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Nowadays, many of us have more opportunities to earn money online even if we don't consider ourselves freelancers, but rather employed employees. And even though this new trend has brought many advantages, it also created some disadvantages.

Sure, we can work in the comfort of our own homes however, it's often the case that this environment can degrade the performance of workers, create an atmosphere of loneliness any task undertaken by the individual and also reduce the feeling of community, that is essential for a lot of employees all over the world.

Thus, it may be beneficial for companies to incorporate online activities for team-building into their company culture so that employees and their managers can continue to build valuable work relationships with each the other.

Weljo bot can be a very useful device that companies can make use of to create one-on-one games and team building exercises. Our free trial version is accessible right now, so you can observe how effective the Weljo bot is to your employees!

Group Building Game Games to Build Teams for the Corporate Environment: Why You Should Use These Games?

We all would like to see only the positive side of online working including the option of working from anywhere around the globe or not being forced to spend huge amounts of time going to the workplace. However, let's not ignore the bad side too, particularly as it can be improved with the help of gaming for team building such as Weljo.

Team Building Games Onlinewith Weljo

Many companies have realized that online work-style format caused issues to their workers, like:

  • The HTML0 code is a non-separate way to work from office and home. When you are working at home, it's generally difficult to define boundaries for yourself and take breaks like you did prior to the outbreak or separate between your family time and your business time.
  • The absence of a social connection.
    If you work at home, you typically handle all the tasks your own, which leaves no space for informal conversations between employees. There isn't any opportunity for us in the home office to talk about small talk in the same way we did prior to entering our workplaces. We are unable to create workers' friends, leaving individuals isolated and feeling lonely for the most part of the day.
  • Questions of trust between managers and employees.
    When we are not able to see the person directly and do not hear their tone it is often difficult to understand the meaning behind the message incorrectly. It is also now harder to recognize if your subordinates are experiencing any issues with their job, and this is especially so for the newer members of the organization. Furthermore, without proper communication between employees, there is too not enough space for brainstorming as well as creative thinking and growth of collaboration abilities.
  • An increased stress in the health sector.
    Now that you do not leave your office the chances are that you're sitting at your desk much more. This means that you move lesser, causing tension on your neck and decreasing your vision. So, not only are psychological problems can arise during an online job, but the physical problems too.

Luckily, most of these problems can be solved with support of games that build teamwork. They can be played to kick off and finish your working day, along with in between in the form of quick breaks. This is a fantastic way to remind your employees that they're never alone and that there are people who they can depend on! In addition, it can be a great way to encourage them to take care of themselves more, because the organization itself will organize occasions that demonstrate how important breaks are during the work day.

Team Building Games Online - Weljo

When you're able to do so with the most convenient platforms like Weljo using, the process of adding fun breaks or team building games into your corporate culture becomes considerably easier! Weljo's platform lets you provide a variety of entertaining breaks. These include one-onone and group options customized to fit employees by their interests or preferences. With a range of games available you'll be able to locate an activity that best suits your mood and help you create stronger bonds with your coworkers.

Simple Team Building Games Are they Free?

Some of them are, however, some aren't. Depending on the budget you have and the goals you're seeking to achieve different kinds of fun game for team building are possible.

A free team-building game can be a fantastic opportunity for those members of your work group who have just begun to adjust to the online work environment. they allow you to check the preferences of your team members. You can also sort out any issues that you may face, and pick a platform which you are most comfortable with. For instance, some people will like Zoom as opposed to MS Teams, and it is also more comfortable for certain teammates to play the games of team building developed in a one-to-1 team members' format, not an entire group of workers.

The main issue with any team-building game is that it generally has only a free trial period. After that, you'll need to shell out money to keep using it. In the event that you have an entire team that you want to participate in any type of team-building activity that isn't enough to attract their attention. It is usually the case that free games are on different platforms. This makes it difficult for those wanting add team building games into their work routine.

Therefore, you can move to more expensive versions of team-building game that are accessible in a user-friendly, unified platform like Weljo after every problem is solved and the desired outcomes are set by your team members. Surveys of business professionals state that more than half of team leaders noticed an improvement on communication skills as well as relations between their employees after they participated in group building games.

How can you get the most from Funny Team Building Games?

The most crucial thing you must do so that everyone will enjoy participating in a fun and enjoyable team-building activity that you have found is planning.

So here's some helpful information that you can help you plan the next team-building gathering:

  1. Different games were created to serve diverse reasons. Some may help to increase communications between teammates, while some are better to give you a break during work hours or improve the productivity of your colleagues. This is why you must identify the reason for your team-building exercise first;
  2. In the next step, don't forget to take into account the schedules of each person you plan to invite. It's really disappointing to see all your efforts to go unused because you didn't think about synchronizing everyone's schedules.
  3. The length of the meeting is another thing to take into account. If the meeting is originally planned in the interest of gatherings for team building, then you can choose any great group-building game you'd like. If, however, the game can be used as a simple part of the meeting you're going to be having, you'll need to consider its length as well as the level of complexity so that it does not end up being a miserable waste of precious time to any team member;
  4. Virtual platforms that you use are a different criterion. There are games that your whole group needs to be involved to on a 3rd party platform or games that are included into Zoom, Google Meet, and there are many other platforms. Of course, the second option is the most preferred, but you should always be aware that playing a game on another platform is still superior to one and incorporated into Zoom.

Begin with a few free game that you know is popular for team building team members to experience. If group participation is great, move up to some exciting paid options, such as virtual rooms. They are great to boost creativity, communication and problem-solving.

If done correctly, the efforts to improve communication and collaboration will be well-received by everyone. With the aid of Weljo, you can simplify the planning process. For example, the fun breaks games can be picked based on the interests of team participants can be automatically matched in accordance with their schedules and the length of the break can be customized.

Team Building Games Online

Best Game for Building Teams Games of Today

This is the time to start talking about some great games for team building that are available right now along with fellow team members. The options are numerous this is the reason the reason you'll find this section of our review very satisfying as we'll assist you to filter through the many options and pick the best team-building games to try out with your friends.

We'll segment our collection in two sub-groups: i.e. the games that you can play with different platforms and the games that you could add to Zoom. Let us start with the initial team of games.

Third-Platform Based Games
1. Skribbl

This is a fantastic team building game which divides your team members into two teams of players. In each group each team member sketches a picture, and the remaining team participants guess what word is encoded. A team that scores the most points wins the game!

The disadvantage of this game is that it requires players to draw using their cursors, which is definitely a feature that not every member would appreciate. But, the game is very comfortable, it allows you to pick the amount of time each team member is able to draw the picture and the number of rounds that you will play, thus making it possible for you create a game that is tailored to the requirements of your group.

2. Words With Friends

This game is similar Skribbl in the way that it also relies on words, however it doesn't require players to draw. It is essentially, every player has seven letter tiles, which they can use to make words on the board, and each new word they make must be linked with a letter that was previously placed onto the table by other group members.

By using this game you could improve teamwork as well as personal input from every employee at the same time, so that all team members improve the way they solve problems together and separately. It is also possible to give gifts to the participant or team that has filled out the entire board.

3. Playing Cards

It's not just a single game however, it is a whole platform that hosts more than 60 games in order for you to be given a variety of possibilities to choose from in line with the requirements of your event. In the game, you can opt for a traditional game such as Rummy or chess, or opt on to play some less popular options.

The Playing Cards game can also be personalized so that big and small groups of players can be created for various kinds of games. All you have to do is simply choose your game, design a video conference room for all to get together, and assign a room key that will give people access to the game.

4. Sudoku

It's not the least of them all. Sudoku as a highly played game today. Even though it's very well-suited for playing with teams, you can use a bit of creativity to utilize it to create a bonding game. For instance, you could create breakout rooms in Zoom or supply your teams with the sudokus on the list that they'll need to solve.

What's nice about this game is that it can be played at various levels of difficulty, this means that you can choose the same level and play for each team so that each team member's ability to play is roughly the same. It could also be a good idea to ensure that all team members can get to meet each other.

The appealing aspect of third-party games is that you will not have to spend the time needed to plan the game, since all the elements are provided at your disposal.

Team Building Games Online

Games Incorporated into Video Platforms

Games that are integrated in Zoom or any other video platform comes with its own advantages. For instance: you would not have to use your browser or other applications in order to participate. In addition, incorporated games are good for showing children some of the features that you typically use at work.

Here's a listing of games you can play without any extra platforms.

1. Trivia

It is a great option when you're unsure of what game to choose for your team. The rules of office Trivia are well-known to everyone, and you can choose the subject you'd like in line with the interests of your group. That way you will improve the team's imagination, and even the knowledge of your team, since they will be able to learn diverse facts about the topic you choose. Both big and small teams can be played in this game.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Even though there's not a possibility to physically pick up different items from the listing, you could play this game to look for interesting information on the web. This is an excellent game for teams with new members, as you can make your team members search for facts about the company's mission statement. And in the end each team will receive a corporate gift.

3. Sponge Game

It is among our favorite games, and many companies love to use it as well. The rules are easy: each participant has 30 seconds to find some item nearby, and 30 seconds to make an intriguing story about it. After that, each member of the team reads their tale for 60 seconds. The same goes for the other items you've chosen, basketballs, post-it notes or a plastic bag each participant will have to tell their story!

4. Two Truths and a Lies

A game that is perfect for any type of team that you're in! In spite of the fact that you are brand new to the firm, or there are just the addition of a few new faces in the company, it's really interesting to see which fun facts about your fellow employees are authentic! Such team-building exercises definitely help to create a sense of community among the team.

5. Zoom Games

Similar to Slack, Zoom has recently released its own application platform that will make the whole team-building process simpler, as it doesn't have team members visit any third-party platform! For instance, you can try out games like Heads Up! and #AskAway alongside your remote team.

Frequently Asked questions -- FAQs

What are the reasons why businesses require activities or games to build teamwork?

Nowadays, as we work online It is much difficult to interact with our coworkers effectively, as well that it is difficult to establish work-related friendships and set boundaries for your daytime routine between work and life. Additionally, because office team-building and in-person teams are no longer feasible group building games may be used to help you connect your new workers with all other teams, as well as enhance their communication. By monitoring the wellbeing level of their team members, companies can recognize and tackle any problems that could be impacting employee morale, satisfaction with work or productivity, which can lead to a more engaged and healthier workforce.

How do you conduct team building?

Gamification is definitely a trend that will help you with that. Popular team-building games are ones that are based on enjoyable games that we are familiar with. For instance it could be a variation of an office game which employees have already played in the past. So, just plan a meeting along with you IT department or another team and let the rules of the game do the job for you!

How can you organize team-building sessions?

It is important to determine the main goals of your group exercise, such as to improve communication among team members and to lighten the mood of colleagues after a long week, or encourage brainstorming around the concept. Then, check everybody's schedule and invite them to a group meeting with some team-building initiatives.

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