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Importance of Team Building

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Collaboration and healthy relationships within your team is key to making any business thrive and develop in the best way that it can. Teams that operate as tight-knit community and provide cooperation to each other yield improved results. Also, team members inside such clusters feel more fulfilled in their jobs.

It is evident that team bonding becomes more vital in remote teams and teams with a distributed structure, because they feel the lack of human interaction in their daily conversations and cannot easily socialize with their colleagues at the coffee counter. Also but they also find it difficult to wait until they get an answer by their teammate or relay issues to each other, not being aware of any issues which might surface on other side.

This article is going to provide some insight regarding the challenges groups that are hybrid or remote encounter in their workplace. We can provide a complete summary of team-building strategies for tasks that will help you as a team manager build morale and motivation within small or large groups.

Team communication difficulties

Building and fostering strong relationships has been a constant concern for team managers, specifically when it comes to managing team members that come from different cultures and backgrounds.

There are some problems that managers have to face in order that their teams are able to communicate effectively, and here are a few examples:

  1. Each member of the team comes from diverse cultural backgrounds. This is because every particular culture has its own specifics which can lead to culture clashes and conflict within the team. To avoid this, it should become an organizational norm to educate all employees working in a small group about certain basic traits that diverse cultures share.
  2. Under pressure: we are all aware that meeting tight deadlines and having massive backlogs can impact relationships within the team Particularly when teams are collaborating on tasks. To avoid causing unnecessary stress it is essential to educate team members on methods of managing time, and also create an atmosphere of collaboration that helps foster team harmony.
  3. Different ways of tackling communication Different groups of people may prefer communicating in a specific manner. For example, some people prefer to keep team building activities shorter and more productive, while others prefer to engage with people whose faces are able to see. On contrary, prefer to utilize text messages for communication as opposed to video calls. Hence, team building activity is a fantastic tool that encourages teams to learn the best methods to communicate with one another, based on the needs and preferences of the person involved;
  4. The level of trust is not sufficient: If all members of the group aren't confident they can freely communicate not be afraid to admit any shortcomings, it could be difficult to reach the goals. Everyone on the team should think of gatherings as a safe venue to talk about and present their thoughts. If it's one that is virtual, managers should encourage a positive atmosphere, and also the capacity to talk about their thoughts in order to strengthen bond of the team.

Importance of Team Buildingwith Weljo

We can now see the variety of methods and approaches available to help team members provide each other with respect and support. One of the easiest ways to improve relationships in a remote group is to organize team-building occasions focused on communication, listening skills, creative and critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

Below, we will discuss the benefits team-building exercises will bring to any group as well as the enjoyable team-building actions you can utilize while starting new team members in or creating a sense of unity within the current team.

Team building activities for adults pros

If you've chosen to work on improving cohesion and encouraging cohesion within your groups, team-building activities for work is a great method to accomplish your goal in the short term. By playing games for team building will help increase the cohesion of your team and increase trust within your entire team.

Here you can find a list of benefits an exercise for team building regardless of whether it's an uncomplicated team building activity, which is held regularly will bring to any group, regardless of its size or nature:

1. Communication is more fluid

Group building exercises are targeted at enhancing communication in beginning. Corporate team-building activities help to make a welcoming environment that encourages employees to share their ideas, experiences and views. In a group building session the participants are required join forces to discover ways to solve a problem which is usually in the form of a game. Through this, they are able to learn the differences in their individual personalities and communication styles. They are able to apply that knowledge in their workplaces.

2. A team-building exercise teaches people how to work as a team

It can be quite hard to learn how to work effectively towards a common objective and especially when discussing a huge group of people while being remote. However, when taking part in a game for team building participants discover ways that they can cooperate with their fellow teammates, solicit or offer assistance, as well as share responsibilities. The games provide some valuable insights into aspects of efficient and effective communication in daily life.

3. Team building exercises that develop problem-solving skills and creative thinking

Beyond being fun events where team players play traditional games that promote healthy competition, a fun activities for teams can boost problem-solving abilities and inspire people to think outside the box. For instance, if the group is playing an escape room, they will need to come up with an inventive solution to achieve an agreed-upon goal. Later, these skills can be utilized for brainstorming and developing a sales pitch and can assist in coming in with novel ideas.

4. Team building activities can have an effect on the team's mood

When people are focused on achieving objectives that are common and brainstorming ideas to work together, this aids in increasing their enthusiasm at work and makes them feel more loved by their colleagues. A positive, healthy and happy team benefits employee retention and reduced turnover of staff as to improve employee satisfaction. It also stops burnout.

As you will see, these activities such like games that build teamwork for adults only have positive outcomes in building a strong group. When you want to introduce the best team-building games to your team, be it a classic game or something more innovative and innovative, visit the Weljo website to discover ideas for building teams to implement in your next group meeting online or in the conference room.

Fun Team Building Activities to Build a Team Examples

There's a vast array of different games that range less than a couple of minutes up to several hours. They can be played either in one or multiple teams. It is only up to you what activity to pick. It could be a leisurely one, or perhaps a particular game that makes teams compete against one another. If you're struggling to come up with thoughts, go to the Weljo website to get ideas that offers suggestions for short and scheduled breaks during your working hours.

There are a lot of people working online, and it might be difficult to come up with some amusing gaming activities because some of them were made to work in offline conditions. With the aid of websites that are specially designed, such as Weljo that allow you to modify the games to an online design, so that there's still a chance for your teams to develop their communication skills!

For an overview of what one can accomplish to introduce new members to the team, or strengthen relationships within the existing one we've created our list of ideas to encourage communication among team members.

Importance of Team Building - Weljo

Scavenger hunt

The game begins by preparing an inventory of items each team must find within a given time. The winning team is one that gets to the line first with all items ticked off the list.

This game is great for developing communication and problem-solving skills and also creates a positive, encouraging atmosphere within the playing team. We know that this activity was originally developed for offline environments in which people could hunt for objects in the office or somewhere in nature but Weljo had already translated the game online.

Office trivia

This game can be played with two teams, at least, as it's a competition among the players. The point is to pick the questions with certain significance, and then debate your answer in order for a chance to win. You will also earn a higher score than teams of other teams.

The team-building activity helps to build communication and expands information in a variety of fields. Certain team members may be amused to see what a particular team member is knowledgeable on a difficult topic!

The game is easily played online through MS Teams, Zoom, or Skype as well as you could alter the offline version to an online one by using specific equipment and software such as Weljo.

Importance of Team Building

Two Truths and a Lying

This game is a great way to help improve communication between team members and also enhancing the creative thinking abilities of every participant. The game can be played in small teams of around 3 players as well as in larger groups. The only thing the players have to be able to think of three funny stories, two of which are true about their lives and the third is a flims lie. The rest of the team needs to figure out which one of these stories is actually a lie.

Gather the employees around and either let them all players play together, or make use of breakout rooms within MS Teams or Zoom for them to talk as they discuss their answers and watch as they collaborate to bring their team on the winning side!

What I'd Have Done

This is by far the best game for teams who are just starting out or team members to get more about their fellow teammates, which is quite simple! The only thing you need to do is discuss hypothetical scenarios and provide information about what you'd be doing in the situation. They can be devised through the organizer of the event or participants. They can be as wacky as you want to make them!

What I would have done can be a great game that the team members can try as their first activity to build a team It's not just because it's easy to play to play, but also because it would help participants understand their colleagues better! In addition, this game is not a game that is competitive which is advantageous for your initial meetings since it would not divide people in opposing teams or cause tensions between these teams.

It's evident that many common team-building activities, such as the scavenger hunt, board game or egg drops were developed specifically for offline teams because participants need physical contact with and interact with objects in real life. But, if your goal is to adapt these activities for online groups or look for other ways to organize events for remote teams, you can check out Weljo to get ideas for creative breaks.

Weljo will help with hybrid and remote teams' collaboration

Weljo is an online service that assists in reducing the stress and isolation associated with remote working by offering ideas for impromptu and planned breaks.

The purpose of the service is to show employees working remotely ways to recognize the difference between their personal and professional life as well as maintain a harmonious work-life balance. In addition, the company believes that social connection can be maintained and cultivated in any team, regardless of what size, and whether the teammates reside in different locations.

If you deal with Weljo then you can select from the many exercises for building teams for adults on the website, with accents on the emotional component of teamwork.

What is it that makes Weljo an ideal tool for helping teams collaborate is this:

  1. You have the option of choosing the time limitation you'd like to create for your activity. There's a choice of beginning with 10 minutes, however, you can adjust the time you'd like enjoying a social gathering with colleagues.
  2. There is a special algorithm that helps you find the best suitable partner for the event that you've picked. The system takes your interests and preferences into account so that it is easier to find a companion.
  3. The security and privacy issues are paramount, Weljo takes care of your personal data and information. We will ensure that your data will never be given or shared to others.

Importance of Team Building

The majority of businesses in the world have had the opportunity to collaborate with Weljo as a service, and the numbers are impressive in their results. For instance, a large number of employees claim that the service enhanced their efficiency and confidence and also improved relationships within their teams.

If you're looking for a service which will make your employees feel at ease in their workplaces, Weljo is definitely a preferred choice. With a wide range of games, meditations, and other activities, your workers will ever feel depressed or lonely even though they have never met their colleagues in the flesh.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Question

What are the five Five C's to teambuilding?

It's a fact that good collaboration within the team is crucial for reaching the company's objectives in time and to avoid unanticipated issues within the internal processes. Five elements of team building that help improve connections within the team which include collaboration (giving support and sharing information and resources) as well as cooperation (the capability and the desire to support your teammates) and communication (the method by which people communicate their messages across) in addition to consensus (the ability to make joint determinations) and dedication (the willingness and energy that employees put in).

What are some team-building activities that can help retention of employees?

Almost any team-building activity can increase retention and decrease turnover. However, the most favored alternatives are those that relate to doing community service and planting trees and helping people in need. Plus managers and HR experts often introduce shared lunch breaks with colleagues, evenings out or days with colleagues or even games to allow their employees be able to connect with each people better and appreciate the company more.

What are the benefits of team-building exercises?

Group-building activities are a fun method of building healthy relationships within the team. If people in a team appreciate, respect and are able to appreciate each with respect to a personal level and this is reflected directly in how they carry out their duties. A lot of managers believe it is crucial for an organizational culture to hold these events frequently since they increase the overall mood and general atmosphere within the large and smaller groups.

The best thing to do with my team?

If you're trying to pick the best option to work with your team members, first be sure to determine whether the activity you prefer will fit well with the dimension and location of the group. It is sometimes difficult for you to find a great solution for a virtual team, though certain offline activities like office trivia can suit. Another option is to use an exclusive service like Weljo to aid you with this issue and encourage your team to cooperate more.

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