Terms of Use

This is the only legitimate and relevant Terms of Use document of Weljo. It was published on the official website of Weljo by the owner (in the text: “we”, “our”, “us”, “the owner”, etc). All the prescribed Terms establish and regulate the relationship model between the user and the owner of this product.

The main aim of this text is to inform the potential and actual users about all the details regarding the denial policy, specific terms of service, prohibited actions, and so on. All the mentioned terms below will be applied immediately and automatically while using Weljo. Therefore, we recommend reading the entire text before using the website to avoid misunderstanding.

Unless the potential/actual user of Weljo accepts all the terms mentioned on this page, she has to stop interacting with the product immediately. In order to prevent misunderstanding, please, don’t forget to update this web page from time to time. All the updates regarding the Terms of Use will be published here.

Main Terms:

The owner of Weljo reserves the right to protect their property, rights, etc. legally. In order to do this, we are allowed to refer to competent investigating authorities, police, or court, showing evidence of a violation. Such a situation may take place, for example, if the user commits destroying, harmful, or just violating actions while interacting with our product or the related materials.

The service may be denied by the owner of Weljo at any moment. This will happen immediately if the user doesn’t follow the terms, performs a prohibited action, harms or destroys our property, We are free to denand violates the owner’s rights. y service at our sole discretion. We don’t have to notify the user about the denial in advance.

The current version of the Terms of Use document may be updated, as well as just its separate parts, at any time and without direct warning. The owner of Weljo doesn’t have to warn the user in advance. The only required way of sharing this information is to publish the most relevant version on this web page. The new text becomes fully legitimate on the day of sharing.

Interacting with our service forbids the user to:
  • Modify the website, change, or replace its parts in any way.
  • Destroy the website we distribute, and harm the related materials, including but not limited to this particular website.
  • Install, use, and distribute our unique website illegally or for illegal purposes (either wittingly or accidentally).
  • Interact with the source code of Weljo: modify, extract or destroy it in any way.
  • Copy the website itself, its parts, and all the other related materials