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Nowadays, many of us have many more chances to work online even if we are not freelancers but employed workers. And although this change has brought plenty of benefits for us, it also has created some disadvantages.

Yes, we're able to work from the comfort of our own homes, but it is often the case that this environment could reduce the performance of workers, trigger an atmosphere of loneliness all the jobs performed by the individual in addition to reducing the sense of community something that is crucial to a lot of workers across the globe.

Thus, it may be good for companies to introduce online group-building games for adults within their company culture to ensure that employees as well as the managers can build valuable work relationships with each other.

Weljo bot is a fantastic instrument that businesses can use to offer one-on-1 enjoyable breaks and team building activities. The trial version that we offer is available for you right now to experience the benefits the Weljo bot is to your employees!

Group Building Game Games to Build Teams for the Corporate Environment: What are the reasons one Should Consider Using These Games?

It is our preference to look only the positive side of online working formats like the ability to work from anywhere in the world and not having to devote huge amounts of time getting to and from the workplace but let us not ignore the negative side as well, especially when it is easily improved with the help of games for team building that are available on platforms such as Weljo.

Team Building Activiiteswith Weljo

Many businesses have realized that online work styles have caused issues to their workers, such as:

  • There is no separation between the workplace and home. When you are working at home, it's very difficult to establish boundaries for yourself. Take breaks in the same way as it was before the pandemic, and separate your time with family from your business time.
  • Absence of social connectivity.
    While working at home, most of the time, you manage all the tasks on your own, leaving very little space for informal communication between workers. It is not possible for us to establish small conversations like we did before in our workplaces. It is also difficult to form colleagues, leaving people isolated from each other and feeling lonely for a large portion of the day.
  • Problems with trust between employees and their managers.
    If we cannot see the person who is speaking to us and do not hear their voice in the same way, we may be able to comprehend the the message in a wrong manner. It is also now harder for you to figure out if your employees have any issues with their work routine And this is especially the case for employees who are brand new to the business. Plus not having a good communication channel between employees, there's too very little space left to brainstorm ideas, creativity, and improving collaboration skills.
  • A greater strain to health.
    In the event that you don't leave your office, you are sitting at your desk a lot more. Also, you're moving less, creating additional tension over your neck. You also lose your vision. So, not only are psychological issues arise during an online job, but the physical ones too.

Luckily, many instances of these concerns can be resolved with the aid of team-building games. They can be played to start and end your workday, as well as during the interval to take short breaks. This is a great opportunity for your employees to know that they're not all on their own and that there are other workers who they can rely on! Additionally, it will help them take time for themselves, since the company itself organizes events that help them understand the importance of taking breaks from work.

Team Building Activiites - Weljo

Furthermore, if you're equipped with the most convenient platforms like Weljo, the process of infusing fun breaks, team-building activities or games within your corporate culture will be much simpler! Weljo's platform allows you to offer a range of different fun breaks, with one-on-one and group options specific to allow employees to interact to their interests and preferences. With an array of games available You can find an activity that best suits your mood and help you establish stronger bonds with your colleagues.

Simple Team Building Games Are They Cost-Free?

Some of them are, and others aren't. Depending on the budget you have and the requirements you set for yourself various kinds of entertaining team-building games are available.

A free team-building activity is a great opportunity for team members who are only beginning to adapt to an online work style, and it allows you to view the preferences of your team members. Sort out any troubles that could arise, and select the platform you're most comfortable with. For instance, some people will opt for Zoom in place of MS Teams, and it also might be more comfortable for certain team members to play these games to build teamwork. They are built in a one-toone team member format, not for an entire group of workers.

The main issue with any team-building game is that the majority of them has a brief trial period. After which you have to pay to continue using it. When you have several employees and you wish to engage in any team building activity however, a single game is no sufficient to get their attention, but it will usually be the case that free games can be found on various platforms, which is not ideal for those wanting to incorporate team-building games into their work routine.

Also, you may switch to paid-for versions of team-building games that can be conveniently located on one platform user-friendly such as Weljo after every issue has been addressed and your preferences have been expressed by your team members. Research conducted by business professionals shows that more than half of team leaders observed an improvement in communication and the working relationships of their employees following their participation in team building games.

How to Get the Most from Funny Team Building Games?

The most crucial thing you need to do in order to make sure that everyone is happy in a fun game of team building that you've found planning.

So here is some useful information that you could help you plan the next team-building gathering:

  1. Games were designed to meet different purposes. Some might help improve communication among team members, while some are better to provide a break at work or increase the creativeness of your co-workers. Thus, you must establish the objective of your team-building exercises first.
  2. Also, do not overlook to account for the schedules of each participant you're planning to invite. It's a shame to have all your effort in vain because you were unable to synchronize everyone's schedules;
  3. The length of your session is also something to consider. If it's designed solely for team-building activities, you could choose whatever great games for team building that you would like. But, if this game is merely a part of the meeting that you are likely to hold, you'll have to consider its length and complexity, so that it does not become a frustrating waste of time for any member of the team;
  4. The platforms you can use for virtual gaming are another important criterion. There are games your entire group could be required to play in via a third-party platform or games that could be in Zoom, Google Meet, and the like. Of course, the last choice is preferred however you should be aware that a thrilling game on another platform is still superior to a dull game and incorporated into Zoom.

Begin with a selection of free popular games for your team members to experience If the group activity is excellent, move on to more thrilling paid options, such as virtual rooms that are excellent in boosting communication, creativity and problem-solving.

If done right, your efforts in improving collaboration and communication will be appreciated by everyone. Additionally, with the help of Weljo it will help you simplify your planning process: games during breaks can be determined based on the preferences of the workers, team players can be assigned automatically based on their schedule, and the length of the break can be customized.

Team Building Activiites

Most effective Game for Building Teams Games of Today

Today we are able to speak about the best team-building games are available right now with fellow team members. The selection is vast, which is why you'll find this guide very satisfying, as we'll help you identify the various options and help you choose the best game for team-building to try for your group.

Our collection will be divided into two categories, i.e. the games that are playable on independent platforms, and those that you can be able to integrate into Zoom. Let us start by playing the first group of games.

Third-Platform Based Games
1. Skribbl

It's a fantastic team-building game in which you divide your team members into two teams that consist of players. each team member creates a drawing through which all team members have to guess the word they think is encoded. The team with the most points wins the game!

The con of this game is that it requires team members to draw using their cursor, which is definitely a feature that not every member will enjoy. But, the game is extremely comfortable, even making it possible to select the duration of time during which each team member figures out each picture and the number of rounds that you will take, making it possible for you to adapt the game to the requirements of your meeting.

2. Words With Friends

This game is akin to Skribbl in that it is also based on words, but it doesn't require players to draw. In essence, each player is given seven letter tiles they will use to build words on the board. Each new word they make must be linked with a letter that has already been placed over the top of the board members of the group.

Utilizing this game, you will improve teamwork and individual input of every employee as well as ensuring that all team members improve their problem-solving abilities both with each other and also on their own. Also, you can offer gifts to the individual or team who fills out the entire board.

3. Playing Cards

This is not a separate game, but an entire platform where nearly 60 games are placed to allow you to get a range of possibilities to choose from that will meet the needs of your meeting. Here, you can opt for a traditional game such as chess or rummy or go to the lesser-known games.

Playing Cards can be tailored to ensure that large and small-sized groups can be designed for various types of games. All you need to do is choose the game, and then set up a video conference room for all participants to meet and share a room code that can be used to grant access to the game.

4. Sudoku

It's not the least of them all. Sudoku, which is a highly played game today. It's a great game, but it's very well-suited for playing with teams but you can employ a bit of inventiveness to make it as a team bonding game. For instance, you can make breakout rooms using Zoom or even provide your teams with sudokus you need them to solve.

The benefit of this sport is that it provides different levels of difficulty this means that you can choose the same level and play to all teams so that every player's ability to participate in the game is about the same. A team exchange could be a good idea so the team members get to connect with each other.

The attractiveness of third-party games is that you save up the moment needed to plan the game as all necessary materials are available to the player.

Team Building Activiites

Games Incorporated into Video Platforms

Games incorporated within Zoom or other platforms for video have their distinct advantages. In particular, you'd not need to access your browser or other applications to participate. In addition, incorporated games are a great way of introducing your child team members all the features of the application that you usually use at work.

Here is a list of games you can play without more platforms

1. Trivia

This is definitely an option when you're unsure of which game to play for your team. There are rules to office Trivia are widely known to all and you are free to choose the topic you'd like to choose based on the interests of your group. By doing this, you'll boost the team's abilities to think on their feet, as well as even your team's skills, in that they'll gain different details on the topic you select. Small and large teams can play this game.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Although there wouldn't be an option to physically pick any of the items on the listing, you could use this game as a way to search for interesting information to find on the web. This is an especially great activity for people who are brand new to the team in that you are able to make them research facts about the company's mission statement. Also, the winning team can be awarded a corporate prize.

3. Sponge Game

It is among our most played games, and businesses love using this game as well. The rules are very simple: everyone has 30 seconds to discover an item that is around them, then 30 seconds to write an interesting story about it. After that, each member of the team gives their story to the group for 60 minutes. However, regardless of whether you used Post-it notes, a basketball or a plastic bag everyone has to tell their own story!

4. Two Truths & a Lies

This is the perfect game to play with any type of team that you have! The game is fun for all teams, no matter if you have been introduced to your organization for the first time or there are the addition of a few new faces on the roster, it's enjoyable to consider what fun facts about your coworkers' lives are actual! Such team-building exercises definitely help to bond the team.

5. Zoom Games

Like Slack, Zoom has recently launched its own app platform which certainly makes the whole process of building teams easier since it does not require team members to go to any third-party platforms! You can, for instance, try out games like Heads Up! or #AskAway, with your remote team.

Frequently Asked questions -- FAQs

Why is it that businesses need team-building games or exercises?

Today, with the majority of our work done online today, it's a lot more difficult to communicate with colleagues in a proper manner, as creating work friendships and establish boundaries in your everyday life between work and play. Since office-based team building and in-person teams are no longer feasible Team building games can be utilized establish a connection between new employees to other teams as well as improve their communication. Through monitoring the health and well-being of employees, teams can spot and resolve any issues that may be affecting the morale of employees, their job satisfaction or productivity. This leads to a more engaged and healthy workforce.

How to conduct team building?

Gamification is definitely a trend that will aid in that. The most successful team-building events are ones that relate to exciting games that we know how to play. It could be a re-creation of an office game that players have already been playing in the past. So, just plan an event along with you IT department or any other team and let the guidelines of the game do the job for you!

What can be done to plan team-building and team-building exercises?

Decide on the reasons behind your team exercise, which could be to improve team communication as well as to lift the spirits for coworkers after an exhausting week, or stimulate brainstorming around the concept. In the next step, you should check your team's schedule and invite them all to a meeting which will have team-building activities included.

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