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Would you rather

Step into "Would You Rather" for intriguing choices, lively discussions, and endless amusement.


Foster laughter and bonding. Our bot guides, as participants face tough decisions.

How to play

1. Assemble Your Team: Gather remotely, let our bot moderate the thought-provoking game.

2. Bot-Powered: Bot sets rules, presents dilemmas, maintains flow.

3. Dilemmas and Decisions: Choose between challenging scenarios, explain choices.

4. Debates & Laughter: React with humor and friendly debates.

5. Ice Breaker & Bonding: Get to know preferences and humor.


1. Keep it Light: Ensure lighthearted scenarios for all.

2. Respectful Debates: Encourage friendly discussions.

How we make it fun

Themed Scenarios: Try themed rounds like "Travel Edition".

Rapid-Fire Round: Quick timer for on-the-spot choices.

Audience Participation: Involve non-responding members.

Wildcard Twist: Create personal scenarios for added fun.

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