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Good communication and healthy relationships within teams is crucial in helping any business grow and develop in the best ways possible. Teams that operate as close-knit communities that provide the required support to each other show higher performance and, in general, team members inside such groups feel more comfortable in their jobs.

Team bonding is certainly greater in remote teams or teams with distributed members, since many people are irritated by the absence of human touch in their everyday interactions and cannot effortlessly interact with coworkers at the coffee maker. And, not only that they are unable to wait for a response by their teammate or relay issues to one another not being aware of any issues which could arise on the other side.

This article will give you a glimpse into the challenges that hybrid or remote teams might face in their work environments. The article will provide a full review of team building activities for tasks that will help you as a team manager raise the morale of small or large groups.

Team communication difficulties

Inspiring and nurturing strong relationships is always the goal for team managers, particularly when they are managing members of the group that come from different cultures and backgrounds.

There are a few challenges managers face to ensure that their teams can communicate effectively, and here are some among them

  1. Everyone on the team has various backgrounds. Since each particular culture has its own specifics that can trigger cultural conflicts and conflicts within the group. To prevent this from happening, it should become an organizational norm to educate every employee who works in small groups on the fundamental features that different cultural groups have.
  2. Stress: we know that meeting tight deadlines and having an almighty backlog can negatively influence relationships within a team, especially if people are collaborating on tasks. To avoid creating unnecessary tension it is vital to provide team members with methods of managing time, and also create an environment that is open to and open communication. This will help to foster team spirit.
  3. Different ways to tackle communication Different groups of people may prefer to communicate in a particular way. For example, some prefer to keep any team-building event focused and short, while others would prefer to play with those whose faces they are able to see. On contrary, prefer to utilize text messages for communication and not video calls. So, a group-building exercise is a wonderful tool that allows teams to understand the best methods to communicate with each other in accordance to the needs and preferences of the person being questioned;
  4. The level of trust isn't sufficient. If the members of the team aren't confident that they are able to communicate freely and without avoiding admitting imperfections, it will be difficult to make good progress. Each member of the team must consider team meetings a safe place where they can speak up and voice their opinions. No matter if it's being run as a virtual organization, managers need to promote a positive atmosphere and the ability to be open to sharing ideas in order to strengthen team bond.

Team Building Virtual Activitieswith Weljo

Today, we can see that there are a variety of strategies and methods that are available in order to get team members give each other a lot of love and kindness. One of the most straightforward ways to strengthen relationships in a remote group is to hold team-building events focused around communication in listening and listening, creative analysis, critical thought, and problem-solving capability.

Here, you'll discover some of the benefits team-building exercise could bring to any group and the most enjoyable team-building activities you could use when making new team members feel welcome or in fostering camaraderie inside the already existing team.

Fun team building exercises for adults professionals

If you've decided to improve cohesion and fostering members to be more cooperative in your group working environment, team-building exercises for work are a fun and effective way to accomplish your goal in the short term. With games designed to build teamwork you can improve the cohesion of your team as well as increase reliance within the entire team.

Here you can find several benefits activities that build teams, even if it's an easy team building exercise that is regularly held can bring to any company regardless of size or kind:

1. Communication is smoother

Exercises for team building are designed at enhancing communication in beginning. Team-building exercises for corporate teams help create a relaxing atmosphere that encourages employees to share their ideas, expertise and views. In a session for team building teams are expected to collaborate in finding a solution to a problem usually in the form of a fun game. As a result, they gain lots about their ways of communicating and personalities. They can use this information to their work environments.

2. A team-building exercise teaches people how to work in teams

It can be quite hard for people to discover how to work effectively towards a common objective, especially if we are dealing with a large number of people while being remote. In the event of participating in a game for team building participants learn ways to collaborate with the other team members, ask for assistance, as equally as share responsibilities. The games provide an array of information about the aspects of efficient and effective communication in daily life.

3. Team building exercises to improve problem-solving, and to foster creative thinking

Aside from being a fun event in which team players take part in traditional games and engage in healthy competition, a activity for teams can help build problem-solving skills and encourage people to explore the possibilities. In the case of an example, when a team is playing something like an escape room, they will need team up to discover the most creative way to accomplish a common goal. After that, these skills can be applied to brainstorming sessions and the creation of a sales plan which will help you come up with fresh ideas.

4. Team building activities can have an effect on the morale of the team

When people are determined to achieve an agreed-upon goal and are able to come up with strategies to succeed together, this enhances their motivation to work hard and feel loved by their colleagues. An environment that is healthy within the team improves employee retention, and reduced turnover in staff as well because it improves employee satisfaction and can prevent burnout.

As you will see, these activities such including team-building games for adults only produce positive results for forming a cohesive team. Whenever you wish to introduce the best team-building games to your team, whether it's an old-fashioned game or something more creative You can check out the Weljo website for suggestions on team-building to try out at your next meeting online or in an office space.

Fun Team Building Activities to Build a Team Examples

There's a multitude options of activities that run as little as a few minutes to hours and can be performed in a single or in multiple teams. It's entirely your decision to select, whether it is a more leisurely one, or perhaps a specific game that lets teams compete against one another. If you're struggling with ideas, you can always look up the Weljo website as a starting point where you can get tips for breaks that are planned and spontaneous during the working day.

There are a lot of people working online this means that it can be harder to think of exciting gaming games simply because many of them were created to play offline. But with the help of websites that are specially designed, such as Weljo, you can adapt the games to an online design, so that there's still a chance that your teams can improve their communication skills!

To provide an overview of the things will help you introduce new hires to the team or build relations within the existing team, we have prepared some suggestions for activities that promote communication between team members.

Team Building Virtual Activities - Weljo

Scavenger hunt

The game starts by creating an agenda of items each team must find within a time-limit. The team that wins is the one that comes to the line first and has all the things crossed off the list.

This activity greatly assists in developing problem-solving and communication skills it also helps to create a happy and friendly atmosphere in a team. We are fully aware that this game was originally designed for locations offline where people can locate items in an office or outdoors but Weljo had already translated the activity online.

Office trivia

This game is best played with two teams, or more, since it's a type of competition among the players. The idea is to select the questions that hold significant significance and talk about what you think is the right answer to win and gain a better score than the other teams.

This team-building activity improves communication and can help to increase understanding in various areas. Some of your team members may be shocked to discover how much a member of the team can be knowledgeable about a tricky subject!

The game can be held online with MS Teams, Zoom, or Skype You can also make the offline version an online one with special software and tools such as Weljo.

Team Building Virtual Activities

Two Truths And A Lie

This is an excellent game for improving communication between workers and encouraging the creativity skills of each participant. The game can be played both in small groups of 3-4 persons as well as larger groups. The only thing the players have to complete is to come up with three hilarious stories, two of which are actually true about them, while the third one is lying. The others in the group have to decide which of these stories is a lie.

Gather the employees together and allow all of them join in or make use of breakout rooms within MS Teams or Zoom for them to talk and talk about their thoughts, and then watch them cooperate in bringing the team together to win!

What I'd like to have done

This is, by far, the best game for a team that is new or team members who want to know more about their fellow teammates, and the rules are quite simple! All you would need to do is discuss potential scenarios and then give an explanation of the way you'd behave in such situations. These hypothetical scenarios could be developed by the organiser of an event as well as the participants. They could be as wild as you want they to be!

What I'd have Done might be a fantastic game your group could play for their first time in a team-building activity Not just because it's straightforward, but also because it will assist the participants in understanding their coworkers more effectively! In addition, this is not a competition game that could be ideal for the first time meetings, as it would not divide people between teams that are not compatible or create tension between the two teams.

It's clear that the majority of traditional team-building events like boards games, scavenger hunts or egg drop were designed for offline teams as people need physical contact with objects in the real world. However, if you want to alter any of these games for online groups or look for other options for holding events that are suitable for remote teams, visit Weljo for suggestions for creative breaks.

Weljo can assist with remote and hybrid teams collaboration

Weljo is an online service which aids in decreasing the stress and loneliness of remote work. It gives you ideas for impromptu and planned breaks.

The main goal of the service is to help employees working remotely ways to recognize the difference between their the work and personal lives and ensure a positive work-life balance. Additionally, the company believes that social connection can be maintained and cultivated within any group, no regardless of size and whether members live in different areas.

If you are dealing with Weljo, you can choose from a myriad of games for team building that are available on their website, with concentration on the psychological aspect of team collaboration.

What is it that makes Weljo a powerful tool for improving team collaboration is the following:

  1. You have the option of choosing the time that you want to set for your event. There's an option of beginning at ten minutes however you are able to alter the time you'd like to spend engaging with colleagues.
  2. The algorithm is unique which allows you to discover the best fit for the kind of activity you've decided to pursue. The algorithm also takes your interests and preferences into account making it easier for you to locate a potential partner.
  3. In the present, security issues are of vital importance, Weljo takes care of every personal data and information. We can ensure you that it will not be shared or given to other third parties.

Team Building Virtual Activities

Numerous companies from all over the world have already worked with Weljo, and the statistics provide impressive results. As an example, a huge portion of employees claim that the service made them more productive and motivation and strengthened the relations inside their teams.

If you're in the market for an service that will help your workers feel more relaxed in their work places, Weljo is definitely a go-to. Offering a myriad of games, meditations and many other things, none your employees will ever suffer from loneliness or burning out even if they don't see their colleagues in person.

FAQ Frequently Asked Question - FAQ

What are the five Five C's to teambuilding?

Effective communication in the team is crucial to achieve the company's objectives on time and avoiding surprises in the internal processes. There are five elements of team building which improve relations within the team, which are collaboration (giving assistance providing resources and sharing information) as well as cooperation (the capability and the desire to assist colleagues) as well as communication (the method used to communicate messages across) also called consensus (the capability to take mutual decisions) and dedication (the hard work and dedication that employees put into).

What team-building activities can you do to increase employee retention?

Most team-building activities can increase retention and decrease turnover. The most sought-after methods are those linked to community service such as planting trees and helping people who are in need. In addition, managers and HR specialists often organized lunch breaks night outs, or even days off with colleagues as well as games that give their employees a chance to get to know each people better and appreciate the company more.

Why is team building exercises so important?

Exercises for team building are a great method of building healthy relationships within a team. If the members of a team appreciate, respect and value each as individuals this will show directly in the way they perform tasks. Many managers believe it's crucial to have an organisation's culture to be able to hold frequent events, as they improve the overall spirit and attitude of large and small groups.

Are there any suggestions for the best option for my team to do?

If you need to choose the most appropriate activity for your team, first be sure to determine whether the activity you prefer will fit to the dimensions and the location of the group. Sometimes it is not easy finding a suitable solution for a virtual team even though some activities offline such as office trivia might be suitable. Another option is to use a specific service such as Weljo to aid you in this matter and inspire your team to work more.

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