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In the course of the pandemic, new techniques of working were introduced to allow workers to complete the majority of daily tasks via online platforms. As a result, building teams remotely is now one of the major issues faced by businesses with employees work from home. While it is quite easy for teams to build their team in a traditional, offline setting managers could encounter the same issues when trying develop relationships within their remote teams.

Virtual team-building exercises for remote groups are the right way to go if your goal is to foster team collaboration in addition to increasing employee engagement and create a more positive environment across your entire team. Your online team should not solely focused on work, particularly when informal interactions are known to build stronger teams.

A great way to start by establishing a remote team building program involves involving your workers in brief virtual meetings during breaks. Weljo offers a variety of exciting options for virtual teams starting with simple chats and online office games to collaborative mindfulness sessions and physical exercises via a virtual call. Discover more about the importance and benefits of team bonding via virtual technology.

Games for Team Buildingwith Weljo

Team Development for Remote Workers: Common Mistakes

Prior to implementing any virtual team-building in your business, find out what to avoid at all costs. Many virtual events fail because of other factors that hinder the team working successfully. To ensure that your employees are engaged to the fullest, try to overcome the issues listed below.

1. Mixing Up the Roles

Remote work may become the burden of your company when there's any clear lines of separation between the duties of each employee. This might result in overworking of a few employees and slowness of your virtual staff.

Additionally, not just the duties and responsibilities for every team member must be defined clearly not only that, but it should be communicated to all employees. So, everyone can comprehend what their contribution to the company is and what other ways they can contribute.

2. Conflicting Team Members

We are all human, even when working in the virtual world, conflicts might happen. For people working in person, these conflicts are less difficult to solve. Team leaders can choose to separate the workers so their activities do not overlap, find the solution to the common problems or negotiate alternatives to communication that satisfy both sides.

When employees work remotely, the conflict can be difficult identify in the first place. An activity for team building which can help in learning about the various workers' problems or concerns to others could be made. If a conflict is already surfaced within the team, offer suggestions for solving it or offer your team the ways to resolve any personal disagreements.

The ability to increase team morale is essential for creating a pleasant atmosphere for everyone to work in. Also, once any virtual team challenges are overcome positive communication will be improved as well.

3. Poor Information Exchange

Regarding communications within the team working remote, it's vital to provide information channels for everyone to use. The employees who participate in common information systems will function better, as the search time for needed data will be decreased.

Effective remote teams participate through active information exchange which allows them to reveal their accomplishments as well as contributions to the overall goal. This could be a monthly video call or a website that allows posts from various workers and teams, a reliable communication system should be set up.

4. No Relationships of Trust between Remote Workers

If there isn't any trust between teammates, several aspects of the job are ineffective. For example, an employee might become isolated in terms being able to contribute new ideas or opining, or sharing information that team members can find useful. A virtual office is another risk of feeling unwelcome and not on the same page as other team members.

This is yet another reason that is why virtual team building is so important. In the practice of team building with remote teams can assist in developing relationships with each other and facilitating communication. Team-building online activities can provide an opportunity for employees to show the sides of themselves that others may not have a clue about.

Therefore, working remotely can make it quite difficult. But that doesn't indicate that creating a cozy and productive culture for remote employees is not possible. If you implement effective virtual team-building exercises and games like the ones provided by Weljo, you will have the ability to engage the team and deliver successful results.

Games for Team Building - Weljo

Team Building Activities The Benefits of Remote Workers

To build strong remote team it is essential that proper virtual activities be put into place. When team leaders begin the concept of team building online it will result in a wide range of interpersonal and working aspects are improved making it easier for all team members to reach the same goals.

If you are still confused about whether or not your virtual company actually requires team building to be successful, consider the following improvements that follow these kinds of activities:

  • Employees get more involved in the process of working and also the development of their community;
  • The turnover rate is decreased;
  • The corporate culture is created and appreciated by the workers;
  • The competitive spirit is a way to increase the involvement of the team
  • Employees distribute the tasks evenly and prevent burnout and overwork;
  • The workflow works efficiently.
  • The sharing of information and knowledge among group members make it easier for them to work together;
  • The employees are satisfied at their workplace;
  • The team is in constant contact with one another even when they are in different locations.
  • Employees form bonds over a common goal of the company.

Virtual team-building events are essential to any modern business who wants to see their workers succeed. The implementation of team building activities and bonding practices creates happy working environment and encourages motivation for employees. Any team leader should encourage their remote team members to participate actively not just in the working routine but also in the virtual team activities too.

To make remote teams part of your virtual team-building ideas, try out different methods to make your virtual meetings fun and exciting. If you're not certain how to transform your conference into an entertaining activity or to bring your virtual team closer to each other, check out the following article for some ideas.

Team Construction for Remote Teams

Virtual team-building opportunities do not necessarily have to be massive events that require an extensive level of organization. In fact, regular conference calls in which colleagues discuss work-related things and simply spend a good time together might work more effectively than a large virtual team-building program that is only held once in a year.

Recent research shows that the factors that define a successful remote team are the amount of focus and energy invested into communications, engagement among the employees, as well as the interactions between teams with various specializations within the organization. One of the activities which could help improve all these elements is to take virtual breaks.

Games for Team Building

Weljo offers companies and teams of all sizes and fields of work ways of incorporating effective communication tools. Organising breaks using a video conference call is easier when the workers have a choice between how to spend their time off during the working day. By adding Weljo as a component of the conference software of your choice is among the most effective ways to conduct virtual team building.

Tools for team building that work

With the tools provided by Weljo workers can set the length of their breaks, which range from the 5-30 minutes, as well as the number of people to the virtual meetings. Now, your team players can play virtual group games or even take virtual coffee breaks under the guidance of the Weljo bot. Games online provide an chance for employees to chill and chat informally while having enjoyable and relaxing.

The care you give the mental health of your team is equally important. In order to practice good mental health habits, introduce your workers to videoconference calls using guided meditations or simple physical exercises to help to relax after long hours of work. It is not a daunting task when you have the opportunity for employees to talk on an Zoom call or a Microsoft Teams conference.

With such a team-building tool such as Weljo it is possible for workers to have less isolation even if they are working from home. Communication among team members is a gradual process of building trust with one another and, thereby, improve the efficiency of work. productive. Additionally, the sensation of unity from regular virtual meeting breaks could encourage employees to remain with the team for a long period of time.

Games for Team Building

Why Weljo Works for Virtual Team Building

A lot of companies have added Weljo breaks to other virtual events that assist in team building. It is easy to use because it has a myriad of features which allow employees to have their breaks as enjoyable and beneficial as possible.

In particular, the possibility for a change in the duration of the breaks in between five and thirty minutes is a great way to ensure that you are able not to get overwhelmed between important team meetings. The enjoyable virtual breaks for team building are able to be in between two people or as an entire team, based upon the individual's preferences and length. A quick discussion about a movie you've just observed, or go to an active dance session and move around a little.

Another benefit of Weljo is the way it helps to connect team members by their hobbies. Find a coworker who has the same interests or would like to spend their spare time in the same way you do and then enjoy the company of the time off.

Whatever the virtual conference is it will be secure. All connections are secured by secure algorithms that do not share any personal data of workers from anywhere.

Weljo is accessible by the majority of corporate online communication tools like Slack, MS Teams, Zoom, MS Outlook, Gmail and Google Calendar. A relaxing break is only a couple of clicks away. Automated bots will offer people who are taking part in the event tips on how they can get along together with colleagues and strengthen their bond.

Virtual Team Building Takeaway

In the current age where people are moving to remote work that it can be difficult in keeping the workers interested and involved in the team. In the past, office gatherings and social events could help to improve the communications and trust between employees. With everyone on the go, it's become a lot more difficult. Insufficient team building activities could lead to feelings of loneliness, disinterest working, and difficulties getting healthy connections with colleagues.

Thankfully, modern problems have led to modern methods of solving. By implementing regular virtual team building activities administrators and leaders can develop teams with the highest levels of strength, by focusing on working effectiveness and social connections.

hosting a fun, virtual team trivia game, celebrating successes with virtual hors d'oeuvres or even being eco aware by participating in a virtual trash challenge There are a lot of opportunities for bonding.

Improve the performance of your team with Weljo

Implementing tools like Weljo can help any remote team improve their communication skills, as well as their active listening. This will motivate them to continue to work after a refreshing break, and also build confidence, which is a crucial element for any business that succeeds. Building a team, particularly for teams working remotely, is something that should never be skipped if you want your team members to work effectively in achieving a common objective.

You can suggest that the team members join in breaks of fun with Weljo for a place to share their interests, have some coffee to boost their energy levels, or discuss the latest news. Informal chats are just as essential to the work process as completing formal assignments, so don't undervalue their value!

Invite your team to join Weljo now and watch them develop friendships with one another. Just like that, you can see improved performance in the workplace, as well as lower levels of turnover. Play games with friends keep track of your mental wellbeing, or even talk about something that you are interested in using the simple Weljo tools. The motivation as well as the efficiency of remote teams begin with small steps and you can start taking them immediately!

Frequently Asked & Answered Questions FAQ

How do you build team strength by remote teams?

Building a team is something that every remote team leader should be particularly attentive to. There are a variety of activities you can introduce in your online working environment to help your team be more effective and have fun in the process. For instance, online games can be utilized. Another way is to organize periodic breaks during which employees may chat, and also spend their free time doing what they enjoy.

What can you do to build a remote team?

Remote team development includes methods used to build confidence among the employees to improve communication and help them participate in the working process. When the appropriate activities are introduced into the group, the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall performance improve significantly.

Is team building possible via a computer?

Modern technology lets us make use of different team bonding strategies even online. The team can hold virtual meetings to discuss different topics outside of work, and to have informal chats to strengthen their confidence in one another. Other fun activities, such as performing physical exercises from home or having a coffee break in a group of co-workers, may be arranged as well.

How do you perform with your team members remotely?

To prevent burnout and a feeling of being excluded from remote workers, different team bonding methods must be used. It is possible that they will differ based on the preferences of your group.

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