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Collaboration and healthy relationships within groups is the key in helping any company grow and grow in the best way it can. Teams that work as close-knit communities that provide the required cooperation to each other yield better results. In addition the team members in such clusters are happier with their work.

Team bonding undoubtedly becomes even more essential in remote teams or teams with distributed members, since there is a lack of human interaction in their daily communicating and are unable easily socialize with their colleagues at the coffee machine. In addition it is difficult to wait for a response from their teammate. They also struggle to communicate questions to each other, in ignorance of the difficulties which might surface on other side.

This article is going to provide you with some insights about the challenges teams that are remote or hybrid may face in their workplace and will provide a full description of team-building exercises for tasks that will help you as a team leader raise the morale of small or large groups.

Team communication difficulties

Inspiring and nurturing strong relationships is always a concern for team managers, especially when it comes to managing members of the group who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

There are some obstacles managers must overcome to ensure that their teams could effectively communicate, and here are some of them:

  1. All members of the group have different cultural backgrounds: since every particular culture has its own specifics which sometimes lead to cultural clashes or misunderstandings in the group. To prevent this from happening, it should become a part of the culture of the organization to educate all the employees who work in small groups about certain basic traits that diverse cultures share.
  2. Stress: we understand that meeting deadlines on a strict schedule and having unending backlogs of work can impact relationships within the team, especially if people are working on interdependent tasks. To avoid causing unnecessary stress in the team, it's essential for team members to learn management skills and foster the environment for open communication which encourages team dynamics.
  3. Different ways to tackle communication The group members may prefer to communicate in one particular manner. For example, some people prefer keeping team-building events focused and short, while others prefer to interact with people whose faces are able to see. On the other hand, prefer to have text-based conversations not video calls. Hence, team building activity is an excellent tool which helps teams learn the best methods to communicate with each other depending on the purpose and personality of an individual.
  4. The level of trust isn't enough If all members of the team aren't confident that they can speak freely and without being afraid to acknowledge inconsistencies, it could be difficult to attain good results. Every team member must view gatherings as a safe venue to be able to speak and share their thoughts. However, even if it's just a virtual team, management have to create a supportive atmosphere and share thoughts to strengthen the bonds of the team.

Trust Team Building Activitieswith Weljo

Presently, we see the many methods and strategies available for team members to take care of each other and respect. One of the most straightforward ways to improve relationships working from a distance is to hold team-building events focused on communication in listening and listening, creative Thinking, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Below, you'll see the benefits that team-building exercises could bring to any team as well as what fun team building activities you can engage in while welcoming new members to the team and fostering team connection within the already existing team.

Activity for team building and group-building for adult pros

If you have decided to work on improving cohesion and encouraging members to be more cooperative in your group and teams, group-building exercises provide a fun approach to reach your goal in the short term. With games designed to build teamwork it is possible to increase the cohesion of your team and increase trust throughout the team.

Below you will find some of the advantages a team-building activity, even if simple team building exercises that takes place regularly can bring to any company regardless of size or nature:

1. Communication becomes more smooth

Team building exercises aim to improve communication in the first place. Team-building exercises for corporate teams help create a relaxing atmosphere that encourages employees to share their knowledge, ideas as well as their opinions. In a session for team building teams are expected to collaborate on a solution to a problem that is often in the form of a fun game. In this way, they can learn many things about each other's communication styles and personalities and are able to apply that knowledge in their workplaces.

2. A team-building exercise teaches people how to collaborate

It can be a challenge at times to find out how you can work efficiently towards a common goal in particular when talking about a large amount of individuals who live in different locations. However, when taking part at a team-building activity and team members are exposed to the ways that they can cooperate with one another, solicit or offer assistance, as and also share responsibility. These types of scenarios can provide a lot of insights into aspects of effective and efficient communication in daily life.

3. Exercises to build teams for work develop problem-solving skills and creative thinking

Aside from being fun events where team members play classic games and healthy competition, a event for team building can teach problem solving skills and encourage people to think outside of the box. In the case of an example, when a group is playing an escape room, they have cooperate to find ways to come up with a solution that is creative and achieves an agreed-upon goal. After that, these skills can use in brainstorming and preparing a sales pitch and will assist in coming out with ideas that are innovative.

4. Activities for team building have an effect on the morale of the team

If everyone is determined to achieve shared goals and developing ideas to accomplish them, this improves their motivation at work and makes them feel more loved by their colleagues. A happy and positive environment in the team improves employee retention, and reduced turnover in staff as well with increasing satisfaction of employees and avoids burnout.

As you realize, these kinds of activities as teambuilding games for adults only bring positive results for creating a strong team. Whenever you wish to introduce the best methods of team building to your team, whether it's traditional games or something more original and innovative, visit the Weljo website to discover ideas for building teams you can implement at your next group meeting online or in an office space.

Fun team building activities for your group examples

There's a myriad of diverse activities that can take up to a couple of minutes or hours to be executed in one or in multiple teams. It's entirely your decision to pick, a more informal one, or even a specific game that can make teams compete with each other. If you are struggling with options, you can use the Weljo site as a way to start where you will find suggestions for breaks that are planned and spontaneous during the working day.

In the present, there are many people working online so it may be harder to come up with some exciting gaming games simply because many of them were created for offline use. But with the help of websites with specialization like Weljo, you can adapt the games to an online format, so that there are still opportunities for your team to improve their communication skills!

To give you an overview of what one can accomplish to welcome new recruits to the team or improve relationships with the current team, we have prepared some suggestions for activities that enhance communication between team members.

Trust Team Building Activities - Weljo

Scavenger hunt

The game begins by preparing some items each team needs to find within a time-limit. The team that wins is the one that comes to the finish line first with all the items checked off the list.

This type of activity is extremely beneficial to learning to communicate and develop problem-solving skills and also creates a positive, happy atmosphere within a team. We are fully aware that this sport was originally created for off-line environments where people are able to find items at the office or even in nature but Weljo had already translated this activity online.

Office trivia

This game should be played in two teams and more, since it's a type of challenge between players. The aim is to identify the questions that hold an important significance and then discuss the solution for the chance to win, and get a superior score over the other teams.

This team-building event encourages communication and helps to extend knowledge in different areas. You and your team members may be shocked at how much one team member is aware of a specific topic!

The game can easily be played online using MS Teams, Zoom, or Skype. Additionally, you can modify the offline version to an online version using specialized equipment and software such as Weljo.

Trust Team Building Activities

Two Truths and a Lies

This game is extremely beneficial to increase communication between colleagues and encouraging the creativity capabilities of all participants. The game is played both in small groups of 3-4 people as well as in larger groups. The only thing players must think of is coming up with three humorous stories, two of which are true to them, and one of which is a lie. Then, the other team members have to decide which of the stories is lying.

You can gather the employees together, and let each of them join in or use breakout rooms in MS Teams or Zoom to allow them to share information and discuss their answers, and watch as they work together to help bring their team to victory!

What I would have done

This is by far the best activity for teams new to the sport or team members to get more about their coworkers as the game rules are quite simple! The only thing you need to do is discuss hypothetical scenarios and offer information about what you'd do in these scenarios. What-if scenarios can be developed through the organizer of the event as well as by participants, and they can be as crazy as you'd like them to be!

What I'd Have Done could be a great game your team might want to play at their first team-building activity: not only because it's straightforward, but also because it could assist participants in understanding their colleagues more effectively! In addition, it's not a competition game that can be advantageous during your initial team meetings because it will not split people into opposing teams or create tension among those teams.

It's apparent that the majority traditional team-building games like scavenger hunts, board games and egg drop were created for offline teams since people are supposed to be in interaction with objects in real life. However, if there is a need to alter one of these activities for online teams, or discover other ideas for organising events for remote teams, look into Weljo for suggestions for creative breaks.

Weljo is here to assist with hybrid and remote teams' collaboration

Weljo is an online service that aids in reducing stress and loneliness of remote working by offering ideas for impromptu and planned breaks.

The objective of the service is to help those working remotely methods to differentiate between personal life and work and also maintain a good work/life balance. Furthermore, the company believes that social bonds is possible to establish and maintain in any team, no regardless of size and regardless of whether teammates are located in different places.

If you have a relationship with Weljo then you can select from a variety of games for team building that are available on the Weljo website, with particular attention to the emotional aspect of team collaboration.

What is it that makes Weljo an effective tool in helping teams collaborate are the following:

  1. You are able to choose the time limit you wish to set in an activity. You have the option of beginning at ten minutes but you are able customize the time you want to spend in socializing with colleagues.
  2. There's a unique algorithm that helps you find the best option for the job you've decided to pursue. The algorithm considers your preferences and interests into account making it easier for you to locate a compatible partner.
  3. Given that security issues are of utmost concern, Weljo takes care of your personal data and information. We can ensure you that it won't be divulged or transferred to other third parties.

Trust Team Building Activities

Many corporations around the world have attempted to work with Weljo The data show impressive results. For instance, a substantial amount of employees report that the service brought them more productivity and motivation, and also strengthened relationships within their teams.

If you are searching for an service that will help your employees feel more relaxed at their workplaces, Weljo is definitely a must-have. With a wide range of games, meditations, and other activities none of your employees will ever be afflicted by loneliness or burnout even if there is no chance to meet their colleagues in the flesh.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 C's of team building?

It is true that effective communication within the team is essential to achieving the company's targets on time, and also avoiding unexpected issues in the internal processes. There are five components of teambuilding that strengthen relationships within the team and they include collaboration (giving support and sharing information and resources) as well as cooperation (the capability and the desire in helping your teammates) Communication (the means by which the team members get their messages across) and finally, consensus (the ability to come to mutual decision) as well as commitment (the perseverance and commitment that employees put in).

What are some team-building activities that can help employee retention?

Any team-building activity is able to enhance retention and reduce turnover. But, the most popular choices are those related to doing community service or planting trees as well as helping those in need. Furthermore Managers and HR specialists often had lunch breaks with shared lunches as well as nights or days out with colleagues or even games in order to provide their employees with the chance of getting to know each other better and value the business more.

Why is team building exercises so important?

The team-building exercises are a wonderful means to establish healthy relationships within a group. If the members of a team respect, value and are able to appreciate each in a way that is personal it will show directly in the way they conduct their jobs. Many managers think that it's vital to a company culture to hold these kinds of events regularly as they add to the overall morale and atmosphere inside both big and small teams.

Do you know the best way to get my team involved?

If you're trying to pick an appropriate option of your team, you need to consider whether the activities you enjoy most will work depending on the size and location of the team. Sometimes it's not easy to find the right solution for a virtual team, though certain offline activities like office trivia can work. It is also possible to utilize a special service such as Weljo to aid you in this area and help inspire the team to collaborate better.

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