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Team Building Activities for Conference Calls

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During the outbreak, new approaches to working were uncovered which enabled workers to complete the majority the daily tasks of work via online platforms. As a result, building teams remotely is now one of the major challenges faced by companies whose employees work from their homes. While it's easy to conduct team-building activities in a traditional offline setting, managers may encounter certain obstacles in their efforts to build relationships between remote teams.

Virtual team-building and building activities for remote teams are a great way to go when you wish to encourage teamwork while also increasing engagement among employees as well as improve the overall atmosphere within your team. Your online team shouldn't just be about work, particularly when informal interactions have been proven to result in stronger teams.

A great way to start working on team-building remotely is to invite your employees in brief virtual meetings during their breaks. Weljo provides a wide range of interesting options for virtual team members that range from casual chats online office games to yoga sessions and physical workouts with a phone call. Learn more about the importance and benefits of virtual team bonding.

Team Building Activities for Conference Callswith Weljo

Team Design for Remote Workers: Common Mistakes

Before you begin to implement virtual team-building events in your company, find out what to avoid in the first place. Many virtual events have failed due to other reasons that prevent the team from performing effectively. To be sure that you engage your employees fully, attempt to resolve the following issues.

1. Mixing Up the Roles

Remote work may be an inconvenience when there are any clear lines of separation between the roles of each individual worker. This can lead to overworking of certain employees as well as the poor performance of your remote team.

Additionally, not just the scope of work of every team member must be clearly defined and concisely, but it also needs to be explained to employees. This way, everyone will be aware of what their role in the company and how they can assist.

2. Conflicting Team Members

We are all human even when working in the virtual world, conflicts could occur. For those who work on a personal basis, these kinds of situations are easy to solve. A team leader can decide to divide the team members so that their duties do not overlap with each other in order to find a solution those common issues or discuss the option of communicating that is acceptable to both parties.

If employees are remote, the conflicts may be difficult to discover in the beginning. An activity for team building which will allow you to know about the various workers' difficulties or their complaints to others can be introduced. If the dispute has already been spotted within the group, suggest the possible ways of solving it or provide your team with solutions for overcoming any personal disputes.

Enhancing team morale is vital to create a pleasant environment that everyone can work in. Furthermore, once any difficulties of the virtual team are dealt with that healthy communication can be maintained as well.

3. Poor Information Exchange

Concerning communication within the team working remote, it's vital to ensure that there are channels accessible to everyone. People who are involved in common information systems can work better, as the need to search for essential information will decrease.

Successful remote teams take part with each other in a continuous exchange of information, which lets them showcase their accomplishments and contribute in the direction of the same goal. No matter if it's a daily video call or a platform which allows for posts from different employees A reliable communication system must be in place.

4. There is no trust between remote Workers

When there is no trust between teammates, several aspects of their work will become inefficient. In the case of an employee, for instance, they may feel isolated the process of developing new ideas, giving opinions, or presenting details that colleagues could find useful. A virtual office is another obstacle of feeling left out and not being on the same wavelength as fellow employees.

This is another factor that can make virtual team building crucial. Training for team building in remote teams can help in building relationships and facilitation of communication. The online team-building exercise can provide a chance for employees and their colleagues to display their side that other people might not know about.

Thus, remote teamwork can be a bit challenging. However, it doesn't suggest that creating a relaxed and efficient remote culture is impossible. By implementing efficient virtual team-building and fun games like the games offered by Weljo that you will be able of engaging your team and see positive outcomes.

Team Building Activities for Conference Calls - Weljo

Team Building Activities: Benefits for Remote Workers

To create strong remote teams A proper online activity must be put into place. When team members introduce teams building online you will see a range of collaboration and interpersonal elements improve making it simpler for everyone to work together towards the same goals.

If you're still wondering if your online company actually requires team building or team building, you should look at the following enhancements that come with these activities:

  • Employees are more engrossed in the work process and also the development of their community;
  • The rate of turnover decreases;
  • It is the corporate culture which has been created that is appreciated by workers;
  • The competitive spirit is introduced to improve the involvement of the team
  • The employees distribute their work evenly which prevents burning out and overload;
  • The workflow operates efficiently;
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing among group members make it easier for them to work together;
  • Employees are pleased with their working conditions.
  • The team keeps in touch by phone, despite travelling to different locations.
  • Employees bond together over the common corporate goal.

Virtual team-building events are essential for any modern business looking to help its employees succeed. The use of team building exercises and bonding strategies creates a good working environment, and also increases motivation among employees. Every team leader must encourage their remote team members and encourage them to participate not only in the daily routine, but in virtual team activities as well.

To involve remote teams in the virtual team-building process test different ways of making virtual meetings enjoyable and fun. If you are not sure how to turn your conference into a fun event or how to bring your virtual team more connected to each other, check out the following article for some tips.

Team Designing for Remote Teams

Virtual team-building initiatives do NOT have to be major events with a lot of effort. Indeed, having regular virtual conference calls with colleagues to discuss out-of-work matters and enjoy a good time together might be more efficient in comparison to a big virtual team-building gathering that is scheduled once per year.

Recent research indicates that elements that make up a successful remotely working group include the amount intensity that goes into communication, the engagement of employees, and the interactions between groups of various specializations within the business. One method of building team spirit that can help improve all these elements is to take virtual breaks.

Team Building Activities for Conference Calls

Weljo provides teams and enterprises of any size, in any sphere of work methods of incorporating effective communication tools. The scheduling of breaks through a virtual conference call is much easier when employees are given the option of how to spend their free time throughout the working day. By adding Weljo with the other video conference software you select is one of the most effective methods of creating virtual teams.

Team Building Tools That Work

With the tools offered by Weljo Workers can now control the duration of their breaks, which range from 5, to 30, minutes and also the number of participants participating in the live meeting. Today, your team members can participate in virtual group games, or take coffee breaks with the help of the Weljo bot. Online games are an excellent occasion for your employees to relax and converse in a relaxed manner while having an enjoyable and relaxing time.

Care for the mental health of your team is equally essential. For those who want to develop healthy mental practices, you can introduce your team members to video conference calls with guided meditations or simple physical exercises to make them feel relaxed after a day of hard work. Working on team building via video is not a daunting task when you have the opportunity for your workers to engage with one another after a Zoom call or a Microsoft Teams conference.

With such a team-building tool such as Weljo users, workers will find themselves less lonely, even when they are working from home. Communication between team members will gradually build their trust between them and, consequently, ensure that the work environment is more productive. In addition, the feeling of unity that arises when you have regular virtual meetings can encourage team members to remain with the team for long periods of time.

Team Building Activities for Conference Calls

Why Weljo Works for Virtual Team Building

Numerous businesses have already incorporated Weljo breaks to their others virtual team gatherings that encourage teamwork. It is easy to use since there are many options to customize features that let workers ensure that their breaks are as relaxing and productive as they possibly can.

The possibility to modify the duration of the break in between five and thirty minutes, makes it much easier not to get involved in important team meetings. The enjoyable virtual break breaks for teams can be for two individuals or even a whole team, depending upon your preferences and time. Talk about the latest film you've observed, or go to part in a virtual dance event where you move the body a bit.

Another advantage of Weljo is the way it helps to connect team members by their areas of interest. Find another employee who has similar hobbies or likes to spend their spare time similar to you and have fun with them during the breaks.

Whatever your virtual gathering is about your personal information will be safe. The connection itself is secured by safe algorithms that don't disclose any personal information of workers in any location.

Weljo is supported by the majority of corporate online communication tools, like Slack, MS Teams, Zoom, MS Outlook, Gmail and Google Calendar. A relaxing break is just two clicks away. Automated bots can give participants suggestions on how to get along with their team members as well as strengthen their bonds.

Virtual Team Building Takeaway

In the modern age as everyone shifts towards a more remote way of working, it is quite an uphill task keeping employees happy and active within the organization. Prior to the advent of technology, office gatherings and social events could aid in improving the relationships and trust between employees. With everyone working from home, it's turned into a challenge. Insufficient team building activities could lead to feelings of loneliness, disinterest on the job, and problems creating healthy relationships other employees.

Fortunately, the current issues have given us modern solutions. With regular use of virtual team building activities administrators and leaders can create the strongest teams, for both working effectiveness as well as interpersonal connection.

Hosting a fun, virtual group trivia, celebrating your successes with virtual hors d'oeuvres or becoming more environmentally conscious with your team by participating in a virtual trash contest: There are countless opportunities to make connections.

Help your team perform better with Weljo

Implementing such tools as Weljo will assist any remote team improve their communication skills, as well as their active listening skills, which will encourage them to pursue their goals after a short break, as well as build confidence, which is a crucial element in any successful business. Team building, particularly when working in virtual teams is something that should never avoid if it is your intention to have your team to perform efficiently toward achieving the shared goal.

Encourage team members to participate in breaks of fun with Weljo in which they can share their interests, have some coffee to boost their energy levels, or even discuss the latest news. Chats between colleagues are equally essential to the work process than the performance of formal tasks, so don't be afraid to use them!

Invite your team to join Weljo now and watch them develop solid bonds with each other. In the same way, you will see better performance at work as well as lower rates of turnover. Join in on fun activities, take care of mental health, or talk about something you're fascinated by using simple Weljo tools. The motivation as well as the efficiency of your remote team begin with smaller steps, and you can take them right now!

Frequently Asked For Questions -- FAQ

How to do team building in remote teams?

Team building is something all remote team leaders must focus on. There are numerous activities to use in your virtual workplace environment to make the team perform better and more enjoyable in the process. For example, online games can be implemented. Another approach is to plan frequent breaks for employees to chat and use their free moments in the manner they choose.

What activities can be done to build teams via remote?

Remote team building includes the techniques used to increase trust among employees and improve communication and make them more involved in the work process. When the appropriate activities are introduced by the staff, efficiency and outcomes of general work can be improved dramatically.

How can team building be carried out on the internet?

Modern technology permits us to implement different team bonding techniques online, and even via video. Teams can utilize virtual meetings to discuss different aspects of their lives and have informal conversations to build trust between them. Other activities that are fun, such as performing physical exercises from home or enjoying a coffee break together with coworkers can be added to the list.

What are the best ways to work as a team remotely?

To reduce the risk of burnout as well as feelings as if you're not welcome among remote employees For avoiding burnout and feeling excluded, different methods of team bonding are recommended. These could vary according to the team's needs.

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