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Here's a step-by-step guide of what to expect:

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Schedule a Demo Call with Weljo

Choose a convenient date and time for a demo call.

During the call, our team will guide you through Weljo's key features, discuss customization options based on your company's size and composition, and determine preferred integrations with your existing tools.

We will also identify your important metrics to tailor the resulting pulse survey.

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Introduce Your Facilitator

Throughout the trial period, Weljo will provide a dedicated facilitator to support all activities.

Add the facilitator to your company's workspace, granting them access to collaborate effectively.

The facilitator will send a warm welcome message to your team, introducing Weljo and presenting the selected activities available to engage your team.

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Employee Engagement and Matching

During the trial, Weljo ensures that all employees are actively involved in a range of activities based on their interests and availability.

Upon accessing your team's calendar, the facilitator will set up the activities and send invitations to employees.

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Insights Delivery

At the end of the two-week trial, the facilitator will administer a pulse survey to collect valuable feedback.

Weljo will analyze the survey results and provide your company with key actionable insights.

These insights will help inform your efforts to build a more sustainable and engaging remote team culture.

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