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Team Building Activities for Employee Engagement

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What is virtual teambuilding, and why should you use it? There's a problem, however, alongside the numerous benefits that remote work provides remote workers, there are a variety of concerns regarding personal and professional personality.

Virtual team building exercises are essential to maintain the individual wellbeing of workers and also ensure that they do not lose social connections. Always have the opportunity of receiving and assist colleagues on work issues and reduce the degree of loneliness and anxiety.

How do you stay efficient and at the same time, engaged while constantly working from a virtual location? There are tons of special features on the Teams platform! If you're looking to find out more about the advantages of virtual team building activities as well as learn about the best games for virtual teams as well as events, look up useful Weljo methods!

Team Building Activities for Employee Engagementwith Weljo

Remote Team Building and Development Activities as well as Their Advantage

When working in a routine workflow, remote team members face a variety of issues, including the reduction in efficiency and the deterioration of the social and health skills.

According to the data collected by the heads of the remote teams, some of the major problems are:

1. Merging of professional and home life

In this instance an individual is unable to remain focused on work or relax. This can affect our quality of living as well as the overall quality of work.

2. Assistance is not readily available.

If there is a need for assistance or discussion of an problem, remote workers may not always be able to be in contact with their colleagues quickly. It is not always clear who is available and who's not and team members who needs to be contacted urgently could not be responsive on time.

3. A lack of genuine social interaction when constantly requiring an online presence

This is because there are two faces to the coin and both of them happen to be unfortunate. One side is that those who are virtual teammates have no opportunity to see their colleagues face to face. This can cause more miscommunication due to the fact that through-message communication can't always adequately transmit intonations or subtexts that one could read from a person's actions in person. However remote team members are often pressured to be active in an online space even after the conclusion of working hours and the work week. This can lead to an inability of getting adequate rest and a desire to be away from the crowd, and professional burnout.

4. The health problems that cause more sick days

If employees are allowed breaks for lunch, coffee or lunch. In the workplace as well as at home people may bring coffee or lunch directly to their desks for convenience and to finish early. The problem is that they are constantly sitting and the disinclination to spend time doing stretches, getting up while dining in the room, then back, and spending long time in front of the computer screen without taking breaks causes more strain on the spine and vision.

Benefits of regular breaks for team-building

All of these challenges significantly slow down the process and reduce the efficiency of task completion in general.

In this regard the virtual team-building exercises are only essential to get started forward towards:

  1. Diversification of work and rest and reducing workload
  2. Combating burnout while maintaining the mental and physical health of remote coworkers;
  3. Strengthening the work effectiveness and the diffusion of knowledge and assistance between teams that are located in different locations;
  4. Enhancing the indicators of commitment and involvement in work;
  5. Reducing employee dissatisfaction, improving team morale, and decreasing turnover as a result;
  6. Increased opportunities for virtual group bonding.

Team Building Activities for Employee Engagement - Weljo

Do you think that virtual team building is important? Today, you should have the impression that this is. It remains to be understood precisely how to apply the team building approach within your work environment to increase the enthusiasm of colleagues.

How Weljo Helps Team Building Goals

Weljo bot gives you a range of fun and engaging team-building games which can be seamlessly connected to Microsoft Teams. With features such as Skype calls, online conversations, whiteboards and chat, Weljo bot offers a vast array of fun break-time games perfect for remote workers.

So, what exactly is Weljo perform to facilitate virtual team activities and enhance company culture?

  • It gives remote workers the necessary breaks: both planned and unplanned. So that employees do not neglect their rest periods, Weljo will take control of this. If one of the team members are needing a break The only thing they should make is inform that the Weljo bot.
  • Weljo allows teammates to connect and offers them to connect using an interactive method: create an MS Teams video call or communicate using the MS Teams Chat. Many people find it awkward to contact a coworker on their own and ask for their time even though there's a lot of work at hand. Weljo helps to solve this issue through letting the group members know that one of them offers to have a relaxing time. It only allows the members to accept the offer. This means that employees won't feel as if they're infringing on someone's privacy.
  • Weljo matches people from various departments. This is why, by playing Weljo bot games, with fun games and activities that teams choose to play together, they get to know each them better.
  • Weljo provides entertaining activities in Teams to do together which are excellent virtual team-building exercises that let people forget about physical distance.
  • Weljo provides breaks for two individuals (one-on-one) breaks for a team of members, or breaks for the whole team.
  • Employees are able to select the length of a break. It can be just a short break (10 minutes) for one-on-one to an extended duration (60 mins) for the whole group.
  • Weljo is fully prepared to work on teams of any size and is willing to promote team engagement and connect teams across the globe.
  • If your business uses Teams then you don't need to change to another platform since you're able to seamlessly incorporate Weljo bots into your work process.

In the end, Weljo disposes of various possibilities to involve remote teams in fun, healthy breaks. If you're thrilled to know the ways to play online games as well as practicing meditation and doing light physical activities, as well as having short relaxed online meetings with a video call, may become a element of your routine, have a look at the following virtual team-building ideas.

Fun Virtual Team Building Activities: Online Office Games

For discussion on each in greater depth, we can break down all online team-building exercises and virtual team events into various categories. With the help of Weljo you can utilize the tools of virtual team-building, for example the ability to involve other team members in online coffee breaks allowing them to discuss non-work-related topics`. It is possible to play fun virtual games, and discover something new about each other and increase their communication skills. It is also possible to overcome problems in virtual teams, which will increase the strength of their bond.

For a short break or extended rest breaks, Weljo can be a great substitute. Let's see which virtual games a company could use and the kind of fun events it can plan using Weljo to keep its employees motivated to stay here for as long as it's possible.

Team Building Activities for Employee Engagement

Online Team Games

Virtual team games are played for various purposes, and we'll split them into three distinct groups, and then provide many examples for each of them:

For fun and to cool off the brain

They are easy, short and enjoyable games that allow the employees to relax following a long day of their hard day. It is a good idea to arrange an entire Game of Bingo. The pandemic had already impacted a lot of employees had the pleasure of entertaining themselves with their colleagues at the whirlwind of their own coincidences. Here you can share funny scenarios such as "can never switch off the camera without warning," "animal sounds in the background," "family members in the background," etc.

Another instance of a great game is Making Stories with GIFs. One person starts the story and then the others are required to add their GIFs to make something broad and humorous.

"Spot the Difference" is yet another game on this spectrum. For example, virtual teams can compete with each other to determine who will spot of the differences first. In return, they will be granted working privileges as a reward. Virtual Scavenger Huntis similar to the game, however you must collect or find all the objects that are in your vicinity, which is why this game on the internet is also very popular among remote employees.

The Weljo bot provides all these functions, meaning you don't have to think about how to arrange them.

To get to know each the other

These games of team-building are aimed at allowing coworkers to show aspects that aren't work-related to their personal lives and establish solid friendships. In this particular instance, we start our team-building game on the top chart by playing virtual Trivia. What is the essence of Virtual Team Trivia is that two teams compete to answer routine or humorous questions pertaining to general erudition. Teams with more correct answers will win. So employees will not only determine who is the most knowledgeable but also enjoy lots of fun throughout the process.

The teams with the highest success in remote areas have the strongest bonds. So trying another bonding game is absolutely worth it. With the Together Mode in Guess Who or Guess Who, a player from the employees, during a team meeting, is able to select one of the participants and let the others inquire about them. Members who are named as not suitable for the team can close the cameras when there's just one left and the person isn't guessed.

Team Building Activities for Employee Engagement


It's no secret that challenges are the best way to unite a group. Therefore, we picked some exciting challenges to ensure that the team is immersed in the experience. A virtual escape room experience, puzzle solving, riddles and lots of other activities are incorporated into thrilling games for big teams.

As an example, Espionage offers co-workers the chance to feel like a counterintelligence member of the organization, which was inundated with spies looking at stealing crucial information. Steep plot twists and unexpected denouements melt the hearts of even the most skeptical people.

War of the Wizards is another massive-scale virtual activities for team building. This time, however, the team will be taken to the world of potions, spells thrilling battles. Both games will last around 90 minutes, and will require more than one person. If you're planning to host an event that is engaging and fun, with challenges and virtual escape rooms for virtual happy hour, it's going to be a memorable experience for all your colleagues.

Weljo and Virtual Team Building Activities for Recharging breaks

In order to have a productive break following successful project management is vital and if you're trying to figure out ways to create it enjoyable and memorable, then you've come to the right place. The length of breaks Weljo offers may vary between 10 minutes and an hour. It's determined by the type of break your company chooses.

When one of the members of a remote team has to take a break, they can select:

  1. A brief, spontaneous break. It is generally a quick 10 minute break that can be scheduled whenever a person gets tired and requires some re-invigoration in the way of a revitalizing activity to improve their efficiency.
  2. A planned break. It's a pre-planned, 10-15 minute break. Weljo offers the same type of events as the spontaneous ones but the coworkers are aware of its duration prior to the time. This means that they connect at the agreed time through MS Teams or another video conference service.
  3. A 10-minute break ahead of calling a virtual conference. A break before a long-distance virtual call that requires focus and concentration will not only enhance productivity but will also help to make the perspective of virtual meetings enjoyable.
  4. Virtual gathering for team building: group calls. The online team-building session can last at least an hour. The Weljo bot assists in taking a meeting online and provides an array of activities to make a virtual meeting fun. This makes this type of break ideal for long virtual social events, team building or virtual parties. Therefore, if you're planning dancing in a virtual setting and/or playing games with your team and friends, you can further diversify it with the activities Weljo bot offers.

What's the full spectrum of activities that Weljo bot intends to engage in? They include:

  • Bonding games, which have been mentioned before;
  • Questions for water-cooler discussions that simulate real-life conversations that remote employees don't have;
  • Gentle exercises to alleviate the pain caused by sitting for long periods in one posture, training for the eyes, yoga, even light exercise routines
  • Mindfulness exercises as well as calm activities such as meditation relaxing music, listening to calm music, and spending some time processing emotions and feelings.

To sum it up Fun is the important factor in successful virtual team development. This is why, with Weljo you can build a positive corporate culture in your company that individuals compete for positions!

Most Asked Questions FAQs

How can you tell if an organization requires more team-building activities?

There's nothing shocking about the reality that an employee feels that they're within a hostile and unfriendly work environment that they don't get adequate sleep, and is unable to seek assistance. Motivation may be lower, too. If you notice that work efficiency has been declining and employees aren't really interested in any output of their labor, you're probably not being done well. But nothing that team building techniques cannot solve.

How does Weljo utilize MS Teams features for team development?

Weljo bot makes use of MS Teams to connect two or more people face-toface through video communication. Furthermore gaming features of the Weljo bot lets employees try different icebreakers. They also can learn about their common interests as well as relax and enjoy a game of fun.

How much will an Weljo subscription cost? And what are the benefits?

Weljo offers new customers one-week trial periods so users can observe what benefits they can expect, including improvements in teamwork and increased involvement in the result. The trial period is totally free and runs for a period of two weeks. When you are ready to continue your subscription you'll have to select a monthly plan. Our prices will be based on number of employees who participate from just three dollars for each person. We're able to include any custom requests you may have we are open to discussing the best pricing plan that suits your requirements.

Can I be certain that Weljo stops leaks?

The company's information is secure through Weljo because it is paying particular attention to the safeguarding of personal data. Weljo guarantees that there will be no third parties being exposed to details of the user and has implemented data security practices in its everyday work. The content of personal conversations between employees will remain entirely private.

What's a common Weljo effectiveness assessment?

This is an exclusive assessment to be used by company managers, developed every month to track developments in employee satisfaction Weljo bot, as well as their wellbeing level. Before the start of a relationship with Weljo you'll get an invitation to take part in an assessment of the corporate climate to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Each Month, Weljo is able to collect and review the moods of employees and their levels of wellbeing to be aware of trends and adjust the policies of the company using Weljo bot.

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