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Never have I ever

Discover, laugh, and connect with our virtual team-building game, "Never Have I Ever." Led by our tech-savvy bot, your remote team will embark on a journey of shared experiences and strengthened bonds.


"Never Have I Ever" breaks boundaries, bringing remote teams closer. Our bot guides, as players share unexplored experiences, celebrating unique stories that shape your team.

How to play

1. Virtual Reunion: Gather remotely, join the game moderated by our bot

2. Bot-Powered: Our bot sets rules, prompts turns, and ensures a lively flow.

3. Unveil Experiences: Players share untried adventures, sparking curiosity.

4. Shared Revelations: React to common experiences using emojis, chat, or virtual hands.

5. Build Connections: Discover shared interests, fostering deeper conversations.

How to win

Experience Explorer: Unearth the most shared experiences or surprises to win.

How we make it fun

Theme Rounds: Explore topics like travel or food for excitement.

Wildcard Statements: Use unexpected statements for laughter..

Combine with "Two Truths and One Lie" for creativity.

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