Short calls, strong connections. Enhance team relationships via Weljo Bot

Weljo Bot connects team members through 15-minute calls, facilitating engaging activities to forge deeper connections.

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🚀 Increased Engagement

Weljo Bot sparks engagement by encouraging breaks filled with enjoyable activities, fostering connections beyond work. Engaged employees are more productive, fueling commitment to success.

🤝 Enhanced Collaboration

Weljo boosts teamwork through features that unite diverse team members. From virtual coffee meetups to mentorship programs, Weljo drives collaboration, yielding fresh ideas and streamlined workflows.

🌈 Wellbeing & Satisfaction

Weljo cares for employee wellbeing, offering rejuvenating breaks and fostering connections. A happy workforce leads to loyalty, reduced turnover, and enhanced job satisfaction.


Weljo Bot: Simplifying Breaks for Better Team Engagement


Install Weljo App to your workspace

To seamlessly integrate Weljo Bot into your Slack workspace:

Add Weljo Bot to Your Channel: Mention @WeljoBot in the channel, invite it, use a slash command (/invite @WeljoBot) to add the bot or go to the app’s Home Tab and press “Start a channel”.

Important: Adding the bot to a channel automatically sets up the channel to work with WeljoFunBreaks, even if it was added by accident.

Receive Welcome Message: Once added to the channel, Weljo Bot will send a welcome message to your team in this channel, introducing Weljo and explaining how it works.

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Tailor your break preferences

Customize your break experience with Weljo Bot, catering to teams of 2 to 20 members. Personalize the type and frequency of breaks to suit your team's preferences.

Post-installation, participants can easily configure their ideal break settings.

Weljo offers 2 distinct break options: 1-on-1 breaks for intimate conversations or group breaks for up to 20 members to bond.


Take your first break

When it's time for a break, Weljo Bot presents an array of engaging activities that cater to your team's schedule and availability.

Once participants initiate a break, they can select from a variety of activity types that Weljo offers: spontaneous, scheduled, or asynchronous.

Weljo Bot provides clear instructions and content for each chosen activity.

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Types of activities offered by Weljo:
🗓 Scheduled Breaks

Plan ahead with scheduled breaks, ensuring everyone's availability.

⏱️ Spontaneous Breaks

Instantly start a break whenever your team is ready, perfect for impromptu connections.

🧩 Asynchronous Breaks

Ideal for globally dispersed teams, allowing engagement at different timezones.

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Gain actionable insights to guide your team’s progress

Weljo empowers your organization with valuable insights that enhance collaboration within your team.

Through regular employee surveys and 1-on-1 discovery calls, Weljo captures your team's experiences effectively providing you with valuable insights to inform decision-making.

By extracting data from activity leaderboards, Weljo delivers comprehensive reports on participation and engagement, fostering continuous improvement.


Foster collaboration and fun in your company with Weljo features

🔗 Seamless Integration

Weljo Bot seamlessly integrates with popular team collaboration platforms like Slack, MS Teams, etc., ensuring effortless accessibility for all team members.

💬 Facilitated Breaks

The bot orchestrates delightful 15-minute calls, offering diverse activities to eliminate awkwardness and cultivate unity. Activities span ice-breaking games to guided meditation, selected by participants and curated by the bot.

🎁 Personalized Experiences

Weljo tailors content for each company and team, presenting a plethora of options to suit diverse needs and interests. We're harnessing AI to infuse intelligence into the bot's flow, providing adaptive breaks based on user preferences and mood.

📞 We're here to help

Should you need any assistance, our dedicated team is here for you. Reach out to us at, and we'll be thrilled to assist you on your journey towards fostering vibrant connections and elevated collaboration with Weljo Bot.

💡 AI-powered activities

We're actively integrating AI into Weljo Bot, enhancing break experiences with intelligent recommendations based on mood and preferences. This dynamic feature continually evolves, ensuring refreshing and enjoyable breaks.

🧩 Async games

What if some people simply don't want to get on a call? Or their time zones are too different and there is simply no matching time slots? Meet "No-call-needed" games powered by AI! Ideal for globally dispersed teams, allowing engagement at different timezones.

Ignite stronger employee connections beyond the remote office walls

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