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During the outbreak, new methods of working were developed to allow workers for workers to complete most of their jobs that are required on online platforms. Thus, the development of remote teams is now one of the most significant challenges for companies whose employees work from their homes. While it's fairly easy to conduct team-building activities in an offline environment, managers could encounter some obstacles when trying to make connections within their remote teams.

Remote team-building games for virtual teams are the ideal way to go to increase team cohesion to increase employee engagement and improve the overall work environment within your whole team. Your online team shouldn't be solely about work, especially when informal interactions have evidence-based to create stronger teams.

One way to initiate with remote team-building involves engaging your employees in brief virtual meetings during their breaks. Weljo provides a wide range of enjoyable options for virtual teams such as simple chats, online office games to collaborative meditation sessions and physical exercises via a virtual call. Learn more about the advantages and significance of bonding with your team via virtual chat.

Team Building Activities Workwith Weljo

Team Setting up for Remote Workers Common Errors

Before you can begin implementing virtual team-building events in your organization, you should discover what needs to be avoided from the beginning. Many virtual event initiatives end up failing due to other factors that hinder the team from operating effectively. To be sure that you'll engage employees to the maximum, try to address the following problems.

1. Mixing up the Roles

Remote working can sometimes be the burden of your company when there's no defined boundaries for employees' responsibilities. This could lead to the overworking of a few employees and lack of efficiency in your team.

In addition, not only what the role of every member of the team has to be clearly defined however, it should also be clearly explained to the others in the team. This way, everyone will realize what their role in the company and how they can assist others.

2. Conflicting Team Members

We all are human even if we work in the virtual world, conflicts can occur. For people working in person, the situations are simpler to resolve. The team leader can choose to separate the members so that their activities do not overlap Find a solution to those common issues or work out the solutions that are acceptable to both sides.

With remote employees, conflict might be hard to recognize in the first place. A group building exercise that can aid in learning about all the employees' concerns or issues to colleagues can be presented. If the issue has already appeared within the team, offer suggestions for making it go away or present your team with strategies for overcoming personal tensions.

The ability to increase team morale is essential to provide a relaxing environment for everyone to work in. Furthermore, once digital team problems are solved positive communication will be maintained as well.

3. Poor Information Exchange

Regarding communications within the team that works remote, it's vital to establish channels for everyone to access. Employees who work in the same information systems will function more efficiently as the time of searching for any needed information will be minimized.

Remote teams that are productive engage in active information exchange, which allows them to present their accomplishments and contributions in the direction of the same goal. This could be a monthly video conference or a platform featuring posts from multiple workers as well as a dependable communication platform should be established.

4. Reliability isn't a guarantee between remote Workers

When there is no trust between group members, a number of aspects of the work becomes unproductive. A worker could become a bit isolated in terms creating new ideas expressing opinions, or sharing data that team members can find useful. A virtual office adds another difficulty of feeling isolated and not being on the same page as other team members.

This is another thing that makes virtual team building essential. In the practice of team building with remote teams may help in developing relationships between team members and also facilitate communication. Online team-building events can be an excellent opportunity for employees to show their sides that others might not realize.

So, working remotely could prove to be quite challenging. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that developing a cosy and productive remote company culture isn't possible. Through the use of efficient virtual team building events and engaging games in virtual form, like games offered by Weljo You will be able to motivate your workforce and attain successful outcomes.

Team Building Activities Work - Weljo

Team Building Activities Benefits of Remote Work

To build strong remote team The right online activities must be carried out. When team leaders start team building online it will result in a wide range of interpersonal and working skills improve which makes it easier for teams to achieve the same goals.

If you're not sure whether your virtual team is actually in need of team building and team building, look over these improvements that will follow these kinds of activities:

  • Employees are more involved in the workplace and development of the community;
  • The rate of turnover decreases;
  • A corporate culture that is created and is valued by employees;
  • The spirit of competition is introduced to boost the involvement of the team;
  • Employees divide the work among themselves this helps prevent burning out and overload;
  • The workflow is well-functioning;
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration among team members are more productive;
  • Employees are happy at their workplace;
  • The group stays in touch between them despite they are at different locations.
  • Employees are united by a one common goal of the organization.

The importance of virtual team-building activities is in any modern enterprise who would like to see their workers succeed. Implementation of team building activities and bonding techniques facilitates a healthy working environment and motivation among employees. Any team leader should encourage their remote team members to be involved not just in the daily routine, but also in the virtual team activities too.

For remote teams to be involved in your virtual team-building strategies, try out different methods of making your virtual meetings fun and entertaining. If you're not certain how to turn meeting into a game experience or bring your virtual team more connected to each other, read further for some ideas.

Team Building for Remote Teams

Virtual team-building activities don't have to be major events which require high levels of organization. Indeed, having regular virtual conference calls between colleagues to discuss non-work matters and enjoy an enjoyable time together could be more efficient than a massive virtual team-building celebration that happens once every year.

Recent research indicates that aspects of a successful remote working group include the amount of energy that is put into communications, engagement between the employees, and interaction between teams that have different specializations within the organization. One virtual team-building activity that can improve all of these areas is taking virtual breaks.

Team Building Activities Work

Weljo can provide teams and corporations with any size and scope of work with ways to incorporate healthy communication tools. The scheduling of breaks through a virtual conference call becomes easier if the workers have a choice of how to spend their leisure time during the working day. Adding Weljo along with your video software for conferencing you like is one of the most effective ways to conduct creating virtual teams.

Tools for Team Building That Work

With the tools offered by Weljo Workers can now control the time of their breaks ranging from 5, to 30, minutes and also the number of participants during the virtual conference. Your team members can engage in virtual group games, or take coffee breaks with the help of Weljo bot. Online games can be a great opportunity for workers to unwind and socialize informally while having fun and relaxing.

Being attentive to the mental health of your team is just as crucial. To help them develop mental health habits, introduce your team members to video conference calls that include guided meditations, or simple physical exercises that aid in relaxation in the midst of long hours at work. Working on team building via video isn't a problem whenever there's an opportunity that your employees can interact together after the completion of a Zoom call or a Microsoft Teams conference.

With such a virtual team-building tool as Weljo, the workers will feel less lonely even if they work from home. Communication among team members will gradually develop trust between them and, consequently, ensure that the work environment is more efficient. Further, the impression of unity from regular virtual meeting breaks can motivate employees to remain in the team for a long period of time.

Team Building Activities Work

Why Weljo Works for Virtual Team Building

Numerous companies have already added Weljo breaks to other virtual events that facilitate team building. This tool is simple to use as it has a myriad of features that allow workers to ensure that their breaks are as relaxing and productive as they can.

For example, the opportunity for a change in the duration of the breaks to anywhere between five and thirty minutes is a great way to ensure that you are able not to get involved in important team meetings. The fun and interactive break for team building can be split between two or more people, or even one whole group, based upon the needs and preferences of the participants. Chat briefly about a film you have recently enjoyed, or attend an active dance session or move you body a bit.

Another benefit of Weljo is that it helps teams connect by their particular interests. Find another employee who has similar hobbies or likes spending their free time similar to you and then enjoy the company of your break.

No matter what your virtual conference is Your data will be protected. All the connections are protected by secure algorithms that do not share any personal data of workers from anywhere.

Weljo is integrated into the majority companies' online communication tools such as Slack, MS Teams, Zoom, MS Outlook, Gmail and Google Calendar. A refreshing break is only a couple of clicks away. A bot that is automated will give participants hints on how to spend a good time with team members and strengthen their bond.

Virtual Team Building Takeaway

In the current era where people are moving toward remote working that it can be difficult to keep the workers engaged and active within the team. When it was earlier, the regular meeting times after work and office chats could have helped improve relationship between employees. Nowadays, with everyone in their homes, communication has become much more difficult. Lack of team building activities can lead to feelings of loneliness, disinterest in work, as well as issues having healthy relationships other workers.

Fortunately, the current issues have offered modern solutions. Through regular implementation of remote team building activities the leaders and managers will be able to build teams that are strong, as well as in terms effectiveness and interpersonal relationships.

Possibilities include hosting fun online team trivia game, celebrating victories by having virtual happy hours and being environmental conscious with your team by participating in an online trash challenge: There are a lot of opportunities for bonding.

Maximize the Performance of Your Team by Using Weljo

Implementing tools like Weljo can help any remote team to enhance the communication skills of their team and improve their active listening. It will also encourage them to get back to work following a relaxing break, and increase trust. Trust is crucial for any business that succeeds. Building a team, particularly for teams working remotely, is a process that should not be skipped if you want your team to function effectively towards achieving their common goals.

Encourage team members to participate in fun breaks via Weljo and engage in discussions about their interests, sip drinks to boost their energy levels, or share the latest news. Chats with friends are as essential to the work process as the successful completion of formal tasks, so do not underestimate their power!

Invite your team members to join Weljo right now and see them build solid bonds with each other. In the same way, you will see better performance at work and decrease rate of turnover. Have fun playing games and take care of your mental health, and talk about something you're passionate about using Weljo tools. Motivation and productivity of the remote team begins with small steps and you can start taking them right now!

Frequently Asked Question -- FAQ

How do you build teams using remote teams?

Building a team is something that the remote team's leaders must concentrate on. There are numerous activities to put into place in your work environment in order to allow your team to more productive and to enjoy the process. For instance, online games can be used to enhance the team's productivity. Another method is to schedule break times where employees are able to talk and enjoy their leisure time the way they would like.

What are the best remote team-building exercises?

Remote team building includes the techniques used to increase trust among the workers enhance their communication and encourage them to participate in the work process. Through the introduction of appropriate activities within the teams, effectiveness and efficiency of the general work can be improved dramatically.

Team building can be completed on the internet?

Modern technology allows us to make use of different team bonding strategies and even virtual. Teams can make use of virtual meetings for discussions about topics outside of work, and to have informal chats that help build confidence in one another. Other activities that are fun, such as doing exercise at home, or having a cup of coffee with colleagues, can also be discussed.

How do you get along together as a team via remote?

To reduce the risk of burnout as well as feelings of being a part of a group that is remote There are various methods for team bonding that need to be utilized. The methods may vary based on the requirements of your team.

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