Are Free?

Certain of them are while some of them are not. Depending on your budget and goals you're seeking to achieve various kinds of entertaining games for teams can be selected.

A no-cost team building game provides a great chance for employees who have only just begun to adjust to an online working environment. Additionally, it allows you to view the preferences of your team members. They also help you sort out any issues that you might be facing, and pick a platform that you're most comfortable on. For instance, some people will be more comfortable using Zoom against MS Teams, and it may also be more convenient for certain team members to participate in game-based team building activities that are developed in a one-to-1 team member format, not for the entire group of employees.

The issue with nearly every team-building games is that typically is only available for a test period. Once the trial is over, you have to pay in order to continue using it. If you have an extensive group of workers who want to take part in a team building activity, one game is no enough to get their attention. However, it is the norm that free games reside across various platforms. This is not really convenient in the case of those wanting to incorporate team building games within their routine.

Thus, you could switch to paying versions of team-building activities that can be conveniently located on one platform user-friendly such as Weljo after every issue has been resolved and your preferences are shared by the team members. According to surveys of business professionals, that more than half of team leaders observed an improvement of communication skills and the working relationships between their employees after participating in team building games.

How do you get the most from Funny Team Building Games?

The most crucial thing you should do in order to ensure that everyone has fun participating in a fun game of team building that you have found is organizing.

This is useful info you can utilize to plan the next team-building gathering:

  1. The games were designed for various reasons. Some will aid in enhancing the communication between team members while others are designed to give you a break during a work day or improve the productivity of your colleagues. Therefore, it's essential to determine the primary purpose behind the team-building activity first.
  2. And don't neglect to look at the schedules of every team member that you plan to invite. It's not a good idea for your efforts to fail just because you failed that you could synchronize all the schedules of your team members;
  3. The duration of your event is another thing to take into account. If the initial purpose of the meeting was solely for the purpose of team building, then you may choose to play any team-building game you want. If however, the game will be a mere part of the meeting you're likely to hold, you would need to consider the length and the complexity of the game so that it doesn't be an unpleasant waste of precious time to any team member;
  4. The virtual platforms you are using are another crucial criterion. There are games that your whole team would have to participate to on a 3rd party platform or games that could be included into Zoom, Google Meet, and others. Of course, the last option is the most preferred however, it is important to be aware that playing a game on another platform is still much better than a dull game integrated into Zoom.

Begin with a few free widely played games for your group members to play. If you find that teamwork is very good, progress to some exciting paid options such as virtual escape rooms. These are great to increase creativity, teamwork and problem-solving abilities!

When you're doing it correctly, your efforts in improving communication and collaboration are appreciated by all. With the aid of Weljo you can streamline the planning process: games during breaks can be picked based on the interests of the team members can be matched automatically according to their work schedules, and the duration of the break can be adjusted.

Fun Questions for Team Building

Best Games for Team Building Games of Today

Now we can finally talk about great games for team-building that could be played in the present moment with teammates. The selection of options is extensive and that's why you'll find this section of our article quite satisfying, as we'll assist you to find the best games for your team and choose the best games for team building that you can test playing with your colleagues.

We will divide our collection into two groups, i.e. the games that are playable independently on various platforms, and those that you can include into Zoom. Let's start with the first team of games.

Third-Platform Based Games
1. Skribbl

It is a wonderful team-building sport that divides your team players into two groups of players. Inside each group every team member draws a diagram through which other team members try to guess the word that is encrypted. A team that scores the most points wins the game!

The downside of this game is the need for team members to draw using their cursor it's a feature that not everyone is going to like. But, the game can be very relaxing, even it allows you to pick the amount of time every participant figures out the picture as well as the amount of rounds that you will play. This makes it possible play the game in a way that you can tailor to the needs of your team.

2. Words With Friends

This game is like Skribbl in that it's also based on words, but it does not require anyone to draw. Each player gets seven letters to use to create words on the board, and each new word they make must be connected to a letter that was already placed in the game by other members of the group.

The game can improve team work and the individual contributions of each employee at the same time, so that the team members can improve the way they solve problems individually and as separate workers. In addition, you can present gifts to the first person or team to fill all the board.

3. Playing cards

It's not just a single game, but an entire platform which hosts over 60 games available to be offered a wide range of games depending on the demands of your next meeting. In there, you can choose a classic game like rummy or chess or for some less-known options.

Additionally, playing cards can be customized so that both big and small groups of workers can be created to play different kinds of games. All you have to do is pick an activity, set up video conference rooms where all players can get together and then give a room code that gives players access to the game.

4. Sudoku

Last but not least is Sudoku which is a increasingly popular sport. It's a great game, but it's very well-suited for playing with teams However, you can utilize a little bit of your inventiveness to make it as a bonding game. For instance, you can design breakout rooms in Zoom or supply your teams with sudokus on the list that you need them to solve.

The best thing about this game is that it offers different difficulty levels, making it possible to select an identical level and game for all the teams so it is possible for each team member to participate is approximately the same. It could also be beneficial so that all team members can get to meet each other.

The best part about third-party games is that they save you the time necessary for planning the game as all items are already available by the developer.

Fun Questions for Team Building

Games Incorporated into Video Platforms

Games that are integrated into Zoom or any other video platforms come with their unique advantages. You would, for instance, not have to use your browser or any other additional applications to participate. Furthermore, games that are integrated are great for introducing the youngest team member all the features of the application which you normally use at work.

Here is a list of games you can enjoy without extra platforms.

1. Trivia

This is an excellent option whenever you aren't sure which game to play for your team. These rules and guidelines for Office Trivia are well-known by all but you can pick any topic you'd like in line with the interests of your team. That way you will improve the team's abilities to think on their feet, as well as perhaps your team's understanding, as they'll learn various details about the subject which you have chosen. Both big and small teams are able to play this game.

2. Scavenger Hunt

While there's not the ability to physically pick some items off the list, you are able to use this game as a way to search for interesting information over the web. This is a fantastic game for team members who are new to the organization to help players search for facts regarding the company's mission statement. At the end of the day each team will be awarded a corporate prize.

3. Sponge Game

This is among our most played games, and several companies have embraced this game as well. The rules are easy the players have 30 seconds of searching for a specific item nearby, and 30 seconds to create an interesting story about it. After that, everyone is required to tell their story for 60 seconds. What matters is whether you pick posters, basketball, or plastic bag, all players will need to tell their story!

4. Two Truths and a lie

A great game for any type of team that you are part of! However, regardless of whether you are brand new to the organization, or there are just a few new faces added into the group, it is quite interesting to guess which hilarious details concerning your coworkers' personalities are actual! Exercises for team building can be very beneficial in bonding the group.

5. Zoom Games

Similar to Slack, Zoom has recently launched its own app platform which can make the whole process of building teams simpler since it doesn't make team members go to any third-party platform! For instance, you can test games like Heads Up! and #AskAway alongside your remote team.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Why do businesses require exercise or team-building games?

Since most of us work online we find it much difficult to interact with our co-workers properly, as well for making friends with colleagues and define boundaries throughout your working and personal life. And as office team building and in-person team meetings are no longer an option The team building game can be used to establish a connection between new employees to the rest of your team, and to improve their communication. By monitoring the overall health of the team members, organizations can identify and address any issues that might be affecting employee morale, job satisfaction or productivity. This leads to a happier and healthier employees.

How do you organize team building?

Gamification is certainly a trend that can aid you in that. One of the most popular activities for team building is ones that connect to fun games that we all know how to play. This could play a version of the office game that people have already experienced in their past. This is why you should plan an event at your IT department or any other team and let the rules of the game accomplish the job for you!

What can be done to plan team-building and team-building exercises?

Decide on the goals of your team exercise, which could be to enhance the communication between your team members as well as to lift the spirits that coworkers have after a difficult day, or increase brainstorming on the idea. Check everyone's schedule and invite them to a group meeting with team-building activities included.

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