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Following the pandemic, innovative formats of working were introduced that made it possible to carry out the majority of daily work tasks via online platforms. Consequently, remote team building is now one of the most difficult issues for businesses whose employees work from their homes. It is easy to run team-building exercises a traditional, offline setting managers will encounter certain obstacles in their efforts to build relationships within their remote teams.

Virtual team building activities for remote teams are the best way to go if your goal is to foster team collaboration while also increasing engagement among employees and improve the overall culture within your whole team. Your online team shouldn't focus on work only, especially when informal interactions have established to be effective in building stronger teams.

One way to get started on the process of building a remote team is to involve your workers in short virtual meetings during breaks. Weljo provides a variety ways to entertain virtual teams that range from chats with a simple theme to online office games to yoga sessions and physical workouts by way of a virtual phone call. Find out more about the advantages and significance of team bonding via virtual technology.

Team Building Icebreakerswith Weljo

Team Development for Remote Workers: Common Mistakes

Before you can begin implementing virtual team-building programs in your organization, you should find out what to avoid in the first place. Many virtual event initiatives don't succeed due other factors which hinder the team from being successful. To be sure the employees will be engaged to the maximum extent possible, try to eliminate the following problems.

1. Mixing Up the Roles

Remote work may become an obstacle when there's no clear guidelines between the duties of each employee. This can lead to overworking of certain employees, and inefficiency of your virtual team.

Not only the job responsibilities of each team member should be clearly stated, but also it should be explained to all the other employees. This will help everyone know what the contribution they make to the business is as well as how others can be of assistance.

2. Conflicting Team Members

We are all human, and even when working within the virtual world, conflicts could happen. For people who work in person, these kinds of situations are easy to solve. The team leader has the option to separate the workers so that their duties do not coincide discover a solution to the problem that is common or negotiate the methods of communication that will satisfy both parties.

With remote workers, conflict could be difficult for the employee to find out the source of the conflict. An activity for team building which will allow you to know about each worker's issues or complaints colleagues can be presented. In the event that a conflict already emerged within your team, suggest the possible ways of getting it resolved or give your team strategies to overcome personal clashes.

Team morale must be improved to create a welcoming environment for the team members to work. In addition, when online team issues are resolved Healthy communication will be repaired as well.

3. Poor Information Exchange

Speaking of communications within the team that is working remotely, it's imperative to make sure that information channels are available which everyone can access. Employers who are part of common information systems will work better, as the time spent searching for essential information will decrease.

Successful remote teams take part to exchange information in a way which lets them communicate their accomplishments and contribute to the goal of the group. Be it a weekly video call or a platform where different workers post their thoughts or a system for effective communication must be put in place.

4. The remote workers are not able to trust each other. Workers

If there isn't any trust between the team members, many aspects of the job are inefficient. For instance, a worker might feel isolated providing new ideas exchanging opinions, and sharing information that team members can find useful. A virtual office can add an additional difficulty of feeling isolated and not on the same wavelength as others.

Another thing that creates the need for virtual teambuilding. Training for team building in remote teams can assist in building relationships and facilitation of communication. Online team-building exercises can be an excellent opportunity for employees to showcase their sides that others might not realize.

Remote teamwork can be very challenging. However, it doesn't suggest that establishing a comfortable and productive corporate culture from remote locations is impossible. With the help of online team-building opportunities and virtual games, like the games offered by Weljo they will find it possible to get involved with the team and deliver successful results.

Team Building Icebreakers - Weljo

Team Building Activities Benefits for Remote Employees

To develop strong remote teams it is essential that proper virtual activities be implemented. When team leaders implement group building online and online, the range of interpersonal and working aspects are improved, making it easier for the team members to work towards common goals.

If you're still uncertain about whether your virtual team actually needs team building or team building, you should look at the following improvements to follow such actions:

  • Employees are more engrossed in the daily work as well as the development of the society;
  • The turnover rate decreases;
  • It is the corporate culture which has been created and appreciated by the workers;
  • The spirit of competition is introduced to increase the engagement of the entire team.
  • The workers distribute the work equally so that they avoid overload and burnout;
  • The workflow operates efficiently;
  • Collaboration and knowledge-sharing among the team members are more productive;
  • Employees are happy with their work conditions.
  • The team stays in touch with each other even when moving between locations.
  • Employees bond together over the common corporate goal.

The importance of virtual team-building activities is in any modern enterprise which wishes to see their employees achieve. The introduction of team building activities and bonding methods creates a happy working environment and encourages motivation among employees. The team leader should be encouraging their team members who are remote by encouraging them to actively participate, not only in their work routines but in virtual team activities as well.

In order to engage remote teams in your virtual team-building strategies Try different ways to make your meetings fun and entertaining. If you're not certain how to turn an event into a fun game or how to make your virtual team more bonded to one another, continue reading for some suggestions.

Team Building for Remote Teams

Virtual team-building initiatives do NOT require huge gatherings with a lot of effort. In fact, daily conference calls with colleagues to talk about out of work things or simply to have the time having fun could work more effectively rather than a major virtual team-building program that is only held once in a year.

Recent research indicates that factors that define a successful remote working group include the amount of energy put into the interactions, communication between workers, as well as interactions between teams from different areas within the organization. One virtual team-building activity which can enhance all these aspects is the virtual break.

Team Building Icebreakers

Weljo provides teams and enterprises that are of any size and in all spheres that work with healthy communication tools. Organizing breaks via a virtual conference call is easier when workers have the choice of ways to spend their time free during the workday. By adding Weljo along with your video conference software you prefer is among the most effective methods for creating virtual teams.

Team Building Tools That Work

By using the tools offered by Weljo workers can control the length of their breaks ranging from 15 to 30 minutes and also the number of participants of the online meeting. Now, the team players can play virtual group games and take virtual coffee breaks with the guidance of the Weljo bot. Games online provide an occasion for workers to unwind and chat informally, while having fun and relaxing.

The care you give the mental health of your team is equally crucial. To practice mental health care behaviors, introduce your team members to video conference calls with guided meditations or even simple exercises that assist in relaxing during long days of work. Building teams online is not an issue given the chance that your employees can interact and interact with one another following the completion of a Zoom call or a Microsoft Teams conference.

With a virtual team-building tool as Weljo users, workers will feel less lonely even if they work from home. Communication among team members is a gradual process of building confidence in each other and, in turn, enhance the working process and make it more efficient. The feeling of unity that results from regular virtual meeting breaks will motivate the team members to remain with the team for a long time.

Team Building Icebreakers

Why Weljo Works for Virtual Team Building

Many companies have already added Weljo breaks to other virtual team events that enable team-building. This tool is easy to use because there are many options to customize features that let workers make their breaks as comfortable and effective as is feasible.

For example, the opportunity to alter the duration of breaks to any time between five and thirty minutes allows you not to get focused between crucial team meetings. The fun virtual break breaks for teams can be either between two persons or all of the team members, depending on the preference and duration. Take a moment to talk about films you've recently seen, or enjoy an active dance session to move your body a little.

Another awesome feature of Weljo is that it can help to connect team members based on their hobbies. Find a colleague that shares similar interests or likes to use their spare time in the same manner as you do and be a part of your team for the rest of the day.

No matter what your virtual gathering is about the fact that your information will be protected. All connections are secured by safe algorithms that don't reveal any personal details of workers from anywhere.

Weljo is accessible by the majority of the business online communication tools, like Slack, MS Teams, Zoom, MS Outlook, Gmail and Google Calendar. Thus, a nice break is only two clicks away. Automated bots will offer participants tips on how to be a fun time with their team members and build their bonds.

Virtual Team Building Takeaway

In the modern age where people are moving toward remote working and working, it's a challenging task to keep employees engaged and active in the team. If before, the common meeting times after work and office chats can aid in enhancing the relationship between employees. Today, with everyone at home, it's made it a lot more difficult. Insufficient team-building activities could lead to feelings of separation, lack of motivation working, and difficulties developing healthy relationships with coworkers.

Fortunately, modern challenges have offered modern solutions. With regular use of activities for building teams remotely management and leaders are able to make the best teams, both in terms of work efficiency and relationships with each other.

hosting a fun and interactive virtual team trivia contest, rejoicing over your success with virtual parties, or even being environmentally conscious through participation in the virtual trash challenge: There are numerous opportunities to connect.

Maximize the Performance of Your Team by Using Weljo

Implementing tools like Weljo will assist teams working remotely to increase their communications skills and active listening skills, which will encourage them to pursue their goals after a short break and establish trust. Trust is crucial in any successful business. Team building, particularly for virtual teams is a process that should not be avoided if you wish your team to efficiently work to achieve a common goal.

You can suggest that the team members join during breaks to have fun on Weljo which allows them to share their interests, have tea to boost their energy levels, and discuss the latest information. Chats on the internet are just as crucial to the efficiency of your work than the performance of formal tasks, so don't ignore their significance!

Invite your team to join Weljo now and watch them establish strong relationships with one another. This way, you will be able to see better results in your work and decrease levels of turnover. Play games with friends Take care of your physical wellbeing, or even talk about things you are interested in using the simple Weljo tools. The motivation and performance of your remote team will begin by taking small steps, which you can do immediately!

Most Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How to do team building in remote teams?

Building a team is something that all remote team leaders need to be paying attention to. There are numerous activities to incorporate into your virtual work setting to make your team work better and enjoy the process. For instance, online games can be implemented. Another option is organizing frequent breaks for employees to chat and spend their spare moments in the manner they choose.

What are remote team-building activities?

Remote team-building is one of the techniques used to build trust among employees, improve their communication, as well as to get them involved in working process. If the proper activities are presented to teams effectiveness and efficiency of the general work can be improved dramatically.

Team building can be completed in virtual reality?

Modern technology allows us to implement different team bonding techniques that can be done virtually. The team may use virtual meetings in order to discuss items outside of work and have casual conversations to build trust each other. Additional activities that are enjoyable, like exercising remotely, or taking a break for coffee with other colleagues, can be introduced as well.

How do you get along together as a team via remote?

To avoid burnout and feeling of exclusion among remote employees In order to avoid feeling isolated and burnout, different methods for team bonding should be put into place. They can differ according to the team's needs.

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