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During the pandemic, new methods of working were developed to allow workers for workers to complete most of their jobs that are required on online platforms. Therefore, team building remotely has become one of main challenges for companies whose employees work at their homes. While it's relatively easy to conduct team-building activities in an offline context, managers might encounter the same issues when trying make connections within their remote teams.

Virtual team-building events for remote teams is the best way to go if you're looking for team cooperation and engagement of employees and improve the overall work environment within your entire team. Your online team shouldn't be all about work, especially when informal interactions are demonstrated to strengthen teams.

One method of starting with remote team-building is to have your employees participate in short virtual meetings during their breaks. Weljo provides a wide range of enjoyable options for virtual teams that range from casual chats online office games to collaborative yoga sessions and physical workouts through a virtual conference. Read further to learn more about the importance and advantages of virtual team bonding.

Team Building for Workwith Weljo

Team Building for Remote Workers: Common Mistakes

Before you start implementing virtual team-building in your business, understand what should be avoided prior to implementing the program. Many virtual event initiatives do not succeed due to other issues which hinder the team from functioning efficiently. To ensure that you'll be able to engage your employees to the maximum, try to eliminate the following problems.

1. Mixing up the Roles

Remote working can sometimes be stressful when there's no clear guidelines between the responsibilities of each worker. This can result in overworking of some employees, as well as unproductiveness of your virtual group.

Furthermore, the responsibilities for each member of the team should be clear, but also it should be shared with all others in the team. This way, everyone will recognize what their role within the company and what other ways they can contribute.

2. Conflicting Team Members

We are all human even in the virtual environment, conflicts could arise. For those working in a physical location, these kinds of situations are easy to deal with. A team leader can decide to divide the team members such that their actions do not coincide, find the solution to these common issues and negotiate the option of communicating that is acceptable to both parties.

When remote employees are employed, the conflict can be difficult identify in the first place. A team-building activity which will allow you to know more about employees' issues or complaints to colleagues can be presented. If the issue has already appeared within the team, consider the best ways of making it go away or suggest your team members the solutions for overcoming any personal disagreements.

Improved morale in the team is vital to provide a relaxing environment that everyone can work in. And, after any virtual team challenges are overcome Healthy communication will be returned.

3. Poor Information Exchange

If you're talking about communication within a team that is working remotely, it's important to provide information channels which everyone can access. The employees who participate in common information systems will work better, as the period of searching for essential information will decrease.

The most productive remote teams are engaged in active information exchange, which allows them to share their achievements and contributions towards a common objective. Be it a weekly video conference or a blog which allows for posts from different employees the right communication system should be set up.

4. There are no relationships of trust between remote Workers

If there's no trust between team members, a variety of aspects of the job are unproductive. A worker is likely to feel unwelcome in terms of coming up with new ideas, communicating their opinions, or providing information that team members could find useful. A virtual office adds another risk of feeling unwelcome and not on the same wavelength with others.

This is another factor that is why virtual team building is so important. Practice team building activities for remote teams will aid in creating interpersonal connections and facilitating communication. Team building exercises on the internet can be a fantastic opportunity for employees to showcase their strengths that others might not have a clue about.

Thus, remote teamwork can be quite challenging. However, this does not mean that building a comfortable and productive culture for remote employees isn't possible. With the implementation of effective virtual team-building events as well as fun virtual games, like the ones provided by Weljo, you will find it possible to get involved with your team members and gain positive results.

Team Building for Work - Weljo

Team Building Activities: Benefits for Remote Workers

To develop strong remote teams, proper virtual activity should be executed. When team leaders bring teams building online there are a myriad of interactions and communication improves and make it easier for all team members to reach the same goals.

If you're not sure whether your virtual team really requires team building to be successful, consider the following enhancements that are a result of these activities:

  • The employees are more engaged within the working process, and development of the community;
  • The rate of turnover is reduced;
  • Culture of the company is created and appreciated by employees;
  • The spirit of competition is introduced in order to increase involvement of the team
  • Employees distribute the tasks evenly so that they avoid overload and burnout;
  • The workflow is functional and efficient.
  • Sharing of knowledge and collaboration among team members are more productive;
  • Employees are happy with their working environment.
  • The team stays in contact with each other despite travelling to different locations.
  • Employees come together around a goals of the common company.

Virtual team-building activities are crucial to any modern business which wishes to see their employees succeed. Implementation of team-building activities and bonding strategies creates a positive working environment and boosts motivation within the workforce. Each team leader should motivate their team members who are remote to actively participate not only at work, but also in the virtual team activities too.

To bring remote teams into your virtual team-building ideas explore different ways of making your virtual team meetings fun and entertaining. If you are not sure how to transform meetings into an enjoyable activity or to bring the virtual team closer one another, keep reading for some useful techniques.

Team Establishing Remote Teams

Virtual team-building exercises do not need to be big events that require a high level of organization. In reality, regular virtual conference calls together with colleagues to discuss off-work matters and enjoy some time together may work better over a massive virtual teambuilding program that is only held once in a year.

Recent research shows that elements of a successful remote working team include the level intensity that goes into communication, the engagement of workers, and the interaction between teams with various specializations within the business. One form of team-building that could improve all of these aspects is the virtual break.

Team Building for Work

Weljo gives teams and companies that are of any size and in all spheres of work ways of incorporating effective communication tools. Making breaks with a virtual conference call is much easier when employees are given the option on how they want to spend in their leisure time after the workday. By adding Weljo to the video software for conferencing you like is among the most efficient methods of virtual team building.

Tools for team building that work

Utilizing the tools provided by Weljo, workers can regulate the duration of their breaks, which range from 5, to 30, minutes and the number of attendees in the virtual meeting. Team members can participate in virtual group games or even take virtual coffee breaks under the guidance of Weljo bot. Online games offer an excellent occasion for your employees to relax and chat informally while having the time of their lives and having fun.

It is important to take care of the mental health of your team is equally important. To encourage mental health ways, bring your workers to videoconference calls by guiding them through meditations or simple physical exercises that help to relax after a day of hard work. The process of team building remotely can be a simple task in the event that there is a chance for your workers to communicate with each other after an Zoom call or Microsoft Teams conference.

With a similar virtual team-building tool as Weljo users, workers will feel less isolated even though they are working from home. Collaboration among team members can gradually help build trust and will improve the efficiency of work. efficient. In addition, the sensation of unity from regular virtual meeting breaks can motivate employees to stay with the group to a prolonged period.

Team Building for Work

Why Weljo Works for Virtual Team Building

Many companies have already added Weljo breaks to others virtual team gatherings that allow team building. This tool is easy to use because it offers a range of customizing features that allow workers to make their breaks as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

In particular, the possibility for a change in the duration of the breaks in between five and thirty minutes helps not to be carried away between important team meetings. The enjoyable virtual break breaks for teams can be between two workers or an entire group, contingent on the preferences and duration. You can have a chat about any film you've recently enjoyed, or attend an active virtual dance class to move your body a little.

Another advantage of Weljo is that it can help the team to be connected by their passions. Find a colleague with similar interests, or is willing to spend their time similar to yours and get to enjoy your company during the duration of your vacation.

Whatever your online conference is your personal information will be secure. Every connection is protected by safe algorithms that don't share any personal information of workers anywhere.

Weljo is widely used by corporate online messaging tools, including Slack, MS Teams, Zoom, MS Outlook, Gmail and Google Calendar. A relaxing break is just two clicks away. A bot that is automated will give attendees tips on how they can spend time enjoying themselves among the team members, and strengthen their bond.

Virtual Team Building Takeaway

In this day and age in which everyone is moving toward working from a distance It is difficult to keep the employees interested and active within the team. If in the past, workplace chats and gatherings after work can help improve level of trust and cooperation among employees. Now, with everyone being at home, it has turned into a challenge. There is a lack of team building activities could lead to feelings of being isolated, a lack of interest at work, and issues with establishing healthy relationships with coworkers.

Thankfully, modern problems have provided modern solutions. With regular use of remote team building activities Leaders and managers are able to create teams that are the most productive, with respect to working efficiency and interpersonal relationships.

A fun online team trivia, celebrating your success with virtual parties and even becoming environmentally conscious together by participating in a virtual trash contest: There are plenty of chances for you to get together.

Enhance Your Team's Performance with Weljo

Implementing such tools as Weljo can help any remote team to improve their communication skills and active listening. It also helps them pursue their goals after a short break, and build trust, which is essential in any business venture that succeeds. Building a team, particularly for teams that work remotely, should not avoid if it is your intention to have your team to be productive towards the common goal.

It is suggested that team members take part in fun breaks using Weljo in which they can share their interests, have some coffee to keep them going, and discuss the latest information. Chats on the internet are just as essential for the working process just as the accomplishment of formal tasks, so don't be afraid to use them!

Invite your team members to join Weljo now and watch them develop strong bonds with each others. In the same way, you will be able to see better results in your work along with lower levels of turnover. Participate in fun games or take care of your mental wellbeing, or even talk about something that you are fascinated by using simple Weljo tools. The motivation, and the effectiveness of the remote team begins with smaller steps, and you're able take them today!

frequently asked questions FAQ

How do you build a team in remote teams?

Team building is something everyone in remote teams should pay special attention to. There are a lot of different activities that you can apply in your virtual working environment to help the team thrive and enjoy the process. For example, online games can be implemented. Another way is to organize frequent breaks for employees to chat and spend their free time the way they would like.

What are remote team-building activities?

Remote team building refers to the strategies used to increase trust between workers increase their communication and involve them in the working process. If you can introduce the right tasks for the members of the team effectiveness and results of the overall performance improve significantly.

Could team building and development be done in virtual reality?

Modern technology permits us to use different methods of team bonding as well as virtual. The team can hold virtual meetings for discussions about other activities and enjoy informal discussions to build confidence in one another. Other fun activities, such as doing exercises at home or having a cup of coffee with other colleagues, can be arranged as well.

How do you perform as a team remotely?

In order to avoid burnout, and feelings of being excluded from remote workers For avoiding burnout and feeling excluded, different methods of team bonding should be implemented. They can differ according to the needs of your team.

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