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Zoom Games for Team Buildings

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Zoom Games for Team Buildings

In today's digital age, remote work and virtual team collaborations have become more common than ever before. As teams are geographically dispersed, it is crucial to foster a sense of connection and camaraderie among team members. One effective way to achieve this is through engaging Zoom games for team buildings. These games not only break the ice but also promote teamwork, boost morale, and create a positive work environment. In this article, we will explore some exciting Zoom games that are perfect for team building activities. So, let's dive in and discover how team building activities in Zoom can bring your team closer together!

How Weljo Helps to Achieve Team Building Goals

Weljo bot offers a variety of engaging virtual team-building activities that can be easily integrated into Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack or any other tool you have. Weljo bot provides a wide range of fun break games that are perfect for remote employees.

So, what exactly does Weljo do to facilitate virtual team activities and boost company culture?

  • It provides remote employees with necessary breaks: both planned and impulsive ones. So that employees do not forget about periodic rest, Weljo will take control of this. If any of the team members is in need of a pause, the only thing they need to do is notify the Weljo bot.
  • Weljo connects teammates through and offers them to spend time together in an interactive manner. Many people find it awkward to call a colleague on their own and ask to spend time with them when there is a lot of work going on around. Weljo helps solve this problem by notifying other group members that one of them offers to chill together. It allows only the available members to accept this offer. Thus, an employee will not feel as if they are disturbing someone.
  • Weljo can match people from different departments. Thus, using Weljo bot games with fun activities teammates select together, they get to know each other even better.
  • Weljo provides entertaining activities to do together which are great virtual team-building exercises that help people forget about physical distance.
  • Weljo offers breaks for two people (one-on-one), breaks for several team members, or breaks for the entire team.
  • Co-workers can choose the duration of a break, from a short one (10 minutes) for one-on-one to a long one (60 minutes) for a group.
  • Weljo is ready to work with any size team and is willing to promote team engagement and connect remote teams throughout the world.
  • If your company uses Zoom, Slack, MS Teams, you don't have to switch to other platforms because you can easily implement Weljo bot into your working process.

All in all, Weljo disposes of various opportunities to engage remote teams in fun, healthy breaks. If you're thrilled to know how playing online games, practicing meditation, and doing light physical activities, as well as making short, relaxing online meetings via video conference call, can become a part of your routine, have a look at the following virtual team-building ideas.

Virtual team buildings are essential for strengthening the bond between remote team members. Zoom, a popular video conferencing platform, can be used to provide an excellent opportunity to engage in interactive games that foster collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. These games can bring fun and excitement to remote workspaces, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere for teams to thrive in.

Benefits of Games for Team Buildings in Zoom

Using Zoom for games offer several advantages when it comes to team building activities. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Building Rapport: Engaging in games allows team members to connect on a personal level, fostering rapport and building stronger relationships.
  2. Breaking the Ice: Games act as icebreakers, especially for new team members, by encouraging open communication and camaraderie.
  3. Boosting Morale: Participating in enjoyable activities enhances team spirit and boosts morale, resulting in increased productivity and job satisfaction.
  4. Improving Communication: Many team building activities require effective communication and collaboration, improving team members' ability to work together cohesively.
  5. Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills: Games that involve solving puzzles or brainstorming challenges enhance problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities.
  6. Promoting Creativity: Creative games inspire innovative thinking and encourage team members to showcase their unique talents.
  7. Reducing Stress: Games provide a break from work-related stress, helping team members relax and rejuvenate.

Now, let's explore some exciting Zoom games that you can incorporate into your team building activities.

Icebreaker Games

H1: Two Truths and a Lie

This classic icebreaker game is a fantastic way for team members to get to know each other better. Each participant shares two true statements and one false statement about themselves. The rest of the team must guess which statement is the lie. It's a fun and engaging game that encourages open conversation and sparks curiosity among team members.

H2: Emoji Charades

Emoji Charades is a modern twist on the classic charades game. In this game, participants use emojis to convey a specific movie, book, or phrase to their teammates. The challenge lies in interpreting the emojis correctly within a given time frame. It's a great game for promoting creativity, non-verbal communication, and teamwork.

H3: Who Am I?

In the "Who Am I?" game, each team member writes down the name of a famous person (fictional or real) on a piece of paper and sticks it to their forehead without looking. Through a series of yes or no questions, participants try to guess the identity of the person assigned to them. This game encourages critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and effective communication skills.

Collaboration Games

H1: Virtual Escape Room

Virtual escape rooms have gained popularity as team building activities. In these games, teams work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and escape a virtual room within a specified time limit. Virtual escape rooms promote collaboration, problem-solving, and teamwork, as participants must pool their skills and knowledge to succeed.

H2: Office Olympics

Office Olympics is a series of mini-games that mimic traditional Olympic events but with a twist. Team members can compete in various challenges like paper basketball, desk chair races, or even a virtual "typing marathon." This game adds a touch of friendly competition and lightheartedness to team building activities.

H3: Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Virtual scavenger hunts are a creative and interactive way to engage remote teams. Participants receive a list of items or clues they need to find within their own homes. They explore their surroundings, collaborate with teammates, and compete to be the first to find all the items. Virtual scavenger hunts encourage teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity.

Communication Games

H1: Pictionary

Pictionary is a classic drawing and guessing game that can be easily adapted for virtual team buildings. Participants take turns drawing a word or phrase while their teammates try to guess it within a time limit. Pictionary promotes effective communication, teamwork, and creativity while adding an element of excitement to the virtual setting.

H2: Storytelling Chain

Storytelling Chain is a game that sparks creativity and collaboration. One person starts a story with a single sentence, and each team member adds a sentence to continue the narrative. The story evolves based on the contributions of different participants. This game encourages active listening, improvisation, and teamwork.

H3: Guess the Sound

Guess the Sound is a game that challenges participants to identify various sounds. One team member creates a sound (e.g., clapping, whistling, or tapping on an object), and the rest of the team tries to guess what it is. This game enhances listening skills, attention to detail, and communication.

Problem-Solving Games

H1: Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery games involve solving a fictional crime by collecting clues, analyzing evidence, and deducing the culprit. Participants work together to unravel the mystery and identify the murderer. Murder Mystery games promote critical thinking, logical reasoning, and collaboration among team members.

H2: Trivia Challenge

A Trivia Challenge is a fun way to test your team's knowledge and encourage healthy competition. Participants answer trivia questions from various categories, earning points for correct answers. Trivia challenges stimulate the mind, spark friendly competition, and provide an opportunity for team members to showcase their knowledge.

H3: Brain Teasers

Brain teasers are short puzzles or riddles that challenge participants' problem-solving skills. These games stimulate critical thinking, creativity, and mental agility. Incorporating brain teasers into team building activities can help improve cognitive abilities and foster a sense of shared accomplishment when solved collectively.

Good break with Weljo

Making a good break after successful project management is vital, and if you wonder how to make it fun and engaging, you've come to the right place. The duration of the breaks Weljo provides may range from 10 minutes to an hour. It depends on the kind of break your company chooses.

Before the Weljo integration, a company can select:

A short spontaneous break. It is generally a quick 10 minute break, available whenever an employee feels worn-off and needs a little distraction in the form of a refreshing activity to restore working efficiency.

A scheduled break. This is a pre-planned 10-15 minutes break during which Weljo offers the same kinds of activities as spontaneous ones, but co-workers are aware of its time in advance. Thus, they connect at the agreed time through a video conferencing platform or Slack huddle.

A 10-minute break ahead of a virtual conference call. Such a break before a serious virtual call that requires concentration and focus will not only increase productivity but will also help to make the perspective of virtual meetings fun.

Virtual team-building event: group call. Such an online team-building activity may last up to an hour. The Weljo bot assists in a virtual meeting and provides exciting activities to make the virtual meeting fun. It makes this type of break suitable for long virtual team-building events and virtual parties. Thus, if you plan a virtual dance party or playing fun games with your colleagues, you can also diversify it with the activities Weljo bot offers.

So, what is the full spectrum of activities that Weljo bot proposes to engage in? They include:

Bonding games, which we have already mentioned;

Questions for water-cooler discussions to imitate real-life conversations that remote employees lack;

Mild exercises to relieve pain from lengthy sitting in one pose, training for the eye, yoga, even light workouts;

Mindfulness exercises as well as relaxing activities such as meditation, listening to pacifying music, and spending a few minutes processing feelings and emotions.

To sum it up, team collaboration is a key to successful virtual team building. Therefore, with Weljo, it's possible to create such a favorable corporate culture in your company that people fight for available places!

Fun and Creative Games

H1: Dress-Up Challenge

The Dress-Up Challenge encourages team members to unleash their creativity. Participants are given a specific theme or character and must dress up accordingly using items they have at home. They then showcase their outfits and explain their creative choices. These fun team building activities on Zoom promotes self-expression, boosts morale, and adds a touch of fun to team building activities.

H2: Virtual Talent Show

A Virtual Talent Show provides an opportunity for team members to showcase their unique talents and skills. Whether it's singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, or performing magic tricks, participants take turns sharing their talents through video presentations. This game celebrates individuality, fosters appreciation, and strengthens team bonds.

H3: DIY Art Showdown

In the DIY Art Showdown, participants engage in friendly artistic competition. Each team member is given a set of art supplies and a specific theme. They have a limited amount of time to create artwork based on the given theme. After completion, team members present their artworks, and everyone votes for their favorite pieces. This game encourages creativity, collaboration, and appreciation of artistic expression.

Corporate Team Building Games: Why One Should Use Them?

We all prefer to see only the good side of online working format, such as the possibility to work from any place in the world or not having to spend enormous amounts of time commuting to the workplace but let us not forget about the bad one as well, especially when it can easily be improved with the help of team-building games located on platforms like Weljo.


In today's remote work environment, team building activities play a vital role in fostering connections, promoting collaboration, and boosting team morale. These games provide opportunities for team members to engage, communicate, and have fun together despite physical distances. By incorporating a variety of icebreaker, collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and creative games, teams can build stronger relationships, enhance productivity, and create a positive work culture.

So, gather your team, you can choose the games for Zoom that best suit your objectives and preferences, and enjoy the benefits of team building activities in the virtual world!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: How many participants can join Zoom games for team buildings? Zoom can accommodate various numbers of participants, ranging from small teams to large groups. The scalability of Zoom allows for flexibility in team size.

Q2: Can Zoom games be customized to fit specific team goals or themes? Absolutely! Zoom games can be tailored to align with specific team goals, themes, or even company values. Customizing games adds a personal touch and makes them more relevant to the team.

Q3: Are Zoom games only suitable for remote teams? While Zoom games are particularly popular for remote teams, they can also be enjoyed by hybrid teams. The virtual aspect adds convenience and accessibility, regardless of the team's physical location.

Q4: Can Zoom team building activities be used as icebreakers for new team members? Yes, Zoom games are excellent icebreakers, especially for new team members. They create a relaxed and enjoyable environment that encourages interaction and helps new members feel more comfortable within the team.

Q5: How can Zoom games contribute to team productivity? Engaging in Zoom games helps build stronger relationships, improves communication, and boosts team morale. When team members feel connected and supported, it positively impacts their productivity and collaboration during work-related tasks.

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