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Now many of us have greater opportunities to work online even if we aren't working as freelancers but rather employed workers. And although this change has brought many positives for us, the change has did not come without some negatives.

Yes, we're able to work from the comfort of our own homes, but it is often the case that this setting can hinder the productivity of workers, and create an atmosphere of loneliness all the work performed by the person in addition to reducing the sense of community which is a major concern for employees all over the world.

Hence, it might be good for companies to introduce online games to build teams for adults to be incorporated into their workplace culture so that both the employees and their managers will be able to develop strong relationships at work with each another.

Weljo bot is an awesome software that can be utilized by businesses to offer one-on-1 enjoyable breaks and team building activities. The trial version that we offer is available today to discover for yourself just how helpful the Weljo bot could be for your employees!

Fun for building teams in the corporate world: Why You Should Use Them?

It is our preference to look only the good side of online work for example, the opportunity of working from anywhere on the planet or not spending a huge amount of time commuting to the work place, but we shouldn't ignore the negative side too, particularly when it can easily be improved by using gaming for team building like Weljo.

Team Building Exampleswith Weljo

Many businesses have noticed that online work style has caused some issues to their employees, for example:

  • No segregation between the workplace and home. When you are working from home, it's generally difficult to establish boundaries for yourself or take breaks as you did prior to the pandemic and to separate your time with your family from business time.
  • Lack of social connection.
    Working at home, you typically complete all tasks on your own, leaving an insufficient space for informal interaction among the employees. It is not possible for us to establish small talk as we did earlier in the hallways of our workplaces. We are unable to create work friends, thus leaving workers isolated from one another and feeling lonely for the majority part of their day;
  • Concerns about trust between managers and employees.
    In the absence of seeing the person in person and are unable to hear their tone We often get what they are saying in a wrong manner. Also, it is now difficult to understand whether your subordinates are having any issues with their work routine which is particularly an issue for people who are just joining the company. Plus with no proper communication between employees, there is too less room for brainstorming in creative thinking, as well as the development of collaboration skills;
  • An increased stress over health.
    Now that you do not go to your office and you're sitting at your desk for longer. So, you're moving around less often, putting additional strain around your neck and degrading your vision. Also, not only mental concerns arise during the online office day but even physical problems as well.

Fortunately for us, most of these issues could be easily solved with the help of team-building games. They can be played as a way to begin and end your workday, as well as during the interval with short breaks. It is a wonderful way to remind your employees that they're not on their own and you have other workers who they can count on! In addition, it would also inspire them to be more proactive in taking better care of themselves, because the company itself puts on events that help them understand the importance of breaks at work.

Team Building Examples - Weljo

If you're equipped with platforms that are convenient like Weljo it is possible to infusing fun breaks or team building games within your corporate culture will be much simpler! Our platform offer a variety of fun breaks, including one-on-1 or team options custom-designed to match employees according to their interests and preferences. With an array of games to choose from it's easy to find your ideal activity to fit your mood, and make stronger connections with your colleagues.

Simple Team Building Games Are they for Free?

Certain of them are while others are not. Depending on the budget you have and the goals you're trying to accomplish various kinds of entertaining team-building games can be chosen.

A free team-building activity is an excellent opportunity for those members of your work group who are just starting to adjust to the online work format, and it allows you to view the preferences of your team members. Sort out any troubles that they might have, then pick a platform you're most comfortable with. For instance, some will would prefer Zoom and not MS Teams, and it could be more enjoyable for certain team members to take part in game-based team building activities that are made in a one-to-one team participant format, and not an entire team of workers.

The main issue with any team-building game is that the majority of them has only a free trial, and after that it is necessary to pay to continue using it. And when you have an entire team who wish to be involved with in any activity for team building however, a single game is no longer enough to draw their attention, but it will usually be the case that games for free are on multiple platforms, which does not make sense when trying add team building games into their work routine.

Also, you may switch to more expensive versions of team-building game that are accessible on one platform for users like Weljo once every issue is corrected and the preferred game is made clear by your team. Business professionals have reported that more than half team leaders reported improvements in communication and interpersonal relationships between employees after participating in team building games.

How to Take the Most out of Funny Team Building Games?

The first thing you need to do in order to make sure that everyone will enjoy participating in a fun game of team building that you've found is organizing.

So here's some useful information that you could be able to use in planning your next team-building activity:

  1. Different games were devised for different reasons. Some can aid in improving communication between team members, while others can be used to create a little break at work or increase the creativity and enthusiasm of your colleagues. Thus, you must establish the objective of your team-building exercise first;
  2. Then, don't ignore to keep in mind the schedules of each team member whom you intend to invite. It would be a shame to let all your efforts in vain because you failed to coordinate everyone's schedules.
  3. The length of your gathering is also to be considered. If it's designed solely for group-building, you could choose whatever great games for team building that you would like. However, if it is just a component of the meeting that you are planning to host, you'll have to consider the length and the complexity of the game to ensure that it won't turn out to be a bothersome waste of time for anyone in the team;
  4. Virtual platforms that you utilize are an additional criterion. There are games that your whole team would have to participate in on a different platform or games that are integrated into Zoom, Google Meet, and others. Of course the latter choice is preferred however you must be aware that a thrilling game on another platform is still better than a boring game and incorporated into Zoom.

Begin with a selection of free widely played games for your team members to experience If the group activity is great, consider moving up onto more fun paid options such as virtual escape rooms. They're great for improving communication, creativity and problem-solving skills!

If you do it right, your efforts to improve collaboration and communication will be cherished by all. In addition, with the help of Weljo You can make your planning process: fun-filled break games are chosen based on the preferences of team members, members can be matched automatically dependent on their schedules and the length of the break can be adapted to suit your needs.

Team Building Examples

Best Games for Team Building Games of Today

This is the time to start talking about awesome team-building games you can attempt in the present moment with other teammates. The options are numerous and that's why you'll find this section of our article to be quite enjoyable, as we will help you to discern the vast array of games and select the best team-building games you can try together with your teammates.

We'll separate our collection into two different subgroups. i.e. the games that you can play on different platforms, and those that you can be able to integrate into Zoom. Let's begin with the first team of games.

Third-Platform Based Games
1. Skribbl

This is a great team building game that splits your team players into two teams of players, inside which each player creates a drawing through which all team members attempt to guess the word which is encoded. A team that scores the most points takes the lead in the game!

The disadvantage of this game is the need for participants to draw using their cursors it is a feature which not everyone can appreciate. But, the game is very user-friendly, even making it possible to select the amount of time each participant is required to draw each picture and the number of rounds that you will be playing, which makes it possible for you to modify the game to the needs of your meeting.

2. Words With Friends

This game is like Skribbl in the way that it's also based on words, but it does not require anyone to draw. Basically, each player has seven letters that they are able to use to create words on the board. Each new word that is created must be linked to one letter already laid in the game by members of the group.

Utilizing this game, you can improve teamwork, and individual involvement of each participant in the same way so that group members can enhance their problem-solving skills both as a group and as separate workers. In addition, you can present gifts to the player or group to fill out the entire board.

3. Playing Cards

It is not a distinct game that is part of a platform where over 60 games are available to be provided with a selection of games to pick from in accordance with the needs of your meeting. On the platform, you could select a classic like rummy or chess or for some less-known options.

Playing Cards can be modified so that large and small groups of workers can be designed for various types of games. All you need to do is choose one game, make video conference rooms that allows everyone to come together and use a room ID that will grant people access the game.

4. Sudoku

Last but not least is Sudoku that is a very popular game nowadays. It's a great game, but it's designed for teams However, you can utilize just a bit of inventiveness to make it as a bonding game. For instance, you could create breakout rooms with Zoom or provide your teams with the puzzles that they need to solve.

What's good about this sport is that it provides different difficulty levels, giving you the option of choosing the same level, and even game to all teams so that the ability of each team member to contribute to the game is similar. The idea of swapping team members could be a good idea so players can get connect with each other.

The appeal of third-party games is it saves you the time needed to plan your game, as all equipment is already available in advance.

Team Building Examples

Games Incorporated into Video Platforms

Games that are integrated in Zoom or any other video platforms come with their own advantages. In particular, you'd not require a browser or other applications to be able to participate. In addition, incorporated games will help in introducing your youngest team member how to use the software that you typically use at work.

Here's a listing of some games that you can play without the need for other platforms.

1. Trivia

This is definitely an option when you're not sure which game to play for your team. In office Trivia are well-known by all but you can pick the subject you'd like that is based on the interests and preferences of your team. That way you will improve your team's creativity and maybe even your group's knowledge as they will learn many diverse facts about the topic that you pick. Small and big teams are possible to use in this game.

2. Scavenger Hunt

While there's not the option of picking specific items from the menu, you can use this game to search for some interesting facts on the web. This is especially a good game for team members who are new to the organization to help your team members search for facts that are relevant to the company's mission statement. Then winners will receive a gift from the company.

3. Sponge Game

This is one of the most popular games that we play, and businesses love using this game as well. The rules are simple: each participant has 30 seconds to find some item close to them, and 30 seconds to develop an engaging story about the item. Afterward, each team member will tell their story for 60 seconds. No matter whether you chose posters, basketball or plastic bag, everyone has to tell their own story!

4. Two Truths and A Lie

This is the perfect game to play with any type of team that you're in! No matter whether you all have been introduced to your organization for the first time or there are one or two new faces as members of the organization, it is quite interesting to guess which of the funny stories about your coworkers actually are authentic! The team building exercises are sure to help to build a bond among the team.

5. Zoom Games

Like Slack, Zoom has recently launched its own app platform that makes the entire process of building teams easier, since it doesn't require team members access to any third-party platforms! For instance, you can try out games like Heads Up! and #AskAway alongside your remote team.

Most Frequently Asked Questions -- FAQs

Why does business need activities or games to build teamwork?

Now that we mostly work online today, it's a lot more difficult to communicate with coworkers effectively, as well having the ability to form work relationships as well as establish boundaries during your daily schedule between work and your life. Since office-based team building and in-person team meetings are no longer an option as a result, team-building games can be utilized you connect your new workers with the other teams as well as improve their communication. When you monitor the well-being that team members are in, companies can spot and resolve any problems that could be affecting employee morale, job satisfaction or productivity. This can lead to a happier and healthier workforce.

How to conduct team building?

Gamification is definitely a trend that will assist you in this. Popular team-building games are ones that have a connection to amusing games that everyone know how to play. As an example, it could take the form of a game in the workplace that employees have done in the previous. Therefore, you can simply arrange a meeting and your IT department or any other team and let the rules of the game take care of the work!

How do you plan team-building gatherings?

You must first decide on the reasons behind your team practice, such that it will improve team communication and to lighten the mood of colleagues after a long week, or stimulate brainstorming around the concept. Then, check everybody's schedule and invite them into a discussion which will include team-building initiatives included.

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