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What's your story

Step into "What's Your Story" for personal anecdotes, empathy, and stronger connections.


Foster understanding and community. Our bot guides, as participants share impactful stories.

How to play

1. Assemble Your Team: Gather remotely, let our bot moderate heartwarming tales.

2. Bot-Powered: Bot sets rules, ensures empathy, and inclusivity.

3. Share Personal Stories: Overcome challenges, discover passions.

4. Listen & Reflect: React with empathy, ask questions.

5. Strengthen Bonds: Deepen connections and understanding


1. Embrace Vulnerability: Share comfortably, build trust.

2. Respectful Listening: Show compassion and respect.

How we make it fun

Theme-based Sharing: Triumphs, travel tales, lessons learned.

Storytelling Props: Use visuals or props for engagement.

Guess the Narrator: Guess storytellers for intrigue.

Virtual Campfire Setting: Create cozy atmosphere for heartfelt sharing.

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