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What exactly is virtual team building, and why do you require it? The thing is, next to the numerous advantages that working from home can bring remote workers, there are many concerns regarding personal and professional personality.

Virtual team building activities are vital for ensuring that workers' personal well-being as well as to ensure that employees do not lose social connections. Always can have the possibility of meeting and help team members of the same group on issues at work, as well as reduce anxiety and loneliness. anxiety.

How to stay effective and at the same all the while working remotely? There are myriads of specialized tools on the Teams platform! If you're eager to learn more about the benefits in virtual team-building, as well as about the best games for building teams online and activities, take a look at practical Weljo methods!

Virtual Team Building Ideaswith Weljo

Remote Team Building Activities and their Benefit

In the course of routine tasks, team members from remote locations encounter certain difficulties concerning both the decrease in work efficiency and the loss of overall health and social competence.

Based on the data collected by the leaders of the remote teams, the biggest issues are:

1. Merging of professional and home life

In this situation an individual is unable to focus on their work or fully relax. This reduces lifestyle quality as well as how productive.

2. Access to assistance isn't available

If there the need for advice or discussion of a work issue, remote employees may have a difficult time to connect with colleagues at a quick pace; it is not always clear who is available and who is not as well as a team member that needs to be reached urgently may not respond in time.

3. Absence of any real social interaction with the need to constantly maintain an online presence

This is the case when there are two sides to the coin, and both of them happen to be unfortunate. For one, the team member who is virtual has no chance to interact with counterparts face-toвАУface. This leads to more miscommunication in the sense that messages through messaging can't always adequately transmit intonations or subtext that someone could interpret from someone's actions on the ground. On the other hand people who work from remote locations could feel pressured to be in the online space, even after the end of working hours or the working week. This leads to a lack of proper rest and a need to get away from the crowd or work, and professional burnout.

4. Health issues that cause more sick days

If employees take breaks for lunch, coffee and other refreshments. In the workplace when at home they may bring their coffee or lunch directly to the desk for convenience and to finish earlier. It's just that constant sitting, decision not to bother lifting up, stretching or going to the dining room, and then back, as well as a lengthy time in front the computer screen, without a break, only exacerbate problems with the spine and vision.

Benefits of regular breaks to help team-building

These issues significantly slow down the workflow process and decrease the effectiveness of tasks in general.

In this way it is simply essential to start moving towards progress towards:

  1. Work and rest are separated; reduction of workload;
  2. To combat burnout and ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of remote employees;
  3. Increasing the effectiveness of work, and the dissemination of knowledge as well as assistance between teams that are located in different locations;
  4. Improvement of the indicators of working engagement and interest;
  5. Enhancing employee satisfaction, sustaining team morale, and reducing turn-over as a result.
  6. Opportunities for virtual team bonding.

Virtual Team Building Ideas - Weljo

Is it important to build virtual teams? In the present, there's absolutely no doubt about it. It is still to be determined precisely how to use the team building strategy for success in order to attract the maximum interest of colleagues.

How Weljo helps teams reach their team Building Goals

Weljo bot comes with a number of engaging and interactive team-building activities which can be seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams. With features like videos, online video chats, or whiteboards Weljo bot can provide a broad range of exciting break games which are perfect for remote workers.

What does Weljo provide to help with virtual team activities and improve company culture?

  • It gives remote employees essential breaks: planned as well as impulsive ones. So that employees will not forget about regular rest time, Weljo will take control of this. If any team members are needing a break there is only one thing they should make is inform Weljo. Weljo bot.
  • Weljo connects colleagues through and allows them to connect in an interactive manner: arrange a Teams video call or chat using the MS Teams chat. Many people are uncomfortable to reach out to a friend on their own and ask to be able to hang out with them when they have a lot of work being done. Weljo can solve this issue by letting other group members know they have a friend who offers to get together for a few hours. It only permits the members to accept this offer. This means that employees is not able to feel that they're infringing on someone's privacy.
  • Weljo matches people from various departments. Therefore, through Weljo bot games and fun events that teammates choose together they become acquainted with each further.
  • Weljo provides entertaining activities in Teams to do together which are great virtual team-building exercises that help people forget about physical distance.
  • Weljo offers breaks for two persons (one-on-one) breaks for a number of team members, or breaks for the entire team.
  • Employees are able to select the length of their breaks, ranging from short breaks (10 minutes) in one-on-one sessions to a long one (60 minute) for groups of workers.
  • Weljo is fully prepared to work with any size group and is eager to encourage team engagement and connect remote teams around the globe.
  • If your firm uses Teams and Teams, there is no need to switch platforms since you're able to seamlessly incorporate Weljo bots into your workflow process.

Overall, Weljo disposes of various opportunities to get remote teams involved in enjoyable, healthy breaks. Are you excited to find out that playing online games doing meditation, engaging in physical exercises that are light, and also arranging short enjoyable, relaxing online meetings through video conference calls, can become part of your routine Have a look through the following ideas for team building via virtual technology.

Fun Virtual Team Building Activities: Online Office Games

To explore each in more detailed detail, we can split all online team-building activities as well as virtual team-building events into distinct categories. With the help of Weljo you can utilize tools for team building that simulates the ability to involve other team members in the virtual cafe breaks that allow the team members to talk about topics that are not related to workwhich aren't work related. Participants can play a variety of fun virtual games and learn more about each other and enhance their communication skills. Perhaps even, they will be able to overcome virtual team challenges and thus enhance the team bond.

For short breaks or large pauses between rest periods, Weljo can be a great substitute. Let's see which virtual games an organization can play and what fun events it can arrange with the help of Weljo to keep their employees excited to be here in the longest time possible.

Virtual Team Building Ideas

Online Team Games

Virtual team games fulfill different objectives, so we'll split them into three groups and give different examples for each.

To have fun and cool off the brain

These are short, simple, and fun activities that allow employees to chill out after all the hard work. You can start by organizing an all-staff Bingo game. As the epidemic grew, many employees had the pleasure of having fun and making their colleagues laugh through a myriad of random events. You can add funny scenarios such as "can never switch into the camera on time," "animal sounds in the background," "family members in the background," etc.

Another fun game is Making Stories with GIFs. One colleague starts the story and the other players add their GIFs in order to make something comprehensive and entertaining.

"Spot The Difference is another game on this spectrum. For instance online teams compete in determining who discovers all distinctions first, with advantages related to work as a result. Virtual Scavenger Huntis basically the same thing, however you'll need to find all the needed items around you, so this type of game is popular with remote employees.

The Weljo bot can handle all of these activities, so you don't need to consider how to arrange them.

To learn more about each other

The games for team-building aim toward letting team members show aspects that aren't work-related to their personal lives and establish solid friendships. In this instance, we begin our team-building high on the chart with the well-known "Virtual" Trivia. The fundamental idea behind Virtual Team Trivia is that two teams compete against each other by asking silly or common questions related to general knowledge. The team that has the most correct answers will win. This means that employees not only find out who is the most knowledgeable but also enjoy lots of fun throughout the process.

The most successful remote teams have the strongest bonds. This is why playing another bonding game will be worth it. When using The Together Mode in Guess Who, someone among employees, at a team meeting, is able to select someone else to have others ask questions about them. The team members named as unsuitable can stop the cameras till there's only one person left or the person cannot be identified.

Virtual Team Building Ideas


It's not a secret that challenges are the best way of uniting a group. Therefore, we've selected a handful of thrilling trials to bring the team members fully into the game. A virtual escape room experience or puzzle-solving, riddles along with many other elements become thrilling in exciting games for big teams.

As an example, Espionage offers employees the opportunity to be a part of the counterintelligence of the business, which was flooded with spies trying for stealing important secrets. Unexpected plot twists and shocking final moments will enthrall even the skeptics.

War of the Wizards is yet another huge-scale virtual team-building exercise. However, this time the team is transported to the world of spells, potions as well as epic fights. Both games take approximately 90 minutes and require a large number of people. If you plan to arrange an event filled with excitement, puzzles and virtual escape games at virtual happy hours it's an unforgettable adventure for your colleagues.

Weljo and Virtual Team Building Activities to Recharge Breaks

Giving yourself a rest after an effective project management process is crucial If you're wondering exactly how to do it in a way that makes it fun and entertaining, you've come to the right spot. The duration of the breaks Weljo offers may vary between 10 minutes and one hour. It's dependent on the type breaks you and your company want to take.

If one of the members of a remote team is on break They can choose:

  1. An unplanned, short break. It is generally a quick 10 minute break to be taken whenever an employee has exhausted themselves and requires some distraction in the sense of a refresher to help restore their working efficiency.
  2. A scheduled break. It's a scheduled 10-15 minutes of breaks during which Weljo offers the same type of opportunities as spontaneous ones but the coworkers are aware of its duration prior to the time. Thus, they connect when they are scheduled to do so via MS Teams or another video web conferencing system.
  3. An interval of 10 minutes before a virtual conference call. This kind of break prior to the call, which requires concentration and focus can not only increase productivity, but also assist to make the experience of virtual meetings fun.
  4. Virtual team-building session: group call. This kind of online team-building activity can last as long as an hour. The Weljo bot aids in an online meeting and gives thrilling activities that make the virtual meeting enjoyable. This makes this type break perfect for long-lasting virtual party-building and team-building activities. In case you're planning the idea of a virtual dance party, or playing games that you enjoy with your coworkers then you can diversify it by using the games Weljo bot can provide.

What's the whole range of things that Weljo bot proposes to engage in? It includes:

  • Bonding games, that were already mentioned
  • Questions for water-cooler discussions in order to simulate real-life conversations that remote employees lack;
  • Mild exercises that relieve soreness from long-term sitting in one pose, training for the eye, yoga, even light workouts;
  • Mindfulness training and relaxing activities such as meditation in a quiet space, listening music to relax and just taking a few minutes to process feelings and emotions.

In the end, having fun is a vital element to successful virtual team building. Therefore, with Weljo you can create a pleasant corporate attitude in your company that employees compete for places!

Frequently Asked questions -- FAQs

How do you determine if you need to increase team-building activities?

There's nothing shocking about the reality that one feels that they are under the influence of a hostile atmosphere as well as not getting regular rest, or are unable to seek assistance. The motivation of employees may decline, too. If you've noticed that your workplace efficiency has begun to decline and employees aren't very interested in the end result of their efforts, then it's probably not doing well. But nothing that team building techniques couldn't solve.

What is the process by which Weljo utilize MS Teams features for team building?

Weljo bot utilizes MS Teams to connect two or more employees in a face-to-face video communications. Additionally the gaming capabilities of the Weljo bot allows employees to try different icebreakers. They also can learn about their common interests, and just relax over a fun game.

How much will an Weljo subscription cost? what are the benefits?

Weljo provides its new customers with an opportunity to test the service for a period of time so that users can observe improvements in their lives, such as improvement in teamwork and greater involvement in the outcome. It is completely free and lasts for 2 weeks. If you want to prolong your subscription you'll have to select a monthly plan. Our pricing will be based on number of employees in the program from just $2 per individual. We are able to include any custom requests you may have and are able to negotiate the best price plan that is best suited to your needs.

Are there any guarantees that Weljo stops leaks?

Your company's data is safe with Weljo because it is paying special attention to the protection of personal information. Weljo makes sure that there is no chance of anyone else being exposed personal information of users and follows secure data practices in its daily work. The content of personal conversations between employees will remain entirely private.

What's a standard Weljo effectiveness assessment?

This assessment is designed especially for the company's leaders, which is created each month in order to track the developments in employee satisfaction Weljo bot, as well as their wellbeing level. Before establishing a partnership with Weljo You will be provided with an invitation to take part in an annual survey of your corporate climate in order to observe potential team's weak points. Each monthly, Weljo takes a survey and assess the moods of workers and well-being levels to stay on top of patterns and change the company's policy with Weljo bot.

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