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Trust Building Activities for Teams

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What is virtual team building and why should you use it? It's important to note that side by side with the many benefits that working from home offers remote workers, there are also a number of aspects that can be challenging in terms of personal and interpersonal personality.

Virtual team-building and activities are vital in maintaining a worker's overall well-being and to ensure that they don't lose social connections, always are able to connect with and encourage team members in work issues. This can help reduce the feeling of loneliness and anxiety.

How to stay effective and, at the exact all the while working from a remote location? There are a myriad of highly-specialized features on the Teams platform! If you're looking to find out more about the benefits of team-building through virtual games along with the best virtual team-building games and events, then read on about the most effective Weljo techniques!

Trust Building Activities for Teamswith Weljo

Remote Team Building Activities and Their Benefit

When it comes to routine tasks, team members from remote locations are faced with a number of challenges, namely working efficiency decline as well as the deterioration in physical and social capabilities.

According to data gathered from the leaders of remote teams, some of the major problems are:

1. Fusion of home and professional life

In this case there is no way to concentrate on work nor fully relax. This affects both the quality of life as well as working quality.

2. Lack of assistance availability

If there is a requirement for advice or a discussion on a workplace issue, remote workers may find it difficult be in contact with their colleagues quickly. It is not always clear who is in contact and who isn't and a team member who requires contact urgently may not get a response on time.

3. The absence of real social interaction with the need to constantly maintain an online presence

That's the situation when there are two aspects to the coin and both can be a disaster. One side is that the team member who is virtual has little chance of seeing their colleagues face-to-face. This can cause more miscommunication because text messages can't be always accurate in transmitting intonations or subtext that a person may see from an individual's actions in real life. On the other hand remote team members might feel compelled to be on the online space at all times, even after the end of working hours or the work week. This leads to an inability of getting adequate rest and a desire far from their colleagues as well as professional burnout.

4. Health problems that result in more sick days

If employees are allowed breaks for lunch, coffee or lunch. at work or at home many bring coffee or lunch directly to their desks in order to speed up their work and finish early. It's just that constant sitting, determination to avoid getting up, stretches, going to the dining room, and back, as well as the long time before the computer screen without taking breaks just exacerbates the problems with the spine and vision.

Benefits of regular breaks to build teamwork

All of these challenges significantly reduce the efficiency of workflows and lower the efficiency of the task's completion overall.

In this sense, virtual team-building activities are only essential to get started towards advancing towards:

  1. Diversification of work and rest or reducing the workload
  2. To combat burnout and ensure the physical and mental health of remote workers;
  3. Facilitating the work efficiency and the transfer of knowledge and assistance between remote teams;
  4. Making it easier to measure engagement and passion for work;
  5. In enhancing employee satisfaction, keeping high morale within the team, and reducing turn-over as a result.
  6. Increased opportunities for virtual group bonding.

Trust Building Activities for Teams - Weljo

Is virtual team building important? Today, you should have confidence that it's. It is still to be determined precisely how to implement the team building program throughout your life to enhance the involvement of co-workers.

How Weljo Helps Teams to Reach Team Building Goals

Weljo bot is a tool that offers a variety of fun and engaging team-building games that can be easily integrated into Microsoft Teams. With features like call video, online Whiteboards as well as chats Weljo bot offers a large variety of entertaining break games that are ideal for remote employees.

What is Weljo provide to help with virtual teamwork and increase company culture?

  • It provides remote workers with the necessary breaks: both planned and impulsive ones. So that employees do not neglect their rest periods, Weljo will take control of this. If one of team members are needing a break there is only one thing they must do is notify them via Weljo bot.
  • Weljo allows teammates to connect and allows them to connect in an interactive manner: set up an MS Teams video call or communicate in the MS Teams Chat. There are many people who find it awkward to reach out to a friend on their own and ask to spend time with them while there's plenty of work going on around. Weljo helps solve this problem by notifying other group members about a colleague who is willing an opportunity to unwind together. It allows only the available members to take advantage of this offer. Therefore, employees does not feel as if they are disturbing someone.
  • Weljo allows you to connect with people from various departments. This is why, by playing Weljo bots and games with enjoyable events that teammates choose together they get to know them better.
  • Weljo provides entertaining activities in teams, which can be great virtual team-building activities that let people forget about physical distance.
  • Weljo offers breaks for two people (one-on-one) breaks that are shared by several team members or breaks for the entire team.
  • Employees are able to select the length of a break. This can range from short breaks (10 minutes) for one-on-1 meetings to an extended break (60 minute) for a group.
  • Weljo is at ease working with any size group and is willing to support team collaboration and connect teams that are located across the globe.
  • If your company is using Teams but you do not need to move to a different platform since you're able to seamlessly incorporate Weljo bot into your business process.

In the end, Weljo disposes of various possibilities to involve remote teams in healthy, enjoyable breaks. If you're delighted to know how playing online games in meditation, or performing light physical exercises along with having short leisurely online calls via video conference call, can be regular routine, have a look at the following ideas for team building via virtual technology.

Fun Virtual Team Building Activities: Online Office Games

To go over each one in greater in detail, let us divide all the online team-building and virtual team-building events into distinct categories. With the help of Weljo you can utilize tools for virtual team-building such as having other team members participate in virtual coffee breaks and allowing them to discuss topics outside of workor topics. Participants can play a variety of fun virtual games, and discover something new about each other and improve their communication abilities. They can also overcome difficulties in virtual teams to strengthen the collective bond.

For small breaks or for longer pauses for rest, Weljo is indispensable. Let's see which virtual games a company can use and what exciting events it can organize with the help of Weljo to keep employees excited to be here for as long as it's possible.

Trust Building Activities for Teams

Online Team Games

Virtual team games fulfill diverse purposes, so we'll group them into three groups and provide several examples for each:

To be entertained and cool off the brain

These are short, simple and fun game that allows employees to chill out after working hard. The first step is to organize a group gaming session called Bingo. In the midst of the pandemic, a lot of office workers had already experienced the pleasure of having fun and making their colleagues laugh by making them laugh with a string of random coincidences. You can add funny scenarios like "can never switch into the camera on time," "animal sounds in the background," "family members in the background," etc.

Another example of a jolly game is creating Stories with GIFs. The story is told by one of your colleagues and the rest of the team should add their GIFs to make it appear holistic and hilarious.

Spot the Difference is yet another game on this spectrum. For instance, virtual teams can compete with each other to determine who will spot the differences first. This is accompanied by advantages related to work as a result. Virtual Scavenger Huntis basically the same thing, however you must collect or identify all the necessary things in your environment, thus this online game is immensely popular among remote workers.

The Weljo bot offers all those activities, so you don't need to consider how to arrange them.

For getting to know each to get to know each

These games of team-building are aimed at allowing coworkers to show the other side of their personalities and build solid friendships. In this instance, we begin our team-building on the top chart by playing online Trivia. The fundamental idea behind Virtual Team Trivia is that two teams compete against each other by asking routine or humorous questions pertaining to general knowledge. Team that can provide the most correct answers will win. The employees will also not just be able to determine who is most knowledgeable but also will have lots of fun in the process.

The most productive remote teams also have strong bonding. The idea of playing another bonding sport is definitely worth it. Using The Together Mode in Guess Who one of the participants, during a meeting, could choose a secret person and make other participants ask questions about them. Unsuitable team members are able to switch off the cameras until there's only one person left and the person is not guessed.

Trust Building Activities for Teams


It's not a secret that challenges are the best way to unify a group. So, we chose an assortment of exciting games to ensure that the team is immersed into the game. Escape rooms in virtual reality such as puzzle solving, riddles, and other fun things become thrilling in exciting games designed for large teams.

As an example, Espionage offers co-workers the chance to feel as counterintelligence the company, and was filled with spies attempting to steal important secrets. Unexpected plot twists and shocking final moments will enthrall even the most skeptical people.

War of the Wizards is yet another large-scale online activities for team building. This time, the team is transported to the world of potions, spells,, and battles that are epic. Each game takes around 90 minutes and require many players. If you are planning to organize an event filled with excitement, riddles or virtual escape rooms during virtual happy hours, it's an unforgettable experience for your colleagues.

Weljo and Virtual Team Building Activities to Recharge Pauses

It is essential to take a break after the successful management of a project is essential If you're wondering how to make it enjoyable as well as engaging, you've stumbled to the right spot. The length of breaks Weljo offers could range between 10 minutes and one hour. It depends on the kind of break your company would like to use.

When an employee of a remote team has to take a break you can choose to:

  1. A brief break in the spontaneity. It is generally 10-minute breaks which is offered whenever a worker gets tired and requires something to distract them in the form of an activity that is refreshing to restore working efficiency.
  2. A scheduled break. This is a pre-planned 10-15 minutes break during which Weljo gives the same kinds of activities as those that occur spontaneously, but co-workers are aware of the timing in advance. This means that they connect to the time they have agreed upon via MS Teams or another video web conferencing system.
  3. The break should last for 10 minutes prior to taking a conference call via virtual. A break before the call, which requires concentration and focus can not only boost productivity, but also assist to make virtual conference calls enjoyable.
  4. Virtual team-building event: group call. An online gathering can run between 30 and 60 minutes. The Weljo bot facilitates creating a virtual meeting, and also provides engaging activities to make the virtual gathering enjoyable. It makes this kind of break suitable for lengthy virtual team-building events and virtual parties. Therefore, if you're planning to have a dance party in virtual reality or playing games with your team It is also possible to diversify it with the activities Weljo bot has to offer.

What is the complete array of activities that Weljo bot would like to be involved in? These include:

  • Bonding games, that were already mentioned
  • Questions to be asked at water-cooler conversations to mimic real-life conversations that remote employees aren't able to have;
  • Mild exercises to relieve the pain caused by sitting for long periods in a posture, training for the eye Yoga, even light exercise routines
  • Practice mindfulness exercises as well relaxing activities such as meditation or listening to soothing music and spending some time processing emotions and thoughts.

In conclusion it is that having fun is a key to successful virtual team building. This is why, with Weljo it is possible to create a thriving corporate image in your workplace that individuals compete for positions!

Most Asked Questions FAQs

How do you determine if your business requires more team-building activities?

There's nothing shocking about the reality that employees feel like they're confronted by an unpleasant environment or don't get regular rest, or are unable to seek help. Motivation could decrease, too. If you're noticing that your work efficiency is beginning to decrease and employees are not even interested in the final product of their effort, then the things may not be being done well. It's nothing that team-building exercises cannot solve.

What is the process by which Weljo make use of MS Teams features for team development?

Weljo bot makes use of MS Teams to connect two or more employees face-to-face with video chat. In addition gaming capabilities, the Weljo bot allows employees to play a variety of icebreakers, discover about the common interests of each other as well as just relax over a game of fun.

How much does an Weljo subscription cost? what exactly is included?

Weljo gives new customers the chance to try out a trial so that customers can evaluate for themselves the benefits of changes like an improvement in teamwork and a greater involvement in the end. The trial period is totally free and runs for a period of two weeks. If you want to upgrade your service, you will be required to select your monthly plan. Pricing for our services will be tailored to the number of employees who participate that start at just 3 dollars per user. We're able to accommodate any requests that you may have and are open to negotiating the best price plan that is best suited to your needs.

Can I be sure Weljo stops leaks?

The company's data is secured with Weljo, as it pays extra attention to the preservation of personal information. Weljo assures the protection of the disclosure of third-party user information and implements protocols for data security in its everyday work. The content of personal conversations between employees will be completely anonymous.

What's a regular Weljo evaluation of effectiveness?

This is a special assessment for the company's leaders, which is created each month to assess improvement in the satisfaction of employees using Weljo bot, as well as their wellbeing level. Prior to the beginning of your collaboration with Weljo it will send you an invitation to take an annual survey of your corporate climate in order to detect any weaknesses in your team. Each monthly, Weljo is able to collect and study the moods and well-being levels to stay on top about trends and make adjustments to the firm's policies with the help of Weljo bot.

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