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Team Building Activities for Small Groups of Adults

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Nowadays, many of us have increased opportunities to work online however, we are not freelancers, but employed workers. Although this shift has brought lots of positives for us, the change has also brought some disadvantages.

Yes, we are able to work at the ease of our homes, however, it's often the case that such an environment can reduce the productivity of employees, cause feelings of isolation from any task undertaken by the worker and loosen the feeling of community, something that is crucial to a lot of workers across the globe.

It is useful for businesses to incorporate online games of team building for adults into their company culture so that employees as well as their managers are able to continue to form positive relationships between each others.

Weljo bot is an amazing tool that can be used by companies for one-on-1 break-outs and team-building exercises. The trial version of our service is available right now so that you could witness for yourself the value the Weljo bot can be for your employees!

Game for Building Teams in Corporate Settings: Why You Should Use Them?

We all would like to see only the positive side of online work-from-home like the ability of working from anywhere throughout the world without having to spend enormous amounts of time commuting to the workplace. However, let's not overlook the negative aspects too, particularly where it can be easily developed with the help the games of team building on platforms such as Weljo.

Team Building Activities for Small Groups of Adultswith Weljo

Many companies have discovered that online work formats have brought some issues for their employees including:

  • No separation between homes and workplaces. When you are working at home, it's usually difficult to define boundaries for yourself or take breaks as you would before the pandemic and to separate your time with your family from work time;
  • Social connection is not present.
    Working from home, you generally take on all the responsibilities on your own, leaving very little space for informal communication between colleagues. There's no chance for us to make small talk in the same way we did when we were in our workplaces. It is also difficult to form working relationships, which can leave people isolated from each other and being lonely for the greater hours of their lives.
  • Questions of trust between managers and employees.
    If we don't know the person who is speaking to us and cannot hear their voice, we can often understand the meaning of the message but in the wrong manner. It's also becoming harder to recognize if your subordinates are experiencing any issues with their work processes And this is especially an issue for people who are just joining the company. To top it off when there is no communication between employees, there is too less room for brainstorming to think creatively and the developing collaboration skills.
  • A higher load put on your health.
    Since you aren't required to visit your office and you're sitting at your desk much more. As a result, you move less, causing additional strain over your neck. You also lose your eyesight. Thus, not just psychological issues appear during an online working day, but physical problems as well.

Fortunately, most problems can be solved with help of team-building games. They can be played in the beginning and at the end of your working day, and in between during short breaks. This is a great way of showing your employees you aren't alone, and that there are other employees who they can rely on! In addition, it would additionally encourage them taking good care of themselves, because the organization itself will organize occasions that demonstrate how important breaks are during the work day.

Team Building Activities for Small Groups of Adults - Weljo

If you're equipped with platforms that are convenient like Weljo using, the process of incorporating fun breaks or team-building games within your corporate culture is easy! On our platform, we offer a variety breaks, which include one-on-one or team options created to suit employees according to their hobbies and preferences. With a range of games available you'll be able to locate the right activity to match your mood, and develop stronger connections with your colleagues.

Simple Team Building Games Are they Absolutely Free?

Some are, however, some are not. Based on your budget and goals you're aiming for various kinds of entertaining activities for teams are available.

A free team-building game can be a fantastic opportunity for those members of your work group who have just begun to adjust to the online working environment. Additionally, they will let you know the preferences of your team members. They also help you sort out any issues that you might face, and pick a platform you're most comfortable with. For instance some might opt for Zoom ahead of MS Teams, and it may be easier for certain team members to play group building games developed in a one-to-1 team participant format, and not an entire group of workers.

The issue with almost every team-building games is that typically provides a free trial duration, after which you have to pay for continued use of it. When you have many employees that want to participate in any type of team-building activity there is no enough to grab their attention. However, it will usually be the case that free games reside across various platforms. This does not make sense in the case of those wanting to integrate team-building games in their daily routine.

Also, you may switch to premium versions of games for team building which are easily accessible in a user-friendly, unified platform like Weljo after every issue has been resolved and your preferences are made clear by your team. The results of surveys by business professionals show that more than half managers noticed improvements of communication skills and working relationships among their employees following their participation in team building games.

How to Get the Most out of Funny Team Building Games?

The most crucial thing you must accomplish in order to ensure that everyone has fun participating in a fun game of team building that you have found is planning.

Here's some useful information you can be able to use in planning your next team-building activity:

  1. The games were designed for various purposes: some will help improve communications between teammates, while some are better as a chance to relax throughout the working day or boost the creativity of your co-workers. So, it's important to identify the reason for the exercise to build team spirit first.
  2. Do not forget to factor in the schedules of each team member you plan to invite. This would be very unlucky for all of your efforts not to pay off just as you failed that you could synchronize all the schedules of your team members;
  3. The length of your session is also something to consider. If it's originally designed specifically for team-building activities, you may choose to play any sport for team building you'd like. But if the game is simply a part of the gathering you're scheduled to have, then you would need to consider its length and complexity so that it would not become a frustrating waste of time for team members;
  4. The platforms you can use for virtual gaming are a different criterion. There are games that your whole group could be required to play with a non-third-party platform or games that could be integrated into Zoom, Google Meet, and there are many other platforms. Of course, the last alternative is the one you prefer however, it is important to be aware that a good game on a different platform is superior to one integrated into Zoom.

Get started with some no-cost popular team-building games for your colleagues to test, and if team activity is a success, you can move to more engaging paid options like virtual escape rooms. They are great for boosting creativity, communication and problem solving skills!

When you're doing it correctly, your efforts in improving team collaboration and communication are cherished by everyone. Additionally, with the help of Weljo you will be able to streamline the planning process: the fun breaks games can be selected based on the needs of team players can be assigned automatically in accordance with their schedules and the length of the break can be adjusted.

Team Building Activities for Small Groups of Adults

Most effective Game for Building Teams Games of Today

Now we can finally talk about great games for team-building that are fun to play right now with colleagues. The choices are vast which is why you'll find this guide very satisfying, as we'll assist you to make sense of the variety and pick the best team-building games you can try together with your teammates.

Our collection will be divided into two categories, i.e. the games that you can play independently on various platforms, and the games that you could include into Zoom. Let us start with the first team of games.

Third-Platform Based Games
1. Skribbl

This is a fantastic team building game which divides your team members into two teams of players. Inside each group each team member is able to draw a picture and the rest of the team members try to guess the word that is encrypted. The team with the most points wins the game!

The main drawback to this game is that it requires participants to draw using their cursors this is an aspect which not everyone is going to like. The platform, however, is very comfortable, even offering you the ability to set the length of time that every team member will draw pictures and the number of rounds you play, thus making it possible for you to adjust the game to the requirements of your team.

2. Words With Friends

The game is similar in concept to Skribbl in the way that it also relies on words, but it does not require anyone to draw. In essence, every player is provided with seven alphabet tiles that they can use to make words on the board. Each new word they create must be linked with a letter that was previously placed over the top of the board other group members.

With this game you can improve team work and individual input of every employee while ensuring that all team members improve their problem-solving skills both in a group as well as on their own. In addition, you can present gifts to the person or group that fills up the entire board.

3. Playing Cards

This isn't a specific game that is part of a platform that hosts more than 60 games situated to be provided with a selection of games according to the requirements for your game. You can go for classic games such as Chess or Rummy or go for lesser-known options.

It is also possible to have Playing Cards made to be customized so that both large as well as small teams of workers could be made for different types of games. All you need to do is choose a game, create a video conference room for all to get together and then create a room id that gives people access to the game.

4. Sudoku

And lastly, but certainly not least, is Sudoku that is a rather popular and well-known game. While it's not designed for teams but you can make use of a bit of creative thinking to use it to create a bonding game. For instance, you could create breakout rooms in Zoom or provide your teams with the sudokus and lists of sudokus they must solve.

What's good about this game is the fact that it features different levels of difficulty, this means that you can choose the same level and play for each team so that the team's ability to participate is roughly the same. Team members swapping could be a good idea so that everyone could get to familiarize themselves with each other.

The appealing aspect of third-party games lies in the fact that they can cut down on the amount of time needed to plan the game, since all the necessary materials are available to you.

Team Building Activities for Small Groups of Adults

Games Incorporated into Video Platforms

Games integrated within Zoom or any other video platform has their distinct advantages. For instance, you do not require a browser or other software to take part in. In addition, the games are good for showing children how to use the software that you are used to at work.

Here's a list of games you can play without the need for other platforms.

1. Trivia

This is definitely a go-to in case you're not sure which game to play for your team. This is because the guidelines of office Trivia are well-known by all and you are able to pick the subject you'd like based on the interests of your group. That way you will improve your team's creative abilities, and perhaps your team's understanding, as they will learn many different details on the topic which you have chosen. Small and large teams can play this game.

2. Scavenger Hunt

While there's not the option of picking various items from the checklist, you may use this game to search for interesting information on the web. This is particularly a great activity for people who are brand new to the team in that you are able to make them find the information concerning the mission statement. At the end of the day you can also make the winning team be given a corporate gift.

3. Sponge Game

It is among the most popular games that we play, and numerous businesses are keen to play this game as well. The rules are straightforward The players are given 30 minutes to discover something around them, and then 30 seconds to come up with an intriguing story about it. Then, everyone gives their story to the group for 60 minutes. Whatever you choose to use, either basketballs, Post-it notes or plastic bag, everyone has to tell their own story!

4. Two Truths and a Lie

It is a great game for any kind of team you're in! No matter if all of you have been introduced to your organization for the first time, or there are just some new faces added to your group it is really interesting to see the most hilarious things about your co-workers are actually real! These group-building exercises certainly help to bring the team closer.

5. Zoom Games

Like Slack, Zoom has recently released its own app platform which will definitely make the entire team-building process simpler since it doesn't require team members access to any third-party platforms! For instance, you can play games such as Heads Up! or #AskAway as a remote team.

Frequently Asked & Answered Questions FAQs

Why do businesses require group-building games or exercises?

Since most of us work online nowadays, it's harder to communicate with our colleagues effectively, as as to create work friends and define boundaries throughout your daytime between work and family. Additionally, because office team-building and in-person team meetings are no longer a possibility the team building games could be used to help in establishing a bond between your new employees with the other teams and to improve their communication. By monitoring the well-being level of their team members can spot and resolve any problems that could be affecting the morale of employees, their job satisfaction or productivity, which can lead to a more engaged and healthier workforce.

How to conduct team building?

Gamification is certainly a trend that can help you with that. Popular team-building games are ones involving the games we can play. As an example, it could be a variant of an office game that workers have already played in the past. Thus, plan an appointment in your IT department or any other team and let the guidelines of the game do the work!

What can be done to plan team-building and team-building exercises?

Begin by deciding on the main goals of your group task, such as improve communication among team members and to lighten the mood of co-workers after a hard week, or increase brainstorming around the concept. Next, look up everyone's schedule and invite them to an event with team-building activities included.

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