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While the pandemic was in progress, new forms of working emerged that allowed workers to carry out the majority of everyday tasks using online platforms. Thus, the development of remote teams is now one of the main challenges for companies whose employees work at home. While it's not difficult to carry out team-building exercises in the traditional offline environment, managers will face several obstacles while trying to develop relationships within their remote teams.

Virtual team building activities for remote teams are the way to go to promote team collaboration and improve employee engagement as well as improve the overall atmosphere in your team. Your online team shouldn't be solely about work, particularly when informal interactions have been established to be effective in building stronger teams.

One method of starting group-building exercises remotely involves involving your workers in short virtual meetings during their breaks. Weljo offers a variety of interesting options for virtual team members which range from basic chats and online office games to collaborative meditation sessions and physical exercise by way of a virtual phone call. Discover more about the value and advantages of team bonding via virtual technology.

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Team Building for Remote Workers Common Errors

Before you can begin implementing virtual team-building initiatives in your company, learn what must be avoided in the first place. Many virtual event projects do not succeed due to other issues which prevent the team getting it done. To be sure that you will engage employees to the maximum extent possible, try to fix the following issues.

1. Mixing up the Roles

Remote work can become difficult when there's not clear boundaries among the duties of each employee. This could lead to an overwork for some employees or the inefficiency of your virtual team.

In addition, not only the scope of work for every member of the team has to be clearly stated, but also it should be explained to all the employees. This will help everyone recognize what their role within the company is and how others can support.

2. Conflicting Team Members

We all are human even when working in the virtual world, conflicts might arise. For people who do work in person the situations are simpler to deal with. Team leaders can choose to split the team so that their tasks do not overlap Find a solution to those common issues and negotiate the communication options that would satisfy both sides.

When remote employees are employed, the conflict may be difficult to discover in the beginning. It is a team-building exercise which will allow you to know about all the workers' troubles or their complaints others could be offered. If a conflict is already emerged within your team, offer possible solutions for working through it or offer your team the solutions to avoid personal disputes.

In order to improve team morale, it is necessary to create a welcoming environment for the team members to work. Furthermore, after any challenges that affect the virtual team are addressed, healthy communication will be also restored.

3. Poor Information Exchange

Concerning communication within the team that is working remotely, it's important to have information channels accessible to everyone. Employees who work in the same information systems will function more efficiently as the process of looking for necessary information will decrease.

Effective remote teams participate in active information exchange, which lets them show their achievements and contribute towards a common objective. No matter if it's a daily video conference or a platform with various posts by workers as well as a dependable communication platform should be created.

4. No Trusting Relationships Between Remote Workers

When there is no trust between team members and the other team members, numerous elements of the work can become inefficient. A worker may feel isolated of generating new ideas, voice opinions, or even sharing details that other team members may find useful. Virtual offices are another obstacle of feeling left out and not on an equal level with colleagues.

This is another factor that creates the need for virtual teambuilding. Learning how to build teams for remote teams can aid in creating interpersonal connections and facilitating communication. Team building exercises on the internet can be an excellent opportunity workers to expose their individuality that others may not realize.

Thus, teamwork that is remote can be quite challenging. However, it doesn't suggest that creating a relaxed and efficient remote culture is not possible. With the help of virtual team-building events as well as fun virtual games such as the games provided by Weljo, you will be able to motivate the team and deliver successful results.

Virtual Team Building Company - Weljo

Team Building Activities Benefits of Remote Work

To build strong remote team, proper virtual activity should be implemented. When team leaders begin the concept of team building online there are a myriad of collaboration and interpersonal elements improve which makes it easier for teams to achieve the same goals.

If you're confused about whether or not your virtual group actually needs team-building and team building, look over the following improvements to follow these activities:

  • Employees are more involved with the organization's work process and improvement of the community;
  • The turnover rate has decreased;
  • This corporate spirit is developed and appreciated by the workers;
  • The spirit of competition is introduced in order to increase involvement of the team
  • Employees are able to distribute tasks equally and prevent burnout and overload.
  • The workflow operates efficiently;
  • Sharing of knowledge and collaboration among team members are more productive;
  • Employees are happy with their working conditions;
  • The team stays in touch between them despite they are at different locations.
  • Employees form bonds over a one common goal of the organization.

Virtual team-building and activities are vital for any modern organization that wants to see its employees succeed. Implementation of team-building activities and bonding techniques creates a healthy working environment and motivation among the employees. Any leader of a team should encourage their remote team members to be involved not just at work, but in group activities as well.

To include remote teams in your virtual team-building strategies test different ways to make your virtual meeting fun and entertaining. If you are not sure how to turn a conference into a fun sport or make your virtual team feel closer to each other, check out the following article for some ideas.

Team Constructing Remote Teams

Virtual team-building activities do not need to be elaborate events with a lot of planning. In fact, regular conference calls with colleagues to discuss out-of-work matters and enjoy the time having fun could work more effectively as opposed to a huge virtual team building gathering that is scheduled once per year.

Recent research has revealed that the aspects of a successful remote working group include the amount of energy put into communication, the engagement of workers, and interactions among teams that have different specializations within the organization. One form of team-building which can enhance all these aspects is virtual breaks.

Virtual Team Building Company

Weljo offers companies and teams with any size and scope of work methods of incorporating effective communication tools. Setting up breaks on a conference call is easier when workers have the choice of how to use their time off during the working day. By adding Weljo into the video conferencing software you choose is among the most effective methods of creating virtual teams.

Tools for Team Building That Work

By using the tools offered by Weljo workers can control the time of their breaks, ranging from 15 to 30 minutes, in addition to the number of people of the online meeting. Now, the team members can take part in virtual team games or have virtual coffee breaks under the guidance of Weljo bot. Online games are an excellent opportunity for workers to unwind as they chat and have amusement and relaxation.

Be sure to look after the mental health of your team is just as important. To encourage mental health practices, allow your employees to video conferences including guided meditations. You can also do easy exercises to assist in relaxing following a long day at work. Performing team building virtually isn't too difficult as long as there's a way for employees to talk with one another after a Zoom call or a Microsoft Teams conference.

By using a virtual teambuilding tool as Weljo The workers will have less isolation even if they work from home. Teams will gradually increase trust in one another and, thereby, increase the likelihood of being productive. Furthermore, the emotion of unity due to regular virtual meetings can encourage team members to stay with the team for a long time.

Virtual Team Building Company

What is the reason Weljo Works for Virtual Team Building

A lot of companies have added Weljo breaks to various virtual team events to help team building. This tool is simple to use since there are many options to customize features that allow workers to ensure that their breaks are as relaxing and effective as is feasible.

For example, the opportunity to change the duration of breaks by a range of five to 30 minutes makes it simpler to not get consumed between important team meetings. The fun virtual breaks for team building can be divided between two employees or groups of people, based on the preference and duration. Discuss briefly any film you've recently watched, or join an active dance session to move your body bit.

Another great thing about Weljo is the way it helps teams connect by their specific interests. Find a colleague who shares similar interests, or is willing to relax similar to you and get to enjoy your company during your break.

No matter what your virtual interaction is about your personal information will be protected. All the connections are protected by safe algorithms that don't give any personal data of employees anywhere.

Weljo is used by the majority of businesses online communication tools like Slack, MS Teams, Zoom, MS Outlook, Gmail and Google Calendar. So, taking a break is just two clicks away. Automated bots will offer people who are taking part in the event tips on how they can have a great time with team members and increase their bond.

Virtual Team Building Takeaway

In the current age in which everyone is moving towards a more remote way of working this is quite a challenging task for employees to stay engaged and in the company. If before, the common workplace chats and gatherings after work could aid in improving the confidence and trust among employees. In the present, when everyone is in their homes, communication has become much more difficult. It is not possible to build a team. can cause feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and lack of enthusiasm in work, and problems having healthy relationships other workers.

Thankfully, the modern world has resulted in modern solutions. Through regular implementation of online team building activities management and leaders are able to create teams that are the most productive, and in terms of productivity and interpersonal connections.

Host a fun virtual group trivia, celebrating your successes with virtual happy hours and even becoming environmentally aware by participating in the virtual trash challenge: There are a lot of opportunities to bond together.

Improve the performance of your team with Weljo

Implementing such tools as Weljo will enable any remote team to improve the communication skills of their team and improve their active listening, motivate them to go on with their work even after a long break and build trust. Trust is crucial for a successful business. Building a team, particularly for virtual teams ought to not be avoided if you want your team members to work effectively towards achieving their common goals.

Suggest the team members participate in breaks of fun with Weljo the platform, where they are able to connect with their friends, drink the pleasure of a cup of coffee for energy, or debate the latest news. Chats with friends are as vital to working just as the accomplishment of formal tasks, so don't underestimate their power!

Invite your team members to join Weljo today as they build solid relationships with one another. Then, you can expect to see more productive work as well as lower rates of turnover. Participate in fun games as well as take care of your psychological wellbeing, or even talk about something that you are curious about by using Weljo tools. The motivation, and the effectiveness of the remote team begins with a few small steps, and you're able to start them today!

Frequently Asked Questions -- FAQ

How do you build team strength in remote teams?

Building a team is something that all remote team leaders must concentrate on. There are many things to put into place in your work environment to make the team better at their job and also enjoy the process. For example, online games can be utilized. Another option is to have common breaks in which employees can chat and spend their spare period in the way they prefer.

What are the activities for building teams remotely?

Remote team building encompasses the techniques that increase confidence among workers increase their communication and get them involved in the work process. With the right actions introduced to teams productivity and outcomes of overall work are improved significantly.

Could team building and development be done online?

Modern technology lets us employ different techniques to bond with colleagues and even virtual. Teams can utilize online meetings to discuss topics outside of work, and to have informal chats that help build confidence in one another. Other exciting activities, such doing physical exercises remotely or taking a break for coffee to meet with other coworkers, might be arranged as well.

What are the best ways to work in a remote team?

To reduce the risk of burnout as well as feelings of being excluded from remote workers For avoiding burnout and feeling excluded, different methods of team bonding must be used. They might vary depending on the team's needs.

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