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What I would have done

Explore the imaginative world of "What I Would Have Done." Our tech-savvy bot leads your remote team on a creative journey, bonding through laughter and adventure.


Break virtual barriers with "What I Would Have Done." Our bot inspires teamwork and imagination, as players share daring imaginary adventures.

How to play

1. Assemble Your Team: Gather remotely, let our bot moderate the exciting game.

2. Bot-Powered: Bot sets rules, prompts creativity, and maintains flow.

3. Unleash Imagination: Players describe wild imaginary adventures.

4. Captivating Reactions: Listen and react with emojis, chat, or video.

5. Foster Creativity: Inspire each other, celebrate diverse imaginations.


1. Keep it Imaginary: Adventures are fictional for creativity.

2. Positive Vibes: Support and positivity in reactions.

How we make it fun

Themed Adventures: Explore space, time travel, or fairy tales.

Group Collaboration: Build adventures together for teamwork.

Adventure Artifacts: Create visual masterpieces for fun.

Time Travel Bonus: Explore historical or future adventures.

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We take pride in our ability to create tailor-made games and activities that align perfectly with your company's goals and values. Our team is excited to collaborate with you to bring those ideas to life. Your vision combined with our expertise will result in a bespoke team-building experience that leaves a lasting impact.

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