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These days, a lot of us have many more chances to work online however, we work as employed employees. This change has brought a lot of positives to us, it did not come without some negatives.

Yes, we're able to work at the ease of our homes, but it's usually the case that such an environment may reduce the efficiency of employees, cause feelings of isolation from each task completed by the person or even reduce the sense of community which is crucial for many employees from all over the world.

So, it is useful for businesses to incorporate online games of team building for adults into their company culture so that both the employees and their managers will be able to develop valuable work relationships with each the other.

Weljo bot is a fantastic tool that companies can employ to provide one-on-one break-outs and team-building exercises. Its free trial version is accessible right now, so you can test how beneficial the Weljo bot can be to your employees!

Group Building Game Games to Build Teams for the Corporate Environment: Why Should Consider Using These Games?

We all would like to see only the positives of online work that includes the capability to work from any location in the world, or not having to spend enormous amounts of time going to the workplace but let us not neglect the negative side too, particularly when it is easily improved with the help of team-building games located on platforms like Weljo.

Team Building Quiz Questionswith Weljo

A lot of businesses have realized that online work styles have caused difficulties to their employees, like:

  • Does not distinguish between both work and residence. When you are working at home, it's usually difficult to define boundaries for yourself or take breaks as you would before the pandemic and segregate personal time from job time.
  • Lack of social connection.
    When working at home, you normally manage all the tasks on your own, leaving little room for informal communication among employees. There isn't any opportunity for us to create small talk as we did before in the halls of our offices, and to make office friends, leaving people isolated from each other and feeling lonely for a large times of their day.
  • Conflicts of confidence between employees and their managers.
    When we do not see the person face-to-face and do not hear their tone sometimes, we get the meaning behind the message in a different way. It's also difficult to discern if subordinates have any difficulties with the way they work and this is especially relevant for those who are new to the company. And in addition to that in the absence of a clear communication system between employees, there's too not enough space for brainstorming innovative thinking, creativity and developing collaboration skills.
  • An increase in stress upon health.
    In the event that you don't go to your office You are at your desk for longer. In turn, you move less, putting more strain on your neck. This can also affect your eyesight. Hence, not only psychological problems can arise during an online everyday work life, but physical problems as well.

Fortunately, the majority of these problems can be easily resolved with game of team-building. They can be used both to begin and end your working day, or in between, by way of short breaks. This is a fantastic way informing your employees they're not in the dark and the fact that they are not alone and there are other workers that they can rely on! Additionally, it will also motivate them to take better care of their health, in the same way that the company itself plans activities that remind them of that they are important to have breaks during work.

Team Building Quiz Questions - Weljo

If you're supplied with an easy platform like Weljo which makes incorporating fun breaks or team-building games in your corporate culture is easy! On our platform, you can provide a wide range of exciting breaks that include both one-on-1 and team activities that are specific to allow employees to interact according to their interests and preferences. With a wide selection of games to choose from you'll be able to locate the perfect activity that matches your mood, and develop stronger connections with your coworkers.

Easy Team Building Games, are They for Free?

Some of them are, while others aren't. Based on your budget and the objectives you're looking to achieve different kinds of fun activities for teams are available.

A no-cost team building game is a great opportunity for people in your team who are just beginning to transition to the online workflow. Furthermore, they let you see the preferences of your team members. They also help you sort out any issues that may arise, and pick a platform you're most comfortable on. A few, for instance prefer Zoom in place of MS Teams, and it also might be more comfortable for certain teammates to play games for team building that are built in a one-toone team players format, rather than for all your workers.

The problem with most team-building activity is that it often offers a limited test period. Once the trial is over, the player must pay for the privilege of using it. In the event that you have several employees which you would like to involve at any team building event however, a single game is no enough to attract their attention, but it tends to be the case that free games are located across multiple platforms, which is not ideal for those wanting to incorporate games for team building into their work routine.

Also, you may switch to the paid version of these games that can be conveniently located in a user-friendly platform such as Weljo until every problem is fixed and the preferences are identified by the team members. Studies of business professionals reveal that over half of team leaders noticed an improvement in their communication skills and the working relationships between their employees after taking part in team building games.

How to Make the Most out of Funny Team Building Games?

The most important thing is required to ensure the enjoyment of everyone in a team-building exercise that you've found is making plans.

So here's some helpful information that you can use to plan your next team-building activity:

  1. Different games were made for different reasons. Some can aid in improving communication between team members, other games are more appropriate to have a moment of relaxation during work or enhance the creativity of your colleagues. Hence, you need to identify the reason for the game before beginning;
  2. Do not overlook to consider the schedules of every team member you intend to invite. It's a very unfortunate thing to let all your efforts to be for nothing just because you failed to sync everyone's schedules.
  3. The length of your meeting is also something to consider. If it's initially designed only for the purpose of team building, then you could choose whatever great group-building game you'd like. If the game only serves as a part the meeting that you are planning to host, you should consider its length as well as the level of complexity so that it does not become a frustrating waste of time for the participants;
  4. Virtual platforms you use is another significant criterion. There are games that your entire group must participate on a platform that is third party or games that can be in Zoom, Google Meet, and for that matter. Of course, this choice is the best however you should take note that a game you enjoy on another platform is still more enjoyable than a boring one that is integrated into Zoom.

Start with a couple of free common team-building games you can give your colleagues to test If team-building is very good, progress to more engaging paid alternatives, like virtual escape rooms. These are excellent to boost creativity, communication as well as problem-solving skills!

If you do it right, your efforts to improve team communication and collaboration are cherished by everyone. Furthermore, with Weljo you can streamline organizing your schedule: fun breaks games can be selected based on the needs among the team members can be matched automatically dependent on their schedules and the duration of the break can be personalized.

Team Building Quiz Questions

The Best games for team-building Games of Today

This is the time to start talking about fun games for teambuilding that are available now with your teammates. The selection is vast and that's why you will find this section of our article very satisfying, since we will help you to make sense of the variety and pick the best teams-building games to try along with your coworkers.

We'll divide our collection into two subgroups, i.e. the games that you can play on any platform, and the games you can incorporate into Zoom. Let's start with the first team of games.

Third-Platform Based Games
1. Skribbl

This is a fantastic team-building activity that divides your group members into two teams of participants, within which every team member draws a picture through which other team members try to guess the word that is encrypted. Teams with the highest points takes the lead in the game!

The downside of this game is that it requires players to draw using their cursor, which is definitely something which not everyone will enjoy. However, the platform is extremely comfortable, even that you can choose the length of time that every team member draws their picture, and also the number of rounds that you will play, therefore making it possible create a game that is tailored to the requirements of your meeting.

2. Words With Friends

This game is similar Skribbl in the sense that it's also based on words, however it does not require anyone to draw. In essence, each player is given seven letters that they employ to construct words on the board. Every newly created word must be paired with a letters that were already placed across the surface by other group members.

By using this game you will improve teamwork and individual contribution of every employee all at once, so that the team members can improve the way they solve problems as a team and separately. Furthermore, you can provide gifts to the person or group who has filled the entire board.

3. Playing cards

This isn't an individual game and is an entire platform which has more than 60 games set up to be provided with a variety of possibilities to choose from depending on the requirements of your gathering. There, you can choose classic games like chess or rummy or go for some less-known options.

In addition, Playing Card games can be made to be customized so that both large and smaller groups of workers can be created to play different kinds of games. All you have to do is simply choose the game you want to play, create video conference rooms where all players can get together and then provide a room number that will allow players access the game.

4. Sudoku

The last one is Sudoku the game that is very well-known and played game. Even though it's specifically designed for team play however, you can put some of your creativity to utilize it as a bonding game. For instance, you could create breakout rooms with Zoom or even provide your teams with sudokus and lists of sudokus they must solve.

What's great about this game is that it offers different difficulty levels, meaning you are able to select the same level of difficulty and game to all teams so that the ability of each team member to contribute to the game can be roughly equal. Exchange of team members can be a good idea in order that all team members can get to familiarize themselves with each other.

The greatness of third-party games is that you save up the moment needed to plan the game because all of the elements are provided by the developer.

Team Building Quiz Questions

Games Incorporated into Video Platforms

Games that are integrated into Zoom or any other video platform have their own benefits. For instance: you would not have to utilize your browser or any other additional apps to play. Furthermore, games that are integrated can help to teach young team members how to use the software in which you regularly work.

Here's a list of games you can play without the need for any extra platforms.

1. Trivia

This is definitely an option when you're unsure of the best game for your team. This is because the guidelines of office Trivia are widely known to all but you can pick any topic you'd like depending on the interests of your group. The result is that you'll improve your team's creativity and possibly your team's education, as they'll be exposed to many different facts on the topic which you have chosen. Both big and small teams can be played in this game.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Even though there's not an opportunity to pick specific items from the menu, you can use this game for searching for interesting information via the web. This is particularly a great sport for team members who are new and can help players search for facts associated with the company's mission statement. And in the end the winner will be awarded a corporate prize.

3. Sponge Game

It is among the games we love, and numerous businesses are keen to play it as well. The rules are quite simple for everyone: they have 30 seconds to look for an item nearby, and 30 seconds of time to write an engaging narrative about it. Each team member gives their story to the group for 60 seconds. However, regardless of whether you used basketballs, post-it notes or a plastic bag everyone will have to tell their own story!

4. Two Truths and a Lies

A perfect game for any kind of team you're in! If you have joined your business for the first time or there are a few new faces added in the company, it's fascinating to figure out which hilarious details about your coworkers' lives are accurate! This kind of team-building exercise is sure to help to strengthen the bonds of the team.

5. Zoom Games

Like Slack, Zoom has recently released its own application platform which makes the entire process of team building easier, since it doesn't require team members to go to any third-party platforms! You can, for instance, test games like Heads Up! or #AskAway with your remote team.

Frequently Asked Question -- FAQs

Why is it important for business to have team-building games or exercises?

Now that we mostly work online It is much difficult to connect with co-workers in a professional manner, as that it is difficult to establish work-related friendships and establish boundaries during your day between work and life. Furthermore, now that office team building and in-person teams are no longer feasible the team building games could be used to connect your new employees with all other teams, while also improving their communication. When you monitor the well-being of their team members, companies can spot and resolve any issues that might be affecting the morale of employees, their job satisfaction or productivity, leading to a more motivated and healthier workforce.

How to conduct team building?

Gamification is certainly a trend that can benefit you. Some of the most effective team-building activities are ones that connect to entertaining games we all can play. For instance, it can be a recreation of an office game that workers previously played in the past. Thus, plan a meeting in your IT department or another team and let the regulations of the game carry out the work!

How do I plan meetings for team building?

Make a decision on the reasons behind your team exercise, like to improve communication within the group and mood of co-workers after a hard week, or increase brainstorming on the idea. Make sure you check everyone's agenda and invite them to a conference with some team-building activities included.

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