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What is virtual group building and why should you use it? The truth is that parallel to the many benefits of working from home brings remote workers, there's a myriad of obstacles to personal and social character.

Virtual team-building exercises are essential in ensuring that each worker's well-being is maintained as well as to ensure that employees do not lose social connections. Always having the opportunity to talk with and provide support to colleagues in their work and decrease the feeling of loneliness and anxiety.

How can you be productive and at the same all the while working from a virtual location? There are a myriad of highly-specialized functions available on the Teams platform! If you're looking to find out more about the advantages from virtual team-building events and more about the best games for building teams online and events, check out beneficial Weljo techniques!

Teambuilding Activiteswith Weljo

Remote Team Building Activities and Their Advantage

In the context of routine tasks, team members from remote locations face some issues related to the lower efficiency of their work as well as the deterioration in their health and social skills.

According to data gathered from the chiefs of remote work teams, some of the major problems are:

1. Combination of home and work life

In this instance, a person can neither focus on work and relax. This worsens both lifestyle quality and the quality of work.

2. Unavailability of assistance

If there is a requirement for advice or a discussion on a workplace matter, remote workers may need to be more careful call colleagues in time. It is not always clear who is available and who is not, and a team member who requires contact urgently may not respond in time.

3. Absence of any real social interaction while continuously requiring an online presence

This is a situation where there are two side to the coin and both of them are unlucky. On the other hand members of virtual teams have no chance to interact with colleagues face-to-face. This can lead to more miscommunication due to the fact that text-based communication does not effectively convey intonations and messages that a person might interpret from someone's actions when they are in reality. On the other hand, members of remote teams are likely to feel pressured by their employers to be present in the online space at all times, even after the end of working hours as well as the work week. In turn, this can lead to the inability to get enough rest and a desire to be away from their surroundings, and professional burnout.

4. Health issues that cause more sick leave

If employees have breaks for lunch, coffee, etc. at work, then while at home the majority of them bring coffee or food directly to the desktop to save time and finish earlier. The problem is that they are constantly sitting and the inability to spend time stretching, getting up or going to the dining room, and returning, as well as spending prolonged amount of time looking at the computer screen, without a break causes more strain on the spinal column and vision.

Beneficial impact of healthy breaks for team-building

All of these issues dramatically slow down the process and slow down task completion in general.

In this way it is vital to begin the process toward:

  1. Differentiation of work and rest Reduction of workload
  2. Combating burnout and ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of remote employees;
  3. Increasing the efficiency of work and the dissemination of knowledge and assistance between remote teams;
  4. Improve the indicators of interest and engagement at work;
  5. The goal is to increase employee satisfaction and team morale and reducing employee turnover.
  6. Opportunities for virtual team bonding.

Teambuilding Activites - Weljo

What is the significance of virtual team building? You should be in certainty that it's. It remains to be understood exactly how to implement the team building initiative within your work environment you can maximize the participation of co-workers.

How Weljo Can Help You Reach Team Building Objectives

Weljo bot comes with a number of exciting virtual team-building exercises that are easily included in Microsoft Teams. With features such as video calls, online interactive white boards, as well chat rooms, Weljo bot gives you a huge variety of fun break games that are ideal for remote employees.

What is Weljo do to help facilitate virtual team-based activities and promote the culture of your company?

  • It offers remote workers needed breaks, both planned and spontaneous ones. In order for employees to not forget about their scheduled rest time, Weljo will take control of this. If any team members is needing a break, the only thing they need to be able to do is inform the Weljo bot.
  • Weljo brings together colleagues and allows them to spend time together in a fun and interactive manner. make a Teams video call, or converse with colleagues via MS Teams Chat. A lot of people feel uncomfortable to call a colleague by themselves and request to chat with them in the midst of a lot of work to be done. Weljo assists in solving this issue by letting other group members know that one of them wants to chill together. It only permits the members to accept the offer. So, employees won't feel like they're annoying someone.
  • Weljo can match people from different departments. That's why, with Weljo bot games that include fun games and activities that teams choose to play together, the team members get to know further.
  • Weljo provides entertaining activities in teams to work on which are excellent exercises for team building that allow people to forget about physical distance.
  • Weljo offers breaks for two persons (one-on-one), breaks for a team of members or breaks to the entire team.
  • Coworkers may choose the duration of a break, from a brief one (10 minutes) with one-on-1, to a long break (60 mins) for groups of workers.
  • Weljo is prepared to work on any team of any size, and is ready to help promote team participation and bring together remote teams across the globe.
  • If your company uses Teams You don't have any other platform because it is easy to integrate Weljo bots into your workflow process.

All in all, Weljo disposes of various opportunities to get remote teams involved to have fun and healthy breaks. Are you excited to find out that playing online games as well as practicing meditation and taking part in light activities like yoga, as well as making short relaxed online sessions via videoconference call, might become part of your daily routine Take a look the suggestions for virtual team building.

Fun Virtual Team Building Activities: Online Office Games

For a discussion of each in greater in depth, it is possible to divide all online teams-building activities and team events into various categories. With the aid of Weljo it is possible to use such virtual team-building tools as getting other team members involved in virtual coffee breaks which allow them to discuss non-work-related topicsin a relaxed environment. They can play engaging virtual games and learn more about each other and increase their communication skills. You can even conquer virtual team challenges and thus consolidate their team bonds.

For short breaks or large rest pauses, Weljo can be used in any situation. Let's discover which virtual games companies can utilize and what fun events it can arrange using Weljo to keep employees motivated to stay here in the longest time possible.

Teambuilding Activites

Online Team Games

Virtual team games serve different objectives, which is why we'll divide them in three groups and provide the following examples:

To have fun and keep cool off the brain

These are short, simple, and fun games that let employees to unwind after long hours of work. It is a good idea to arrange a group games of bingo. While the pandemic was in full swing, many employees had the pleasure of having fun with their colleagues with a multitude of coincidences. This is where you can insert funny scenarios such as "can never switch on the camera in time," "animal sounds in the background," "family members in the background," etc.

Another instance of a great game is Making Stories with GIFs. A colleague begins the story and then the others are required to add their own GIFs in order to make something amazing and funny.

"Spott The Difference is a game that falls on this spectrum. For instance online teams compete to see who can find all the differences first. This is accompanied by access to work privileges for the winner. Virtual Scavenger Huntis similar, except that you'll need to find all the necessary objects that are in your vicinity, so this type of game is popular with remote employees.

The Weljo bot provides all these tasks, so you don't have to think about how to organize them.

To get to know each fellow

These games of team-building are aimed at allowing colleagues to reveal the unrelated aspects of their personalities and make solid connections. For this, we start our team-building game top chart with well-known virtual Trivia. The premise behind Virtual Team Trivia is that two teams compete by answering the most common or hilarious questions related to general knowledge. The team with the best correct answers will win. Thus, employees will not only learn who is most knowledgeable, but will also have a lot of fun the process.

The teams with the highest success in remote areas will have stronger bonds. So trying another bonding game is definitely worth it. Utilizing the Together Mode in Guess Who an individual among employees, in a group meeting, may choose one person to be a spy and have others ask questions regarding them. Members who are named as not suitable for the team can cut off the cameras as long as there's only one left, or the secret individual cannot be identified.

Teambuilding Activites


It's not a secret that challenges are the best means of uniting a group. Therefore, we've chosen some of the most thrilling challenges available to enable the players to get lost into the game. An escape room-like experience or puzzle-solving, riddles and more come together in exhilarating games designed for large teams.

For instance, Espionage offers colleagues the chance to feel like they're counterintelligence the company, and was flooded with spies trying to take important secrets. Spicy plot twists and unexpected endings will delight even the most skeptical viewers.

War of the Wizards is another major-scale virtual team-building exercise. However, this time the team is transported to the world of spells, potions thrilling battles. Both games last about 90 minutes and need an enormous number of players. If you're planning an exciting event that includes fun questions and escape rooms with virtual happy hours it's sure to be a memorable event for your employees.

Weljo and Virtual Team Building Activities for Recharging Breaks

The need for a well-deserved break after the successful management of a project is essential If you're thinking ways to create it enjoyable and exciting, you've come to the right place. The length of breaks Weljo gives can vary between 10 minutes and one hour. It's all dependent on the type of break your company chooses.

If an individual from a remote team takes a break They can choose:

  1. A short break that is spontaneous. It is generally short, lasting 10 minutes, available whenever an employee is tired and requires a little distraction in the kind of a rejuvenating activity for restoring efficiency.
  2. A planned break. It's a pre-planned, 10-15 minutes break. Weljo offers the same type of events as the spontaneous ones however the workers are aware of the scheduled time ahead. So, they join at the agreed time through MS Teams or another video conference service.
  3. A break of 10 minutes prior to a virtual conference call. A break like this prior to an important virtual conference call that requires focus and concentration is not just a way to increase productivity but also aid to make the experience of virtual meetings more enjoyable.
  4. Virtual team-building exercise: group conference. A similar online team building activity could last between 30 and 60 minutes. The Weljo bot aids in a virtual gathering and provides interesting activities that can make the virtual meeting enjoyable. This makes this kind of break ideal for long celebrations and events for team-building. In case you're planning a virtual dance event or a fun game with your coworkers or friends, you could also expand it with the variety of activities Weljo bot can provide.

What is the complete range of activities that Weljo bot would like to be involved in? They include:

  • Bonding games, that were previously discussed
  • Questions for water-cooler discussions in order to replicate real-life conversations remote employees aren't able to have;
  • Mild exercises to relieve the discomfort of sitting for long hours in one position, training for the eyes yoga, and even light exercise routines
  • Exercises in mindfulness as well as slow-moving activities like meditative or listening to soothing music and spending a few minutes analyzing feelings and emotions.

To summarize it is that having fun is a crucial factor to successful virtual teams building. This is why, with Weljo you can develop a positive company style in your company, where individuals compete for positions!

Most Frequently Asked Questions -- FAQs

What is the best way to determine if your company requires more team-building activities?

There's nothing new about the fact that if the employee feels they're being surrounded by a hostile work environment and doesn't have enough time to time off, and are unable to seek assistance. The motivation of employees may decline, too. If you've noticed that your workplace efficiency has begun to drop and employees are not even interested in the outcome of their work then it's probably not going well. But nothing that team building techniques would not be able to fix.

How does Weljo make use of MS Teams features for team building?

Weljo bot utilizes MS Teams to connect two and more employees via video chat. Furthermore to gaming, the Weljo bot let employees experiment with different icebreakers, find out about their common interests and unwind over some fun games.

How much will an Weljo subscription cost? what is included?

Weljo offers its new customers one-week trial periods so they will be able to see what benefits they can expect, including improvement in teamwork and greater involvement in the end. The trial is for free and runs for two weeks. To upgrade your service, you'll be required to select your monthly plan. The cost of our services will be based on number of employees participating, starting at just $ 3 per month. We can include any specific requests you may have and are willing to negotiate the best pricing plan to meet your requirements.

Do I know for certain that Weljo prevents leaks?

Data protection is guaranteed for the company thanks to Weljo because it is paying particular attention in the preservation of personal information. Weljo assures the protection of anyone else being exposed user data and applies data security practices in its everyday work. Personal conversations between employees will be completely anonymous.

What's a routine Weljo effectiveness evaluation?

This is a special assessment made for corporate leaders every month to keep track of the progress of employee satisfaction Weljo bot as well as their health level. When you first begin working with Weljo You will be provided with an invitation to take part in an evaluation of your company's climate to find out the weaknesses of your team. Each monthly, Weljo is able to collect and look at the moods of employees as well as wellbeing levels to be aware of any changes and then adjust the workplace's guidelines using the Weljo bot.

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