Weljo for Microsoft Teams: Where Team Bonding Meets Innovation

It’s all about connecting smarter, not harder.

🚀 Increased Engagement

Weljo Bot sparks engagement by encouraging breaks filled with enjoyable activities, fostering connections beyond work. Engaged employees are more productive, fueling commitment to success.

🤝 Enhanced Collaboration

Through engaging in fun activities during virtual meetups, employees develop trust and empathy towards each other, leading to increased comfort and confidence within the team. This ultimately strengthens teamwork and fosters a positive work environment.

🌈 Wellbeing & Satisfaction

Weljo prioritizes employee well-being by providing rejuvenating breaks and fostering meaningful connections among team members. This cultivates a happy and fulfilled workforce, leading to increased employee loyalty, reduced turnover, and enhanced job satisfaction.


Weljo Bot: Simplifying Breaks for Better Team Engagement


Smart Pairing for Meaningful Conversations

Tailored Matchmaking: Weljo for Teams intelligently matches colleagues for calls based on availability and shared interests. Get ready for conversations that click!

Personal Preference is Key: Your team’s preferences drive our pairing algorithm. Share what matters to you, and let Weljo handle the rest.

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Choose Your Adventure on Every Call

Activity Library: Every call opens a world of activities. Choose from a variety of engaging, quick, and fun options designed to break the ice and spark connections.

Meaningful Engagement: These aren’t just activities; they’re conversation starters, team builders, and mood lifters, all rolled into one.


Automated Scheduling

Never Miss a Break: With automated reminders from our friendly bot, everyone stays in the loop about upcoming meetups.

Quick and Impactful: A 15-minute slot is booked for every meeting. Perfect for a busy schedule, yet enough for a meaningful interaction.

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

The Weljo Way: Let the Fun Begin

During these breaks individuals engage with each other as people rather than just as their job titles, creating an atmosphere of acceptance filled with friendly banter, laughter, and unexpected revelations about each other.

Include facilitator to engage the team*

Weljo facilitator is a real person who will guide and assist throughout your activities, ensuring everyone has a great time, even if only 1 person joins. Getting familiar with your team dynamics, the facilitator can engage and support your team more effectively.
*It's optional

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