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What is virtual group building and why are you required to have it? The fact is, side by side with all the benefits that working from home gives remote workers, there are many issues in personal and social personality.

Virtual team-building and activities are vital to sustain worker's individual well-being in addition to ensuring that they do not lose social connections. Always having the opportunity to talk with and offer support to team members on issues at work, as well as reduce the level of loneliness and anxiety.

How do you stay efficient and, at the same engaging while working from a virtual location? There are many specialized functions available on the Teams platform! If you want to learn more about the benefits of online team-building activities as well as about the best games for virtual teams and events, you can read about useful Weljo practices!

Team Building Conversation Starterswith Weljo

Remote Team Building and Development Activities as well as Their Advantage

In the context of routine assignments, team members working remotely confront issues with respect to working efficiency decline and the loss of health and social skills.

Based on the data collected by the leaders of remote teams, the major issues are:

1. Convergence of home and office life

In this instance it is impossible for a person to focus on work and relax. This can affect your quality of life as well as the overall quality of work.

2. Inaccessibility of assistance

If there the need for advice or discussion on an issue, remote employees may never be able to make contact with colleagues immediately; it isn't always clear who is available and who is not, and a team member needing to be contacted urgently may not respond within time.

3. Lack of real social interaction even as we constantly have to maintain an online presence

That's the situation when there are two aspects to the coin and both of them happen to be unfortunate. To begin with, a member of a virtual team has no opportunity to see their counterparts face-toвАУface. This creates more mistrust, as through-message communication cannot provide the correct tone or subtext that a person may take from a person's behavior in the real world. On the other hand members of remote teams are often pressured to be in the online space and continue to be online even after the close of working hours and working week. That can result in being unrestful as well as a desire to get off from the world and burnout at work.

4. Health problems that lead to more sick leave

If employees have breaks for coffee, lunch and coffee. while at work in the home many bring coffee or lunch directly to their desktops in order to speed up their work and finish early. But constant sitting, lack of time getting up, stretches as well as going to the dining area, and back as well as spending long period of time at the screen without a break causes more strain on the spine and vision.

The positive impact of healthy breaks to help team-building

All of these issues dramatically hinder the workflow and reduce the efficiency of job completion in general.

In this regard virtual team-building is only essential to get started towards progress towards:

  1. A distinction between work and rest Reduction of workload
  2. Maintaining the physical and mental well-being of remote employees;
  3. Enhancing the efficiency of the work process and the dissemination of knowledge as well as assistance between remote teams;
  4. In enhancing the indicators of interest and engagement at work;
  5. Enhancing employee satisfaction, sustaining team spirit, and reducing employee turnover.
  6. Growing opportunities for virtual team bonding.

Team Building Conversation Starters - Weljo

Is it important to build virtual teams? In the present, there's certainty that it's. It's not clear precisely how to use the team building strategy throughout your life to maximise the enjoyment of colleagues.

How Weljo assists in reaching Team Building Objectives

Weljo bot has a selection of exciting virtual team-building exercises which can be seamlessly added to Microsoft Teams. With features like call video, online discussions, and even whiteboards Weljo bot offers a large variety of entertaining break games suitable for remote employees.

What exactly does Weljo perform to facilitate virtual team activities while also enhancing the culture of your company?

  • It provides remote employees with necessary breaks: both planned and unplanned. So that employees do not forget about regular rest time, Weljo will take control of this. If any of the team members are in need of a pause and needs to rest, all they must make is inform that the Weljo bot.
  • Weljo connects your team members and lets them spend time together by engaging them in a manner that allows them to schedule an MS Teams video call or connect using the MS Teams Chat. A lot of people feel uncomfortable to contact a coworker by themselves and request to have a chat in the midst of a lot of work happening. Weljo can help solve this issue by informing the other members that one of them has offered to spend time together. It allows only available members to take advantage of this offer. Thus, an employee doesn't feel that they're disturbing anyone.
  • Weljo can connect people from various departments. Also, using Weljo bot games with fun actions that colleagues choose together they will get to know one others even more.
  • Weljo offers fun activities in Teams to do together which are fantastic virtual team-building exercises that can help people forget about physical distance.
  • Weljo provides breaks for two individuals (one-on-one), breaks for a group of team members breaks, or breaks for the entire team.
  • The co-workers are able to choose the length of a break. It can be a short one (10 minutes) for one-on-one work to a long time (60 mins) for a group.
  • Weljo is capable of working on teams of any size and is ready to help promote team participation and bring together teams that are located across the globe.
  • If your company uses Teams, you don't have to switch to other platforms since you're able to seamlessly incorporate Weljo bot into your working process.

All in all, Weljo disposes of various opportunities to engage remote teams to have fun and healthy breaks. If you're excited to learn how playing online games while meditating or engaging in gentle physical activities, along with having short enjoyable, relaxing online sessions via videoconference call, can become a part of your routine You should take a peek at the following ideas for virtual teambuilding.

Fun Virtual Team Building Activities: Online Office Games

For a discussion of each in greater depth, we can break down all online team-building events and virtual team events into a couple of categories. With the help of Weljo it is possible to use tools for team building that simulates taking your team members on online coffee breaks allowing you to have discussions about topics not directly related to work`. They can also play enjoyable virtual game to learn something new about each others and improve their communication abilities. You can even conquer the challenges of a virtual team, which can enhance the team bond.

For small breaks or for large pauses between rest periods, Weljo is irreplaceable. Let's look at the games a company could use in conjunction with the events that it can plan using Weljo to keep their employees excited to be here for as long as is possible.

Team Building Conversation Starters

Online Team Games

Virtual team games serve different purposes, so they will be divided into three groups and provide many examples for each of them:

For fun and to cool off the brain

Simple, short, and fun game that allows employees to relax following a long day of their hard day. The first step is to organize a team Game of Bingo. When the pandemic hit, lots of employees had the pleasure of entertaining themselves and making colleagues laugh by bringing up a plethora of funny coincidences. You can also include humorous scenarios like "can never turn on the camera before time," "animal sounds in the background," "family members in the background," etc.

Another example of a jolly game is Making Stories with GIFs. A colleague begins the story and the other players add their GIFs to create something broad and humorous.

"Spot The Difference is another one on this spectrum. For example virtual teams can play to see who is able to spot all of the differences first. In return, they will be granted advantages related to work as a result. Virtual Scavenger Huntis almost identical, but the goal is to find all the objects around you, so this virtual game is immensely popular among remote employees.

The Weljo bot does all this information, and you don't need to think about how to organize them.

To get to know each the other

These team-building games are aimed at allowing colleagues to reveal aspects that aren't work-related to their personal lives and establish solid friendships. This is why we begin our team-building top-of-the-line with the well-known "Virtual" Trivia. The essence of Virtual Team Trivia is that two teams compete by answering common or fun questions related to general erudition. The team that has the most correct answers will win. This means that employees not only be able to determine who is most knowledgeable but also have a lot of fun the process.

The most successful remote teams can have the longest-lasting bonds. Therefore, playing a bonding game is worth the effort. By using the Together Mode in Guess Who One of the employees, during a group meeting, can pick one of the participants and let others ask questions regarding them. The team members named as unsuitable can disable the cameras until there's only one person left or until the person is not guessed.

Team Building Conversation Starters


It's not a secret that challenges are the best method of uniting the group. Therefore, we've chosen an assortment of exciting games to help the group members get involved in the challenge. An escape room-like experience as well as puzzle solving, riddles along with many other elements come together in exhilarating games designed for large teams.

For example, Espionage offers co-workers the chance to feel as counterintelligence the company, and was filled with spies attempting to steal vital secrets. Inspiring plot twists and surprising closing scenes will enthral even the skeptics.

War of the Wizards is yet another large-scale online team-building event. The only difference is that this team is thrown into the world of potions, spells, plus epic battles. Both games take approximately 90 minutes and require lots of people. If you plan to arrange an exciting party with fun riddles or virtual escape rooms during virtual happy hours, it's an unforgettable moment for your colleagues.

Weljo and virtual team building Activities for Recharging Breaks

The need for a well-deserved break after successful project management is vital and if you're unsure on how to turn it into something fun and entertaining, you've come to the right place. The length of breaks Weljo will provide can range between 10 minutes and an hour. It's contingent upon the type breaks your company decides to take.

If the remote team breaks for a while it is possible to choose:

  1. A brief break in the spontaneity. It is generally one-minute break accessible whenever an employee is tired and requires an extra dose of distraction in the form of a relaxing activity to help restore their working efficiency.
  2. A planned break. This is a pre-planned 10-15 minutes of breaks during which Weljo offers the same type of opportunities as spontaneous ones however, the team members are aware that the break time is scheduled in advance. Thus, they connect at the agreed time through MS Teams or another video conference service.
  3. An interval of 10 minutes before calling a virtual conference. A break like this prior to the call, which requires concentration and focus can not only increase productivity but also in making the experience of virtual meetings fun.
  4. Virtual Team-building event for groups: a group call. Such an online gathering can run at least an hour. The Weljo bot is helpful in organizing the virtual meetings and provides thrilling activities that make the virtual meeting fun. It makes this sort of break suitable for long virtual social events, team building or virtual parties. This is why, if planning a virtual dance party or playing fun games with your friends it is possible to also broaden it by engaging in the activities Weljo bot provides.

What is the whole range of things that Weljo bot will engage in? They include:

  • Bonding games, which we've previously mentioned;
  • Questions for discussions at the water coolers to be a replica of real-life conversations employees aren't able to have;
  • Mild exercises for relieving pain from lengthy sitting in a posture, training for the eyes as well as yoga exercises
  • Mindfulness training and calm activities such as meditation listen to music that soothes and spending a few minutes processing emotions and feelings.

To sum it up it is that having fun is a essential element of successful virtual team building. Also, with Weljo you can create a pleasant corporate attitude in your company that everyone is fighting for places!

Frequently Asked questions -- FAQs

How can you determine if your business requires more team-building activities?

It's not shocking to consider the fact that if employees feel they're within a hostile and unfriendly work environment in which they are not getting adequate time off, and are unable to seek assistance. Motivation can also drop. If you are noticing that work efficiency is beginning to decrease and employees aren't completely interested in seeing the result of their work, the situation is probably not running smoothly. It's nothing that team-building exercises can't resolve.

How does Weljo employ MS Teams features for team development?

Weljo bot uses MS Teams to connect two or more employees in a face-to-face video chat. Furthermore gaming capabilities, the Weljo bot lets employees play a variety of icebreakers, discover about each others' interests, and just relax over some fun games.

What is the cost of a Weljo subscription cost? And what exactly is included?

Weljo provides new customers trials so that they can witness for themselves the positive changes that can be seen, such as enhancements in teamwork as well as increased involvement in the results. The trial period is completely free that lasts for two weeks. If you wish to maintain your account, you will have to select a monthly plan. The price for our services will be determined by the quantity of employees taking part beginning at just the cost of $3 for an individual. We are able to accommodate any requests that you might have, we are open to discussing the best price that fits your needs.

Can I be sure that Weljo can stop leaks?

The company's data is secure with Weljo as it devotes particular attention to the safeguarding of personal information. Weljo makes sure that there is no chance of third parties being exposed to details about users, and also implements procedures to protect data in its everyday work. The content of personal conversations between employees is completely anonymous.

What's a regular Weljo effectiveness evaluation?

This is a specific assessment for the company's leaders, which is created each month to monitor how employees are feeling about the Weljo bot, as well as their wellbeing level. Prior to the beginning of your collaboration with Weljo you will receive an offer to get an assessment of the corporate climate to identify the weaknesses of your team. Every every month Weljo will gather and assess the moods of workers and well-being levels to stay on top of changes and adapt the corporate policy to suit the Weljo bot.

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